Graham Dwyer will soon be sentenced to life

Sadistic killer won’t get early release

Graham Dwyer, the murderer who killed Elaine O’Hara, is due to be sentenced next Monday.

It’s unlikely that the diminutive egotist will serve less than 20 years and he could even serve 30 years or more.  After all, Malcolm McArthur, who killed two people but didn’t inflict sadistic pain on them, served 30 years.

I mention Dwyer’s diminutive stature only because it seems to be an important thing to him, and yes, it’s true that I would like him to suffer as much as humanly possible, because I personally happen to think he’s a despicable piece of shit.

That’s only my personal opinion admittedly, but I feel confident most people will share my opinion.  A piece of shit is a piece of shit.

When Graham Dwyer was asked his height during the filling-out of a routine Garda  form, he said he was 5-foot 10 inches, when in fact he was 5’5″.

That’s very revealing since it exposes his profound insecurity about his stature.  Dwyer was prepared to challenge the completely obvious reality that he is a very small man, even though it was obvious that nobody would believe him.

Dwyer is an extremely small man.

I’ve been told by professionals that people like Graham Dwyer will obsessively read everything written about them, including obscure websites like this, and that’s why I feel driven to write this.

Graham Dwyer is a deeply-inadequate, diminutive sadist.  If it hurts him to see that pointed out in virtual print, that’s ok, as far as I’m concerned.

If it causes him suffering to be called a ridiculous little man, then my job is done here.

And he won’t be getting out before he’s 70.



6 thoughts on “Graham Dwyer will soon be sentenced to life

  1. While I heartily agree with your analysis of the man’s character [he is a despicable shit] I fear the basis of his conviction may not be the strongest. It was based entirely on circumstantial evidence and in the same week he was convicted I attended another court case in the same court building where that case was adjourned to allow the High Court to consider the legality of the mobile ‘phone evidence – obtained on the same basis as in the O’Dywer matter. I worry that he’ll get out.

  2. The piece of shit diagnosis.. is a bit too abstract surely?
    When we refer to this man and what he did, we refer to his actions, now as an adult, actions that are sickening to our notions of civility and the criminal code etc. However this man was once a child (innocent), and will have done some good as an adult and will do some good in the future no doubt. So while I understand the ‘piece of shit’ condemnation, please be mindful that shit often makes good…manure!

  3. @Ray: There seems to be some uncertainty as to the admissibility of some of the phone evidence against Dwyer. It’s probably idle speculation on my part, but I wonder if the alacrity with which the SC shredded the Kenny decision last week reflects in some small way a wish to avoid having to give an easy out to that waste of space?

    (If so, they really picked a shitty way to do it)

  4. Circumstantial evidence was sufficient to convict Joe O’Reilly of the murder of his wife.

    The judge in the Dwyer case recalled the jury on the point of a conviction based on circumstantial evidence –

    “The judge in the trial of murder-accused Graham Dwyer has said a reference he gave the jury during his charge to them was “incorrect”.

    Mr Justice Tony Hunt said an assertion he had made in relation to circumstantial evidence having the capacity to prove a case to a mathematical degree was “incorrect”.

    “Circumstantial evidence can of course prove things beyond reasonable doubt, but mathematical accuracy doesn’t come into it,” he said.

    “It’s not a required standard and it’s not a reasonable standard.””

    Putting 5ft 10 on a form when you’re 5ft 5 though, is kinda deluded.

  5. @ Ray, the evidence shows that Elaine did not kill herself, as she left her car in Shanganagh cemetery and could not have hiked 30 KM over the Dublin mountains to Vartry to dump her and his phones in the resevoir along with the bag and other evidence and then hiked another 30K over the mountains to Kilakee to take her own life.
    She was driven by the man who is seen in video taking the bag found in the resevoir from her apartment, using her keys, before she returned from the hospital. She was driven by the man who is seen on video by the judge and jury stabbing her and others during his sick excuse for sex. The same man who bought an untraceable phone to contact her after she broke up with him over her stabbing on video.
    She was murdered by this same man who threatened to stab her in the guts as punishment on her return from the hospital; the diminutive Graham Dwyer whose planned follow up act was to hit a woman on the back of the head with a hammer, because he could not even be sure of bringing a woman down without sneaking up on her.
    There will be no appeal. It will be laughed out of court.

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