Clerys — a horrible alchemy

Brutal treatment of loyal employees in Clerys.

The symbol for Sodium in the periodic table of the elements is Na, as anyone who went to school knows.

Natrium also happens to be the name of the company that took over Clerys and threw all of its workers out on the side of the street without a moment’s explanation or apology.


Deirdre Foley, a 43-year-old accountant from Sligo, is 20% owner of Natrium Limited.  She began her career with KPMG before going on to work with Derek Quinlan.  The other director of Natrium is John Skelly.

The remaining 80% of Natrium is owned by a London hedge fund whose directors are Deirdre Foley, John Skelly and Ronan Daly.

Deirdre is also a director of Stannum Limited, set up on the same day as Natrium Limited: 27th May 2015.

Stannum is another Latin word, the chemical name for tin, shortened to St in the periodic table of the elements.

At this rate, Deirdre will use up the entire Periodic Table’s list of metallic names and why wouldn’t she, considering what a rich source of meaning they contain?  Before long, no doubt, Deirdre will have a company called Ferrum Limited to demonstrate the iron in her soul, and Hydragyrum Limited to show how slippery her quicksilver wits are.  While she’s at it, why not Plumbum Limited, a company producing lead weights to see what depths her business ethics can plumb?

Alchemy, as we all know these days, was the futile pursuit of an impossible ideal: the transmutation of base metals such as lead to gold and silver.  It was a nice transitional phase between magic and science, with adherents including the great Isaac Newton, but of course, if Newton had available to him the knowledge we possess today, he would have dismissed alchemy as so much hocus pocus.

Unfortunately, hocus pocus hasn’t died out completely as we saw in recent days.  In the heartless, unemotional world of financial alchemy, it should be possible to convert metals like Natrium and Stannum to Argentum (Ag) and Aureum (Au).

The formula is almost mediaeval in its ignorance and brutality.

Take the hopes and dreams of small people.

Shit on them.

Shit on them again until they turn to copper (Cu).

Set your own compassion aside and crush it.

Take the copper and shit on it once more until it becomes silver (Ag).

Squeeze the silver in a mash of small people until it transmutes into gold (Au).

Crush the small people and discard them.

Take the gold (Au) to bed with you and fondle it.  See if it does you any good as you try to get a peaceful night’s sleep.



9 thoughts on “Clerys — a horrible alchemy

  1. Fair enough comment,Bock.However these people merely bought a building.They did not take over the failed business or responsibility for the employees. They are also not liable for any liabilities of the failed enterprise.What they do with the building in the future is entirely their concern and up to them.
    The employees fate is regrettable and unfortunate..Only civil servants enjoy security and guaranteed pensions.In the absence of government guarantees for SMEs a la the banks,some businesses always go to the wall.How can we make a special case for Clery’s

  2. I wasn’t aware of that but even though it sounds excessive ,it doesn’t change the reality that the property was sold. The sad fact of life is that if a person/company buys a property they have no legal liability for the previous encumbent.

  3. I wonder how many former Clerys workers will commit suicide in the coming twelve months?

    I hope their ghosts come back and haunt Deirdre Foley and her scumbag ilk.

  4. Well, with the Na and the St sorted, their next venture ought well be Yttrium, thereby adding a Y.
    The triad can then be combined to make them NASTY.

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