Dáil Votes to Recognise Palestinian State

Supporting Palestine

It’s not often that you’ll find me praising either Sinn Féin or Fine Gael, nor for that matter, Fianna Fáil, but it was gratifying to see a Sinn Féin motion recognising a Palestinian state being passed without opposition from the government.

This is as it should be, even if Alan Shatter did manage to introduce a sour note, grumbling about the failure to recognise the nuances of the conflict when in reality there are none.  I don’t blame him all that much.  Shatter has a long and honourable history of personal integrity, but in this instance, he has allowed himself to be blinded.

His argument that a state cannot be recognised without agreement on its boundaries is plain wrong.   Ireland did that from 1937 until the Good Friday Agreement and Shatter, as an eminent lawyer, knows that full well.  He served in many governments where the State’s boundary claims were not internationally recognised.

His talk of other nuances is simply nonsense.

There is no nuance in the Palestinian scandal.  There are not two equal aggressors.  There is only an oppressor and an oppressed, as evidenced by the fact that Israeli soldiers killed a Palestinian minister on exactly the same day the Irish parliament recognised Palestine.

Even though the motion passed in the Dáil was largely symbolic, it nevertheless  represents another statement of support for the struggle of the Palestinians to survive in the face of contemptuous and near-genocidal military power.

Let’s not underestimate the importance of these things.   There is no more subtle or sophisticated administration that that of Israel, and if they judged it vitally important to set up a worldwide PR campaign, the so-called Hasbara, it wasn’t for the good of their health.  It was because they recognised the importance of belittling the Palestinian cause.

Therefore, when a sovereign nation like Ireland, a full EU member, passes a resolution like this, the Hasbara shoots a bag of puppies in revenge.

This is not a small thing to Israel.

Well done Sinn Féin.  Well done Fine Gael.  Well done Fianna Fáil.   Well done Labour.  Well done all those crazy independents.

Up with that kind of thing.

16 thoughts on “Dáil Votes to Recognise Palestinian State

  1. “The government is not bound to follow the motion but Minister for Foreign Affairs Charlie Flanagan said Ireland supported early recognition of a Palestinian state “in principle.”…so it is unsure and not official recognition

  2. In what sense am I wrong? The Dáíl did vote to recognise the Palestinian state.

    Perhaps you’re confusing the Dáil with the government?

  3. yes passed without a vote, as you say without opposition from the gov, but some saying voted unanimously when they were only 4 Gov party TDs in the Dail at the time

  4. Nuance – rationalising oppression.
    Well hidden integrity.

    “just looks like a non binding symbolic vote calling for but without force of International law .”

    Yeah. Maybe they should consider sending in the FCA.

  5. Some members of the Jewish faith disagree with the policies of Israel while others don’t. The great violinist Yehudi Menuhin criticised Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians, as does the contemporary linguist Noam Chomsky.

    It’s a bit like Catholics. Some disagree with the Pope’s attitude to homosexuality and others agree.

    There are believing, practising Jews in the world. There are also agnostics and atheists who consider themselves to be cultural Jews. The latter category may be notably divided in their attitudes to Israel. I once met a white exiled South African marxist who regarded himself also as a zionist. And there are Christian zionists. It takes all kinds I guess.

  6. Shatter is Chair of Oireachtas Friends of Israel
    Alan Shatter TD FG ( Chair )
    Joanna Tuffy TD Lab. ( Vice Chair )
    Ruairi Quinn TD Lab.
    Leo Varadkar TD FG
    Charles Flanagan TD FG
    Seymour Crawford TD FG
    Senator Feargal Quinn Ind.
    All cozy wozy cuddle wuddly friends with the Israeli Murder machine. @Bruno, yes there certainly are Christian Zionists.

  7. Interesting to see Charlie Flanagan on that committee considering his father’s very public anti-Semitism.

  8. Yes indeed Bock, Zionists in our Government, Media and in our National Broadcaster, judging by their actions

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