Geldof and Bono. Do They Know It’s Only November?


Dear Sir Bob and Sir Bono,

Do they know it’s Christmas?

No, Sir Bob and Sir Bono.  I imagine they don’t, since it’s still only the middle of November, but leaving that aside, why the  fuck would they know it’s  approaching Christmas?  Most of them are Muslims.

Why would these West-African Muslims know that it’s nearly time to engage in an obscene European orgy of eating and drinking?

Why would these poor people know that Christmas is a time here in Ireland for poor people to approach money-lenders and obtain loans at penal lending rates so that they can supply their children with the consumer goods, assembled by poor people in impoverished countries,  that they’ve come to expect thanks to the consumerist society we’ve constructed?

Why would these poor African people be impressed that poor Irish people spend the rest of the year paying those money-lenders just so that they can climb back on the treadmill next Christmas to buy their children more consumer goods?

How would these poor  Muslim people know that it’s Christmas, a time  when the unimaginably wealthy people of  the Northern hemisphere engage in disgusting competition to see who can create the most waste?

Why would anyone in Sierra Leone give a shit about the vacuous Coca-Cola Santa culture that animates and informs your stupid, patronising, smug anthem to pop-star wealth?

What would be wrong with you guys donating a few of your millions, quietly and without fuss, instead of making yet another celebrity show out of your charity work?

With the greatest respect, Sir Bob and Sir Bono, why don’t you go fuck your smug, condescending selves?

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It wasn’t too long ago I went to see my iconic rock band of the 80’s in Croke Park, in which they got away with doing about 5 concerts in a row… (and they stopped Gareth B… in which I couldn’t give a rats ass anyway)
When Mr Paul Hewson & co where finished playing for the night, the Pompous Prick announced before he walked off the stage… Thank you (to the audience) for giving us a wonderful life… well I never… so I said to the wife… fuck him… thats the last time I’m copying on cassette their latest album, and while I’m at it turn off that bootleg recorder of tonights concert…
Since that night, I have always considered Mr Bono a prick… and don’t get me started on that other Pompous Prick Mr Geldoff

Black Xmas by Poly Styrene, brilliant singer with X Ray Spex. Can we get it to number 1, pop pickers?

Aaww didums, whasamatter?

Ya don’t like Christmas, people with money, people in the media, big business, consumerism, rock stars, pop songs, fund raising, the Northern hemisphere, money lenders??

I hope there’s something left to fill up that half empty glass of yours!

Up Santa’s big fat consumerist’s arse. In the UK at the moment, millions are being driven into poverty and food banks by a bunch of sociopaths called the Tories. Fine Gaels’ favourtite party. The only artist who seems to care is Russell Brand. Nobody seems to give a fck these days. Poly Styrene was way ahead of her time, foreseeing the ‘in your face,’ mad consumerist dystopian nightmare that we live in today. A fucking brilliant artist. So, can we get this song to number 1 and give Santa two fingers?

What upsets me is that there is not a word from celebrity pop stars in the UK about how millions are living in desperate poverty all over the UK. Welfare is being dismantled and the unemployed have to go to food banks. Vicious attacks on the disabled who are having their benefits cut off if they don’t take one of the zero hour, slave labour jobs. Suicides are rising. Tabloid papers scream for a return to the workhouses of Victorian times. A war is literally being waged on the poor and the most vulnerable.

A housing bubble is making it impossible for ordinary people to live in London and the South East. People who have one extra room in council housing are being forced to move home. Thatcher never went away. The only artist I know who speaks out is Russell Brand. The rest of the millionaire narcissists pop stars are silent. That’s why I don’t trust the whole band aid drama. And the lyrics are fucking awful, insensitive and insulting, and is this consumerist Coca Cola construct called Santa going to help them. And the music is awful. So here is a much better song which should be at no 1 this Xmas by the late great Poly Styrene and Goldblade.

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