“We’ll do the interfering around here,” leader of Iona Youth Movement warns Twitter

You have to hand it to the Ionanists.  They might have no sense of irony, but they’re still a superb comedy act.

We’ll do the interfering around here, Ben Conroy warned Twitter Ireland’s MD Stephen McIntyre after he told a conference attended by Enda Kennny that a Yes vote would be good for Ireland’s image.

Apparently outraged at another private company muscling in on the Iona Institute’s patch, Ben wondered if Kenny would be  so happy to see Twitter commenting on other political issues.  It set a precedent, seemingly, of foreign companies trying to influence Irish voters.  Of course, that’s where Ben is being a tad economical with the truth since his mother Breda must surely have told him about Iona’s long-standing relationship with Tom Monaghan, founder of American multinational, Domino’s Pizza.

He also seemed to overlook the fact that he, as spokesman for one private company exclusively engaged in political lobbying, was challenging the right of another private company to express an opinion.  He also overlooked the fact that as an Irish citizen, Stephen McIntyre has every right to say whatever he wants about Irish politics.

Just like Twitter, Iona is a private company, but with several significant differences, the most relevant of which is this: Twitter doesn’t pretend to be what it is not.

Under the pretext of being a charity exclusively devoted to promoting religion Iona, aka Lolek Ltd, receives considerable tax relief, funded out of your pocket and mine.

Unlike the Iona Institute, Twitter is not a political lobby group pretending to be a charity.  Unlike Lolek Ltd (aka Iona), Twitter has conducted no campaign, commissioned no videos and sent no representatives to infest every talk show on the airwaves.

You’d almost think the Ionanists were trying to protect their patch, as if they had secured the exclusive rights to opinions in this little democracy.

If pizzas were politics, this would be a lot like a small local pizza chain trying to fight off a big American franchise.

Back off.  If anyone is going to tell people what to think around here, It’s going to  be us.


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12 thoughts on ““We’ll do the interfering around here,” leader of Iona Youth Movement warns Twitter

  1. Iona seem to have no problem with a sovereign foreign state in the form of the Vatican interfering in Irish politics

  2. Twitter is not a private company, it trades on the stock market. Tom Monaghan hasn’t interfered on this debate as did Stephen McIntyre. Stephen McIntyre was not speaking as Citizen but as the Twitter’s Head of Sales/Operations. “Twitter doesn’t pretend to be what it is not.” What does that even mean?
    “Twitter has conducted no campaign, commissioned no videos and sent no representatives to infest every talk show on the airwaves.” No, but Stephen McIntyre as Twitter’s Head of Sales/Operations got something even better free airtime and on his twitter account is campaigning for a yes. (https://twitter.com/stephenpmc)

  3. Of course Twitter is a private company, since it’s not publicly-owned, just like Iona.

    But it is good to see that this post has pissed you off.

    The more that happens the better.

  4. Three screw-ups there, Emannuel.

    The first was quoting Fox News and the other two were stupid mistakkes..

    “Weren’t been” and “must of”. That’s just plain illiterate.

    That’s not allowed here, as you’d know if you were a regular reader, which you’re not.

    Don’t ever quote Fox News as a source on this site. You will be laughed at.

  5. Great that you pointed the grammar out as for the substance I stand over that. Now just be a tad more economical with the truth.

  6. Thank you. You have pointed that out already. In future do tell the truth for your sake.

  7. Your research into this sinister and ugly organisation has been impeccable, Bock, as has your excellent presentation of the facts. I recently received a request to sign a petition to lobby the Irish government to remove Iona’s charity status. However, without being able to verify the validity of the petition, I was wondering if you had any advice regarding how to tackle such a monster in our midst?

  8. I can’t guide you on that. All I can do is dig up as many facts as possible and let you decide for yourself.

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