Brutal Dictator Beauty Contest

Choosing sides

Brutal Dictator A.  

king abdulllah

Crushes political opponents ruthlessly.

Oppresses women.

Promotes worldwide terrorism.

Funds 9/11  attacks on United States.

Fosters insane international fundamentalist Islamic movement.


Establishes theocracy.

Uses religion to enforce power.


Brutal Dictator B.

saddamCrushes political opponents ruthlessly.

Provides universal health care.

Guarantees access to education for all women.

Runs non-religious regime.

Has nothing to do with attacks on the USA.

Implacable enemy of Al Qaeda.

Here’s the question.

Which country do you invade?

And for a bonus point, which brutal dictator do you honour with flags at half mast when he dies?

7 thoughts on “Brutal Dictator Beauty Contest

  1. Oops. No sorry. I buzzed too early for the first question. The one without all the oil.

  2. Brutal Dictator B— made the fatal mistake of forgetting to cross the appropriate palms with lots of Silver– Brutal Dictator A never took away the gold plated trough and sure enough the usual suspects, the great and the good are in Riyadh paying homage to the Wahhabi moneymen, content in the knowledge that it won’t be their brass necks being slit by Riyadh’s finest apostles.

  3. Obviously foreign policy decisions on war are not based on ethical considerations. Saudi Arabia has been a major incubator of islamist ideology. In fact the seed money for Al Quaeda, and the 9/11 attacks on US targets like Twin Towers, came from a member of the royal extended family. But Saudi royalty helped the US military in its backdoor supply of arms to Iran during its war of aggression against Saddam Hussein’s Iraq during the 1980s. The Saudi establishment then provided US ground and air forces leeway for the ‘coalition’ war against Iraq’s occupation of Kuwait. The Saudis have played both sides against the middle, the cynical ruffains.

    Just one demur from the description of Ghadafi: “had nothing to do with attacks on the USA”. Wasn’t the Lockerbie airplane explosion engineered from Libya? Admittedly not by Ghadafi’s government. The British Government had longstanding issues with Ghadafi over his erstwhile support for the Provisional IRA; which is why the RAF gleefully joined the so-called No Fly campaign that battered Ghadafi’s ground forces in the civil war with Libya’s eastern rebels.

  4. Who said anything about Libya? Who said anything about Gadaffi?

    you seem to have pulled that stuff out of your arse.

  5. The photograph of Saddam must have confused Benjamin R— it looks like it confused Bush & Blair as well

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