Sinister tactics from No camp

Pressurising a priest

Stephen Neill is a Church of Ireland priest in Celbridge.

Today he posted a very strange story on Facebook.


Most interesting – Just had a phone call from someone claiming to be a non attending parishioner of mine urging me to tell my parishioners tomorrow to vote no –Had a fulsome and reasonably courteous debate but assured the said person (who only gave me a first name) that I would not be directing the congregation from the pulpit despite my own widely known views. After the phone call ended I did an internet reverse look up on the telephone number and discovered that the number was nowhere near my parish and was infact the number of a prominent solicitor used by a prominent organisation campaigning for a No vote! I decided to phone back and got the person (not incidentally the solicitor in question but they did admit their location) and same individual was a little bit rattled – I don’t know if said person is a parishioner and lives in my parish as they claimed but to me it was all a little less than transparent – This sort of behaviour only serves to undermine whatever cause a person is advocating – It certainly did nothing to weaken my resolve to vote YES


A prominent solicitor used  by a prominent organisation campaigning for a No vote?

Now who could that possibly be?  We’ll be up all night trying to figure it out.

3 thoughts on “Sinister tactics from No camp

  1. Again we are not really seeing the underbelly of the Mc Quaid-De Valera Ireland who wield massive power and influence through their position. The use of children by the No campaign is so sinister. Paedophiles, insane people, psychopath, sociopath etc., etc., can get married the children of these people are not protected by an aspiration in the Irish Catholic Constitution. This is all about power and control, painting gay people as unfit, second class citizens who they fear have a hidden agenda.
    There is a clear agenda now being driven by the old the young and the wise and that is we need a complete separation of church and state and I would add that Ireland needs a truth and reconciliation process as South Africa had in the post apartheid era. Senator Mullen after a meeting with three women about their need to travel to the UK to access abortion services on medical grounds pursued the women and asked them “What was their REAL AGENDA for the meeting”
    The need for a comprehensive Yes vote is so important in the process of reclaiming Ireland and its peoples rights from the Catholic state within the Irish Republic.

  2. Surrogacy is a form of assisted reproductive treatment (ART) in which a woman carries a child in her uterus on behalf of another person (God) or couple.

    Surrogacy is being used by the No campaign as a negative argument, they need to be reminded that God used the Virgin Mary as a Surrogate mother of Jesus Christ, it cant have been her egg as she was of original sin that is if you believe that crap so please explain why the Opus Dei brigade are opposed to surrogacy.

  3. The utter shite that these baffoons come up with is shocking..
    It was only a couple of weeks back that I was driving around Kerry…
    when driving I saw the word Camp on a sign post…
    I actually sniggered to myself and I thought to myself, what next with the “NO” campaigners, will they have this sign removed or renamed…

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