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The Worst of Bock — a book based on this website for people to buy

I’ve been persuaded to go with a different alternative to quitting this stuff that I’ve been doing for far too long.

Instead, I’ll try to bring out a book, for now codenamed The Worst of Bock.

I’m still investigating funding models, but it all depends on you.  Would you like a physical artifact in your hand, a tangible manifestation of the ludicrous thing we call Bock the Robber?

Would you pay a modest amount of cash for it if you saw it in a bookshop?

Would you like to have one for Christmas, as a stocking filler or even to read yourself?

Tell me these things, and depending on what I hear, I might, or might not, produce a book.  There’s no point ending up with a pile of expensive firelighters taking up room in the hall.

Come back to me people.  Make actual, readable comments on the idea.

Place them here so that I can read them.


33 replies on “The Worst of Bock — a book based on this website for people to buy”

I’ll buy a couple. If you do a guerilla signing on the sidewalk outside O’Mahoney’s. Rubberbandit style Spar bag over the face is optional.

It’s been a while since I frequented this spot, but I’d spend a few bob. The quality is always high.

Like the idea of a book,would be a good present for relations overseas. Have a look at for a self publishing idea (I have no connection with them but it looks interesting)

I will happily pay in advance for 2 copies to be sent to my 2 sons, who unlike me are odd time visitors to your site.
When/if you commit to this idea simply e-mail me an invoice for the amount and I will send/give you the coin(€20 max). You may regard this message as a formal contract to purchase.

on title ? “Bock talking bollix” or “Stick to the subject Sean”

ahem, ahem,
if its not abridged does that mean we have to read IAP137 ALL over again ? Also can we have a chapter dedicated to you being snotty & bossy & downright condesending to all and sundry, especially when you appear to have drink taken ?

A book could be a damp squib, bock, I think your talents would be better suited to a Phoenix type monthly magazine, or a newspaper column where you could vent your spleen on political and religious targets at will, along with guest written articles, and of course the regulatory letters page.
Of course a physical publication comes with other challenges such as printing, distribution and liability, a backwards leap in technology really.
Also you would have to moderate you scathing replies to people who occasionly happen to disagree with you.
Your call, you may be an arsehole on Occassion, but I do enjoy your writing

I would definitely pay to have the physical artifact in my hand. mmmmm

But seriously, yes! Definitely. Great idea.

I would definitely buy one Bock, although I am very disappointed by the prospect of your blogging coming to an end.

A paperback with illustrated chapters could work.
Maybe flesh out the concept and inject personality into it ..
Q. Who or what is Bock The Robber?
A. Bock The Robber is humourous and makes you think.

Where did the old woman go. Did she pass on?
I think humour is the key.

Take time and don’t rush. Keep asking questions and we will help.

Don’t self publish if you can avoid it, there are places like History Press, Amberley Publishing and a few others whose names escape me, who are always looking to publish well written books. Now your commission won’t buy you a yacht but you also don’t have to pay upfront for the book, possibly pay for a designer, find somewhere to store them, handle any of the annoying distribution lark and they will send it outside of Limerick too, as well as an ebook variation.

I would be honoured to get a book for a small some. However, it might be worth considering;
– Printing on line for downloading. Easy and inexpensive. I mostly read on-line and the younger generation are rarely seen with book in hand. Think of the trees.
– If you wish to finish with this site why not do some scribbling for an on-line publication. I feel writing for a local or national newspaper is not the future. Who buys newspapers these days.?

Hi Bock
I will definitely buy some for me and like-minded friends and family. Put my email on a mailing list.

I vote NO; stick to the medium that has been so successful!

PLUS, I’d have to keep replacing my copy……

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