Chicken Evolution

Survival strategies

As we enjoyed our delicious minced pork in spicy barbecue sauce, the conversation turned to eating habits.

We eat too much meat, said somebody.

You can never eat too much meat, I replied.  If God didn’t want us to eat meat, why would he give us canine teeth?

Why would he have made chickens in the shape of little round balls of delicious meat? asked Bullet.   Little round balls of meat that are really easy to catch.

foghorn leghorn

Why would he have made Japanese oven-ready turkeys for Christmas? asked someone else.


You know.  The turkeys that kneel in front of the cooker, disembowel themselves, slit their own throats and jump into the oven.

What’s the next stage of evolutions for chickens? asked somebody.  Breadcrumbed?

Say what you like, said Bullet, but it’s a pretty successful way to protect the species.

Getting eaten is a survival technique? 

Of course.  Do you really think the world would be full of chickens if they were inedible? It’s an interesting evolutionary strategy.  Evolve into a delicious food and the survival of your species is guaranteed.

Jesus, said someone, if they ever evolve into drugs the planet will be knee-deep in chickens. Planet of the Chickens.



5 thoughts on “Chicken Evolution

  1. Homer Simpson eat your heart out ! After reading your food for thought post I watched the video “cows with guns”. The words in the last verse might answer the questions raised …….. “chickens in choppers” …. by the way, thats helicopters not meat mincers ..

  2. We have canines granted, but they’re not really the kind for ripping into flesh… other things like our intestines would indicate that our inclination would be more towards being herbivores. In saying that, there’s nothing like a big lump a meat to chew down on when in the mood.

    Worth a read –

  3. @ artemis. yes, well worth a read.
    hmmm….. you can almost tell vegetarians from the rest of us, they are almost always sniffy about our diet being bad for us . I just love people who insist that they know whats best for me. Bock, is cross post commenting allowed and if so can carrot crunchers be outed for bullying meat munchers ?

  4. Yes Norman, they’re usually pretentious wankers aren’t they?
    I don’t give a rat’s ass if someone wants to eat tofu and beans till they’re arse is like the Japanese flag.. a bit of dead carcass tastes grand to me.

  5. There’s a great jazz song called, There’s nobody at home but us chicken’s,
    apparently it’s played before a hunt to fool the fox by down with the hunt
    people, don’t know if it works, but it’s a great tune.

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