Copenhagen Shootings

Pictures from the scene

Some pictures from our man in Copenhagen.

Thanks to Brian O’Connor for providing them.

Copenhagen shooting 01

Copenhagen shooting 02

Copenhagen shooting 03


Copenhagen shooting 04


Copenhagen shooting 05


Copenhagen shooting 06

"Muslims and Jews refuse to be enemies
“Muslims and Jews refuse to be enemies”

Copenhagen shooting 08

Copenhagen shooting 09

Copenhagen shooting 10

4 thoughts on “Copenhagen Shootings

  1. All this stuff is getting a bit tiring…. Greatest sympaties to victims and their families BUT
    – Do you annoy a wild dog – NO
    – Do you encourage a Lion or a Tiger to attack you – NO

    If you dont agree with something should you insult it. Wel … not really.

    If I were sitting in front of someone who was being perfectly civil to me but was a devout Catholic, or a devout Jew, or a devout Muslim would I intentionally say (or draw) thinks that they might find offensive? No I would not.

    I would not draw pictures of the prophet as a dog
    I would not draw pictures of the pole in an orgy

    Common decency, Common sense.

    I am tired of Charlie Hebdo and I totally disagree with the cover they produced after the Paris attacks. I think they have now sold over 20 million copies at 3 euros each… not bad…..

  2. Just shows, we’re not so far removed from them that will do shit on whomever on a whim, even if that was a personal issue for the ‘shooter’ in this case.

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