Hotel Charges Customer for Bad Review on TripAdvisor

It sounds like something out of a cheesy British seaside sitcom but this actually happened.  A Blackpool hotel charged a guest £100 for leaving a bad review on TripAdvisor.

Broadway Hotel, Brighton

The proprietor of the Broadway Hotel apparently took exception to a review on TripAdvisor by Tony and Jan Jenkinson and decided to add an additional £100 charge to their credit card.  Tony Jenkinson described the hotel, not unreasonably as it turns out, as a filthy, dirty, rotten, stinking hovel.  and when he challenged the £100 charge, he was told that they were entitled to take the money under the no bad review policy  in the hotel’s terms and conditions.

The no bad review policy.   I kid you not, and what a shame Leonard Rossiter is no longer with us to play the proprietor of said filthy dirty rotten stinking hovel in the film.

A quick glance at the TripAdvisor website reveals the grim truth:

hotel review 1

24 poor reviews and 148 people saying it’s terrible.  Does that mean the hotel fined 172 guests £100 each, raking in a total of £17,200?

Nice little earner and a nice business model.  Charge thirty quid for the night, but hide a clause in your “terms and conditions” entitling you to hit them for a ton if they complain.

The Jenkinsons think they’ll be getting their money back after the intervention of the local authority who asked the hotel to remove the no bad review policy, although of course, there’s no reason to assume the unshaven individual in the sweaty  vest at the front desk was in fact the proprietor.  They might be waiting a while before they get their hard-earned dosh back, as might the other guests who left comments like these:



This place should be shut down, I don’t know if they are ever inspected, but if so, I don’t know how this place has passed!!
If you are offered this place to stay for a fortnight for 10p, you are being robbed!!


Don’t even consider it

This place should be shut down immediately; so bad we lasted 10 minutes, checked back out and headed for the local travel lodge. Believe all of the bad reviews, there are so many for a reason!!! Damp, dirty carpets, filthy bathrooms, windows that don’t shut correctly, dangerous furniture falling apart, seriously avoid… Price is one thing, you can’t expect the Savoy, however basic health and safety and cleanliness you should expect at any cost. Local council need to get in this place quick to condem it before someone is hurt or struck down by illness from the filthy conditions!


how this is still trading i will never know!

It is run by children that obviously have no experience in running a hotel and would rather sit around drink tea and smoke weed than clean and care for their guests. We are not stuck up, we are actually quite laid back but this place is horrendous, filthy and disgusting, and the fact that children were staying here still makes me feel quite sick! The rooms are like something out of Oliver Twists orphanage you couldn’t swing a cat in there. The bed was ridiculous, the windows didn’t shut properly, the door didn’t lock, the heating didn’t work, the shower was mouldy the place is an absolute sideshow.


broadway hotel blackpool


Hmm.  The Broadway Hotel, you say?  In Blackpool?

The place that charges you money if you criticise them?

Thanks.  I might just give it a miss.


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Now I want to go there – the owners are so enterprising (and a little insane) they’ll probably make a fortune out of tourists wanting to see how bad it is – now there’s a nice little earner!

No it’s not really about Tripadvisor, but TA provide the media outlet for (genuinely) disgruntled customers / guests / diners to vent their dissatisfaction. Local norms and customs mean little.
Posters from the US complain about the lack of face cloths in Irish hotels / B&Bs. Would you share a face cloth with a stranger? Thousands flock to be fleeced in the “must see” tourist areas, in search of authentic Ireland.
I don’t doubt the sub standards in the hotel, but why not complain in person, why resort to Tripadvisor?

I would have thought a clause entitling the hotel to take additional money in those circumstances would be viewed as penal and therefore unenforceable. The courts (both here and in England) don’t allow a contract to impose penalties, though they do allow parties to agree liquidated damages for breaches of contractual obligations.

In that is what the contract provides in this case, the duty not to write derogatory reviews – however well founded – is almost certain to be dismissed as being without commercial basis and/or an unfair and unreasonable exclusion.

Problem is, the unfortunate couple are going to have to lawyer up to enforce their rights.

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