IMRO Awards: Live Music Venue of the Year

Dolans of Limerick wins top award

Where do you reckon the best live venue in Ireland is?




Not a bit of it.

Galway, maybe?

Guess again.

The 2015 IMRO National Live Music Venue of the Year is our very own Dolan’s, here in Limerick, and that’s for a very good reason.   Dolan’s is the real deal.

This is no Festy McGonigal’s or Thumper O’Toole’s or whatever quaint name some corporate owners decided to put on it.   Instant Irish pub.  Just add Guinness and stir lightly.

See that sign above the door?  It says Dolan’s and when you walk in, you won’t see some financial controller lurking in a corner sipping a skinny latte and counting beans.  You’ll probably bump into Mick Dolan, or Valerie Dolan, or Neil Dolan or Sarah Dolan, the hardest-working family in Irish music promotion, and what’s more, they’ll know your name.

It’s no accident that Dolan’s was named best live music venue.  That happened through years of hard effort, commitment and determination, putting on big names, small names and sometimes, no-names.  Taking a chance on a hunch.  Showing faith in the musicians, the actors, the comedians, and the occasional plainly deranged performer who happens by.  Being open to a good idea, or even to a worthwhile idea.  Supporting a good cause when asked.

You don’t buy  that sort of loyalty from your customers — you earn it.  And not by bean-counting, no matter how many skinny lattes you throw back.

I can’t think of a more deserving recipient of this award.


Here’s a few memories.

Imelda May 029

Dolans imro awards 2015 002

Dolans Sharon Shannon

Dolans imro awards 2015 001

Nouvelle Vague Dolans Warehouse Limerick 01

Nouvelle Vague Dolans Warehouse Limerick 17

Andreas Varady at DOlans

4 thoughts on “IMRO Awards: Live Music Venue of the Year

  1. Agreed Bock, never ever had a bad night there. Something to suit all tastes and whoever thought of using the Big Top is a genius. Long may Dolans continue doing what they do extremely well.

  2. It has Everything going for it. Class Staff, Top Family Management, Great Food and Wines.

    Front Bar, The Warehouse, Upstairs, The Balcony, The Smoking Area, The Restaurant. and now The Kasbah.

    Not forgetting The Lounge.

    Every Type of Performance has been played there and I have loved going there from the Opening Night with Sharon Shannon.

    Thanks Bock for the chance to share my thoughts about the Venue of the Year.

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