Honest Politician Shock! Leo Varadkar Tells the Truth About Abortion Law in Ireland.

Health minister acknowledges reality.

They’re falling over each other to put clear air between themselves and Leo Varadkar over his recent statement on abortion law in Ireland.

Enda Kenny put on his most disapproving frown and huffed in his best teacher-turned-politician pomposity that Leo was talking in a personal capacity, as if somehow it’s a bad thing to have personal views.  As if, even in such a raw, painful subject, there might be a difference in a civilised society between what a right-thinking person believes and what a government considers to be right.

What exactly was wrong with the views expressed by Dr Varadkar?

In what sense was he factually incorrect?

He pointed out that Irish law takes account only of a pregnant woman’s life, not her health.   If it comes down to a straight choice between mother and baby, the baby will be delivered without taking account of the consequences for the mother, even if those consequences are stroke, heart attack or epileptic seizure.

That’s the law.  Irish physicians may only legally contemplate abortion if a woman might actually die.  If the mother is simply at risk of becoming permanently disabled or brain-damaged, Irish law regards such an eventuality as a trivial matter.

Likewise, Varadkar pointed out that parents who discover that their child is for example, anencephalic, are forced to go through the appalling experience of explaining to anyone who asks that the baby has no brain and that it cannot possibly survive outside the womb.  The baby is, by all clinical standards, already dead, and yet Irish law forces women to go through the hell of nourishing that child’s body within themselves as if they were nothing more than mechanical life-support machines, when in fact there is no life.

That’s the attitude of Irish law towards expectant mothers in distress, if they can’t afford to travel to a mature country.

And that’s all Leo Varadkar pointed out.  How despicable of Enda Kenny to distance himself from such a self-evidently decent position.

7 thoughts on “Honest Politician Shock! Leo Varadkar Tells the Truth About Abortion Law in Ireland.

  1. Didn’t Leo also say –
    “I consider myself to be pro-life in that I accept that the unborn child is a human life with rights. I cannot, therefore, accept the view that it is a simple matter of choice. There are two lives involved in any pregnancy. For that reason, like most people in the country, I do not support abortion on request or on demand”

    And –

    “No mandate from the electorate to hold a referendum to legalise abortion”

  2. That title too, would be so much more descriptive of Leo if it read –


  3. BOCK!
    There’s no such thing as an ‘honest’ politician.
    Leo the langer is a not untypical opportunist and by this little root he prepares the ground for his personal expectations.

  4. I am inclined to disagree with Journymans in this instance. Dr Varadkar as usual is simply calling a spade a spade. Very few Irish politicans are prepared to do this on an ongoing basis. His lack of support for Alan Shatter last year was the death knell to his position as justice minister.

    Varadkar seems shrewd enough to understand that by not pinning his colours to the pro-choice lobby but still pointing out the glaringly ridiculious legal position the country finds itself due to the 8th ammendment to the constitution of 1983, he still has room for manoever.

    It is quite true that when complex issues or complications present themselves to clinitions in relation to a woman’s pregnancy, it is the lawyers that are consulted as opposed to the doctors.

    Think about it – A seriously ill woman is allowed to become fatally ill because there is some fucking legal issue over a fetal heartbeat. Are we for real in this God-awful ‘state’.

    I well recall 1983. I recall the vicious chants of “murderer, murderer…” that was screamed at all opponents (myself included) of that nonsensical ammendment. Even Dr Garret Fitzgerald was belittled when he stated that the ammendment might have unintended consequences and that legislation would be a better path.

    So here we are thirty-something years later. You might expect change and greater liberalism with regard to this subject.

    Not a bit of it.

    We still have the so-called ‘Youth Defence’ and of course the Iona Institute coiled to oppose any change.

    Personally, I have to bit my lip every time I cross paths with that insidious barrister William Binchy on my way to and from Killiney DART station.

    To be clear – I am not a natural FG supporter but fair dues to Dr Varadkar.

  5. Journeymans,,

    I think that there are honest politicians in our Government but they are about as plentiful as a just man in Sodom.

    You are 99% right otherwise. Money and expediency and pandering to popular mob appeal are the elements that make things tick in the end.

  6. I would agree with the sentiment and substance of Dr Varadkar’s statement.Leo despite his youth is a rather shrewd operator. He understands that’s a better educated and less compliant electorate are desperate for an alternative to the old fawning backslapping gombeenism and chicanery which has been the hallmark of Civil War era political parties.
    Speculation and expectation about a new political party is rife. That new political party could be Fine Gael with a new leader to whom the electorate might be persuaded to vote for in return for some straight talking honesty and integrity.
    Enda is yesterday’s man and yesterday’s politics and he knows it, which is why the pathetic teacher in him slaps down the younger leader in waiting. Does Fine Gael have the courage to ditch Enda who is their greatest liability in the forthcoming election.I am sure they have done the maths on this one.

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