World Athletics Championships Awarded to Oppressive Qatar Theocracy

Yet another sporting event handed to despicable Gulf state.

What is it about Middle-Eastern theocracies that makes them so attractive to world sporting bodies?

First we had the announcement that Qatar would host the 2022 World Cup, despite being the least hospitable place on the planet, outside of a live volcano, for playing soccer, and now we learn that the World Athletics Championships will take place there in 2019.

What on earth could this roasting-hot theocracy have to offer that makes it better than all the rest of the candidates?

Could it be the stoning to death of adulterers?

Perhaps it’s the floggings of people caught drinking.

Maybe it’s the judicial killing of non-believers, the jailing of  blasphemers or the execution of homosexuals?

Any of these things would of course be sufficient grounds to award the contract, but maybe it’s because Qatar offers the whole package, and also offers the advantage that the sporting stadiums will be constructed with the sweat of migrant labourers who have no legal protection, who will live as slaves in filthy conditions and who stand a strong chance of dying in a work-related accident due to non-existent safety standards.

Maybe that’s what swung it for Qatar.

Maybe we should make a point of only awarding world sporting events to countries run by ignorant religious extremists who care nothing for human rights.

Just to keep things equal, next time we should award some major event to a non-Muslim centre of ignorant extremism.  Burma, perhaps.

And after that, how about giving it to Mr Putin, a man so imbued with Christian principles he can’t even bring himself to pronounce the phrase Pussy Riot without gagging.

That way, at least, the Qatari world cup and athletics events will have achieved something, if only to show the world that bigotry and stupidity are not confined to Muslims, although certain Muslims are bigoted and stupid enough to make that a hard task.

I’m not sure if Burma has funds to do the sort of palm-greasing necessary when a country is trying to attract a major event, but Vlad the Impaler is not short of a rouble or two, especially with the announcement of a new BRICS super-currency to rival the petrodollar, so I suppose it’s inevitable that we’ll be talking about the Moscow World Cup before long.  The Buddhist tyrants of Myanmar might have to wait until they strike oil like Qatar’s corrupt sheikhs.

How much would you say it costs to secure an event like the World Athletics Championships?

Who would you have to buy and what palms would you say need to be greased?

And what does Qatari law say about bribery?

5 thoughts on “World Athletics Championships Awarded to Oppressive Qatar Theocracy

  1. Nothing to do with Middle Eastern culture, politics, religion or whatever. Not even about sexism, though there might be some male (female-excluding) bonding around.
    It’s all about money between the guys, as you said. It’s being investigated already – he, he, by their own organisation, and guess what…

    Did you see pictures of the Fifa-guys? All middle-aged, non-descript, grey men who couldn’t even walk down to the pub, they are so removed from sports and sportive spirits. The same kind of suits who run the world economy down the ground. There is no interest in sports achievements, it’s about fecking doing lucrative deals for the functionaries.

    Same with Vladishka the Putin. They, the sport suits, might even let their gladiators run with machine guns over the hills and throughout the Crimea and call it a new discipline, as long as the money is right, or as long as Vladi, the former KGB-man in GDR-Leipzig, can pay for his personal reminiscence about the times, when he could have transfered people like Merkel (his personal “pussy riot”) to Siberia.

    And the excuse the world over? It’s only sports, nothing to do with politics.

    Sure, didn’t the sports world say the same in 1936 in Berlin?

  2. Bock

    Have you ever been to Qatar?

    Homosexuals are not executed there, Non believers are not judicially killed ( there are Christian Churches in Doha with land provided free by the government), Cocktail bars and night clubs aplenty (Never got lashed for being in one yet) and apart from the forthcoming sporting events they already staged a very successful Asian games some years ago…and host ATP tennis tour and European Tour golf every year.I think you might be confused with Saudi Arabia?

  3. Qatar, who are sponsoring almost every international terrorist group on the planet – and Marty Morrissey – have also got the 2015 Men’s Elite Boxing Championships, which will act as a qualifier for Rio 2016.

    Given that our athletes have about as much chance of winning a medal at the World Athletic Championships as the Papal Nuncio to Scotland has of signing a three-year contract with Glasgow Rangers, our Elite boxers, who have won seven of our eight medals in all sports from the last two Olympiads, are of more concern.

    Meantime, there are more transsexual leprechauns in Qatar than boxers, but they still get the World Championships and Olympic qualifiers, even though their heavyweights punch so light you wouldn’t be guaranteed to hear them if they were knocking on your front door.

    Still, it could have been worse, it could have went to North Korea, where Dear Leader would have regaled us with tales of how he, before he became a fat, repellent-looking bastard, long time, stopped Sugar Ray, TKO’d Smokin’ Joe and went the distance with Ali, only to lose out on a split decision, before a punch is thrown at the 18th edition of the AIBA World Championships, the cunt.

  4. Tony, you’re right. Those laws on execution haven’t been used in recent years. I suppose sub-contracting the beheadings to ISIS doesn’t count.

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