Munster 65 – Sale Sharks 10. An Insult to Rugby.

Playing losers.

Ah look.  We went out to the match anyway, even though Munster won’t feature in the final eight of the European Cup.  For that matter, Sale Sharks had no hope of progressing either, so everyone was calling it a dead rubber, but what the hell.   Let’s go along and see what’s on offer.

Let’s see if we can salvage some pride from last week’s fiasco.

What we got was a match of two halves, Trevor.  In the first half, especially towards the end, Munster spent their time flinging themselves against a fairly resolute Sale defence.  Nothing went through the middle and absolutely nothing went down the line, thanks to the two Sale centres who wrapped it all up neatly and sent it back to Munster wrapped in a bow.

But when the second half started and Keith Earls exploded into action with a try inside the first minute, it was clear that Munster intended to go out with a face-saving bang, and that’s what happened.

Let’s not be naive about this.  Sale sent over their second string to face Munster, so we weren’t exactly facing top-class opposition, but at the same time, I can’t believe anyone would enjoy being beaten 65-10.  It doesn’t reflect well on Sale as a club if they think such a thing is acceptable, even in a match with no consequences either way.

What did Ciaran Fitzgerald memorably say in that England game in 1985, when Ireland were on the point of defeat?

Where’s your fucking pride?

ciaran fitzgerals

That was the thought going through my mind as Munster piled on 52 points in the second half to utterly demolish the visitors.  A result of 65-10 is simply not feasible if Sale had sent us men instead of boys, and truthfully, their decision to send novices was a slight, not only on Munster, but also on the hundreds of decent, honest supporters who travelled from Manchester to be here today.

It was fun.  It was hilarious.  It was ridiculous to see Munster playing exhibition rugby for the entire second half, but behind it all was the dispiriting realisation that the reason we had so much leeway was not a happy one.  Munster were playing against opposition who were neither good enough nor motivated enough.

Sale didn’t send us a 23-man squad.  They sent us two fingers.

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