Shock At Varadkar Revelations

Minister comes out.

leo varadkarThe nation is is in shock following health minister, Leo Varadkar’s revelations concerning his personal life.

It’s not a secret, he said.  I don’t try to hide it but I don’t make a big deal about it either.   It’s just part of who I am.  Many of my colleagues in the Dáil know I’m only 36.  I’ve never hidden it from my friends or family.   My parents have known my age for quite a long time.  Thirty-six years, in fact.   They’re ok with it.

How did he tell party leader, Enda Kenny?

Look, Varadkar says, Enda doesn’t worry about these things.  Obviously he was a bit rattled but he said, Leo you’re the same guy I knew before you told me this.  It’s true I thought you were 58, but your age is your own business.  Then he gave me a manly punch on the shoulder and he cried a little.

You’d be surprised how many in the Dáíl are secretly under 40, and I think it’s very sad that they can’t just come out and say it.  They might be amazed how accepting people can be.

So, why reveal it now?

Well, there’s a referendum coming up to lower the age limit for the presidency, and now that I’m old enough to qualify, I don’t need to keep quiet about it any more.  Nobody will be saying I have a hidden agenda if I campaign for the change.

What sort of backlash does he expect?

I feel privileged to live in a society where nobody cares about your age, apart from a few extremists, but you’ll find them everywhere.



18 thoughts on “Shock At Varadkar Revelations

  1. The dog in the street has known for quite some time. This is Leo’s opening gambit for Enda’s crown. The sympathy vote. Everyone has sympathy for Leo—only 36 and he is so brave!….can he fuck off and do his job and turn the Health Service around– that’s what he is being paid to do. I don’t think those unfortunates stuck on trolleys in A& E departments around the country could care less about Leo’s proclivities.

  2. Apparently Leo was dreaming about being Minister for Health when he was seven years old. Our public representatives are a very special breed indeed.

  3. The Birds abd The Bees and the LGBTs in RTE wheeze:

    RTE and Miriam did not search for Varadkar, did not declare his absence in a time of extreme emergency in the HSE.

    Miriam was building for a more important story RTE played down the dire conditions in A&Es throughout the Island.

    No interviews with other cabinet collective responsibility charcaters.

    Joan and Enda came ou the previous day ( before the A&E scandal broke) and as a duet sang that old song of sunshine and roses for everyone …after the next election.

    That scene of the lonely duo droning on about a dream world next election, should be shown again and cut to the disasterous overcrowding in every hospital to depict reality in Irish hospitals in Jan 2015.

    Varad was absent, all 16 cabinet Ministers ( especially the singing duo) were silend, disappeared.
    An emergency with lives at stake and no government leadership.

    OH, they were on Holidays, that explains everything then.

    Then Miriam had her scoop, RTE wetting themselves, lives at stake in Irish A&E paled even more into insignificance,

    Varadkar had come home and Varadkar is comming out…after 36 years and why do Irish people have to know, who gives a s**t.

    OOPS wrong word…ploitical incorectnessssss.
    RTE conference table littered with champs corks… what a scoop… well done all

    A&E what crises… SSM will be our next one.Elton James might be available?


  4. Claire Byrne Live gave the results of a poll re. have we the right to know such things about politicians but I ask: Have politicians the right to use media to burden the public with their personal information. I for one am interested only in politicians adequately serving the public and country they were elected to represent

  5. The Nation is in shock???? Well I for one, am part of this nation and I am NOT in shock. I couldn’t give two shi** one way or the other. My only interest in him is if he does his JOB properly or not. His sexuality is his own business!!!!

  6. Did you even read this? Did you notice that there isn’t a single mention of his sexuality here?

    Of course you didn’t.

  7. I saw a huge Media fuss about Leo Varadker being the “next” fully gay Taoiseach…..and I’m sick of the publicity given to everything carrying the label….
    So my response is….I hope to see at the next election the FIRST fully STRAIGHT Taoiseach….and straight being the old-fashioned meaning of the word….like maybe a person of truth, integrity, charm and principles…like maybe LUCINDA CREIGHTON.

    I,ve had enough of the unnatural phemonena which is homosexuality….isnt that a more truthful word than the nice ambiguous word …GAY

  8. Em, the whole article is about his “Shock Revelations” is it not???? Wasn’t his “Shock Revelation” about him coming out a being GAY???? So yes it is about his sexuality!

  9. A Cairde, Where Leo chooses to park his knob for the night is entirely his own business – unless it’s impeding a Doctor, Nurse or other Health Care professional from the full realization of their paid duties. Going on Radio to talk about such personal issues only serves to distract from the paid state service entrusted to him. Good luck to him in his personal life – now get back to work and find a way to get my mother a new left knee -the arthritis is killing her slowly!

  10. I knew it, I knew all along, something about his complexion or something, and now he’s after coming out and admitting it, 36, the little bollix. And here’s me doing sit-ups every morning to at least try and loose the Christmas gut. Ah well, at least now he has no excuse for not being young and fit enough to queue up at Ryan Air with the rest of us for his fu@#n flight…

  11. At J. Lynn: LOL!

    Does this country want an eu lapdog & solicitor to be the next Taoiseach?!

  12. Bock,
    maybe just maybe, Andrea can read but it takes a tiny tiny bit more than just reading. She might also walk into doors & stuff, go easy on her.

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