NO campaign runs short of volunteers to tear down NO posters

Tearing the posters down for Jesus

The anti-equality campaign ran into a major obstacle today, as the number of volunteers tearing down No posters fell behind the number putting them up.

In a statement on behalf of newly-established campaigning group Teenagers Against Wanking, Fiachra Ó Fruallacháin, a random teenager related to nobody at all, appealed for young people to come forward and tear down the No posters put up by the adults in the campaign.

Without victimhood, Fiachra explained, I’ll have to go back to the wanking, since I’m only 16 and that’s what we do, without Faith and Victimhood.  That means I’ll go to Hell and it will be all your fault.

Unless you tear down those posters, our adults won’t be able to claim they’re being oppressed.  This is all about human rights.  Oppress us for Jesus.

Father Declan Faith, chaplain to the No for Jesus movement agreed.

Unless Irish people start tearing down those No posters, we’re doomed.  Get out there and start oppressing us right now, for Jesus. Don’t let the homocyclists take your grandmothers.


2 thoughts on “NO campaign runs short of volunteers to tear down NO posters

  1. Are you guys for real? This is a democratic debate, do you have any idea how bad things will be if this standard of interaction continues in our political system?

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