Doll therapy for victims of the anti-equality campaign

Surviving the No campaign

I want an emotionally-correct doll so that I can show exactly where the No campaign touched me inappropriately.

No words can describe adequately how defiled I feel by contact with the mindset that drives the No campaign.

I want an emotionally-correct doll.

I want to point out where the No campaign violated my decency  with its lies.

I want to demonstrate where its distortions soiled my sense of fairness.

I need to tell someone how it placed a grubby hand on my respect for my fellow human being.

Give me a doll and let me show you, because words can never describe how tainted, how defiled, how dirtied I feel after contact with this movement.

Get me that emotionally-correct doll and let me show you where the No campaign fingered my soul.

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