Getting Sick of Broken Smartphones

Smartphone rip-off

I have a Galaxy S4 and it’s broken.  It cost as much as a mid-range laptop even though it doesn’t do nearly as much and it’s broken because I dropped it, as one does when you’re holding a small device in your hand much of the time.  It’s oblong, it doesn’t fit my hand very well, it’s inconvenient to hold and to use, the screen is too small for all practical purposes, it’s easy to drop and break, but it cost what?  About five hundred euros.  It has no hard drive, it has a miserable processor and minimal memory.  It has a tiny screen and it doesnt even have a fucking radio.

But they still charged me €500 for it and yes, you”re right.  I’m a bigger fool for paying that sort of money to buy a phone.

I am an idiot, but I suspect a lot of people are beginning to think the same way.  I suspect a lot of people are starting to realise that we have been scammed by Apple and Samsung and all the rest of them into buying a small, inadequate computer and paying the same money for it as a full-sized working computer.

Fuck this shit.  I dropped my Galaxy S4 once onto a concrete floor and I’ll have to replace what amounts essentially to the entire phone if I want it fixed, simply because the screen is broken.  By contrast, I dropped my laptop and broke the screen a few years back, but after a brief interaction with eBay, a new screen appeared magically from the ether, I whipped out the old one, put in the new one with a bit of cursing, and the thing worked fine again.  My laptop was about twenty times the size of my phone, with piles of hardware and technology in it, yet it cost not a whole lot more than the slim little thing I held in my hand.

This to me makes no sense.  I know we don’t measure technology by the ounce, but seriously now.  Come on.   How can a phone cost €500 when a great laptop might cost another €200?  That’s just bullshit.

I won’t get my Samsung fixed.  Forget it.  Instead, I’m going to buy one of these snappy new little Nokia 215s for under €30.

nokia 215

It has everything I need.  Internet, phone calls, camera.  It even has a radio, unlike my 500-euro Samsung and if I drop it on a concrete floor, as you do, I’ll just go and buy another one for under €30.

Guess what?  I have seen the future of phones, and it is the same as past of phones, because people are getting sick and tired of being ripped off.

8 thoughts on “Getting Sick of Broken Smartphones

  1. I got as far as ‘It’s oblong’.
    I’m not going googling anymore bullshit words.. new year’s resolution.

    I’ll read the rest another time.
    Oblong. Ob fucking long.
    Fuck off. No one says that word.

    Sorry ’bout the phone though..

  2. Small non-square equiangular quadrilaterals are very much prone to such problems I believe.

  3. Bock,

    In modern digital products a lot of the price is for miniaturisation. It is not so long ago that an ordinary laptop was twice the price of a better spec desktop, i.e. twice the cost for half the power and speed. The biggest problem was that laptops were portable and the act of moving them from ‘A’ to ‘B’ risked banging or dropping them. As a result, computer repair stats showed that ten times as many laptop portables were in for repair every time.

    The other cost factor is the early adapters of technology because they pay for all of the invention and research costs endured before launch. The final factor is ‘reason.’ Industry and society worked fine without the mobile phone but their invention “CREATED” a market for them, not because they were vital or even needed but because they were wanted. They became a must-have. The smartphone is only the natural progression of this line of thinking.

    “The wise man buys what he believes he needs and the fool buys what he thinks he wants.”

  4. Every single phone I have had has been a freebie. I just wait for someone at work to get a new one and offer to buy his hold one. With the excitement of getting a new phone, he just gives it to me. I know have a Galaxy S111 and couldn’t care less about it.

  5. I have yet to break a mobile phone, I got my first one in 1997 and have had replaced it every year and a half or so since (mostly upgrades from my contract). Once I had to get a dud battery replaced on my S2, but that was free in my contract. I’m on an S4 now. All of my older phones have been passed onto others. I thought lefties like me were suppose to be clumsier than the average population.

  6. You’ll never go back to a Nokia, windows phones are rubbish as are symbian and java, iPhones are just a rip off. What you need is a smart phone for about €99 they’re adequate do all the essentials and see much tougher when dropped. never once have a had a low resolution screen break on me.

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