Fuck Blogging

I’ve been pondering this quite a lot in recent times.

Why am I writing shit every day?

I think I might just pack it in.  What do you think?

Doesn’t that sound like a plan?

I’m getting very bored with this whole scene.

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I like the blog because there is a shortage of subversive opinions in Ireland. The MSM are hardly worth a look and RTE is designed to turn people stupid. Maybe you are just having an off day Bock.

Don’t go Bock. You’re too smart and honest. I love reading this blog! I meant to get in touch again but family and stuff got in the way. No more excuses. I WILL write in more, I promise.

that would be a travesty bock. Your Iona expose is one of the best things I ever read. Don’t stop, please….

Fuck blogging.. Now there’s an idea.

Packing it in seems like a plan all right..A terrible one.

On one hand I would say, no, don’t go, you’re blog is ballsy and brilliant and your slant would be missed. I don’t always comment here though I read a lot of your posts – you have a great archive of stuff here.

However, on the other hand if you’re fed up blogging and you feel unappreciated, it may be a sign that you need to move on and, I dunno, maybe channel your talent and energies into writing a book or something.

David Quinn has finally hacked Bock’s site.

Seriously though, I read your articles every day, I think they reinforce a sense of ‘You know what, I need to stop feeling tired about how shit Ireland is and do something about it’. For me, with maybe one or two other blogs, it’s among the finest places to visit on the internet. If you do decide to stop, I’ll still come back to re-read the old articles!

ways loved your writing , long before I met you. The net would be a far lesser place without the daily check in on here for me.

I look every day and read every new blog.I’ve also pissed you off a few times with my comments.The internet would be a lesser place without you.Who would confront that prat Quinn if not you.Please don’t stop.

This isn’t the first time you have thretened to do this. If you do, I hope you do it for thr right reasons.

If you tell us you no longer care passionately about people & society, history, science, nature, Limerick and indeed rugby I will know you are lying.

On the other hand, if you fell that you are a lone voice in the darkness and that you are pissing into the wind – consider this.

My old fellow is an 83 year-old (sharp as a pin though) and at Christmas when I last saw him, he was asking me what the fuck was going on with this Da’esh/ISIS shower. So I directed him to the article I wrote and which you kindly published last October.

A week later I asked him on the phone if he had read it. He replied yes and immediatley went on to say that he had read many of your articles. He told me that it was “a breath of fresh air” to read your perspective. He decried even the standard of English in the Irish media and stated that “there is a fine standard of writing here and he’s very, very funny”.

Do reconsider.

Instead, go big. Or bigger. Crowd-funding with a Kickstarter. You become the editor, with other contributors invited initially. You are too good to not do this. Ramp it up. I’m with you 100%.
Anyone else with me??

We need an online independent voice to help represent the opinions of and effectively advocate for The Rest of Us. You’re elected.

Drink a few pints for yourself. If some muppet is getting on your nerves in the comment section, bring out the ban hammer. Other than that, get back to work entertaining and informing the masses.


The hard Left British Labour MP Claire Short did a Desert Island Discs appearance on BBC Radio 4 back in 1992 and recalled an unlikely conversation. The right-wing Tory MP Nick Budgen came up to her one day and said, ‘Claire, this place needs people like us, it needs grit’.

BTR has been a consistent source of grit for many of us who read it every day.

Is it a case of all or nothing? Your incisive mind obviously disects many subjects but how about limiting the posts to maybe (eg) two a week for the spring/summer at least. Would that work?

I’d second many here in that I also swing by most days even if I don’t comment. If I knew the best times to check in were, say, a Monday and Thursday, that’d work fine too.

T’would be a travesty to ‘lose you’.

My morning coffee just wouldn’t be the same without a good dose of Bock The Robber to go with it.
Tell you what, why don’t you take a few weeks off and be back here for, “Annual Blasphemous Good Friday”.
See you then.
Enjoy the break!

Or how about changing the approach totally, one post per week, and a bit of rebranding:

‘Bock On Sunday’.

Choose your target subject for the week and rip the hell out of it!
Audience remains/grows, and less time commitment from yourself.

Anyway, just thoughts.

Last and final comment on this topic, you call it ‘blogging’, I call it an insight into the mind of someone who knows the wood from the trees, and calls it. And in doing so helps to remind, inform, and cause us to look again and question things.

The medium itself almost doesn’t matter, it comes down to a perception of value which is sometimes harder to see from the inside.

I look in at your blog site most days (5 outta 7 days)
I look forward to your spurts on the Media, IS, IONA, The RCC, Religion, Politics, Sports, Limerick and Scumbags…
I love adding my comment to stuff that I agree with you with..
Maybe you’re posting to many Blogs in a week, I know a lot of shit is happening in a week, and you don’t want to miss out on commenting that is irritating yourself and the rest of us.. & with your blog it only gives me a chance to agree or disagree with you with the comments section…
(any chance you could put a thumbs up or a thumbs down, on the comments section)
The choice is totally up to you to leave the blogging world,
I’ll have to delete your site from my favorites folders….

I don’t always agree with you Bock, but I always read your stuff and it’s always well written and thought through. Independent voices are getting harder to hear in Ireland, yours is an independent voice and that is surely a good thing. I know, when you’re tired of something like this it can be hard to find the energy to keep it going. I, for one (and there are more like me in these comments) am not tired of reading your stuff, quite the opposite.

Give it up for Lent, but please no longer. It is great to read an article for a change without any typos never mind the content, what has the world come to?! Best of luck with whatever you choose.

Thinking about it, I’ll probably knock it on the head next March when it’s ten years old. That seems like a reasonable length of time to run one project.

Your famous for telling it how it is. If you changed but on life, one opinion then it’s worth keeping it on. At least until next March. Unless you couldn’t be arsed.

Nooooo! Everytime I read or hear some crazy headline from this fucked up world these days, my first thought is “Hmm, I wonder what Bock will make of that…let’s see…”. Besides, who would I disagree with if you stopped writing?

I hope you decide to keep it up, but if not then you’ll still have our eternal thanks for what you have written.. Mind you, if you did pack it in, maybe you might consider taking your top 20 posts and publishing Bock the Book? I’d buy that for a dollar….and you cuold have some kind of cool viral live streamed unmasking of your identity except it would be like the end of Spartacus and we’d all be Bock….and what about T-shirts. Yes! “I am Bock The Robber”…take my money!!

Or, you could move into creative fiction and contribute to that project I emailed you about :)

Please keep up the good work. I’ve been reading since 2007. I don’t always agree with you but if I did that would be no fun.

Hi Bock, I know how you feel to a certain degree, I’ve had a music and film blog for nearly three years and sometimes you feel the enjoyment has gone out of it, in my case that I’m writing stuff for other people and not myself. Seriously would miss your blog as I’m an almost daily visitor. I even recommended you to other readers in a one off post about blogs dealing with other topics at the start of last month!

I don’t always agree with your political views– you are hopelessly too left of centre IMHO– but you write more honestly and passionately than anyone else and your commentary and insight on the state of our nation particularly with respect to social issues and social justice are irreplaceable. Dark clouds are gathering once again– those who support an intolerant non inclusive Ireland are on the march. By all means give up this blog– if that is what you wish–but don’t give up the writing– that would be a travesty and would be a very real loss to your readers.

Having been subjected to your (fuck off) Glare many times ( mostly when you are having coffee and bent over your pc ) I would imagine that your spleen venting might take on more physical forms such as headbutting and giving pompous people a wedgie….. hmmmm. Giving readers an opportunity to have a say in a deaf world…. yeah you’re right, fuck em… or maybe try suspending the site for a short while.. is this rubbing lard on a fat pigs arse….

IF, big IF, the book idea takes form then it might be unwise
to cease blogging as the lack of blogs and attendant comments might be the death of “BTR II , you’ve been warned”

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