Ireland – England game passes off peacefully

20th anniversary of Lansdowne Road riots

Why should it be news that an Ireland-England sporting event passed off peacefully?

Don’t we play them every year in the Six Nations?

Didn’t they come to Croke Park in 2007? Didn’t we all listen respectfully as they sang God Save the Queen and didn’t we all shed a manly tear when we beat them 43-13?  The only trouble I can remember at that match was some fool protesting outside the ground in a Celtic jersey.

Every time they play us at Lansdowne Road, don’t their supporters fan out around Dublin and join our people in celebrating our shared love of sport?

Of course they do, and we welcome them into our hearts, just as they welcome us when we go to Twickenham.

What’s more, don’t we play them sporadically at cricket, and even win occasionally?  Is there ever any trouble at those matches?

Of course not.

So what was all this talk about possible riots at Lansdowne Road today? Listening to the hysteria, you’d nearly imagine we were expecting some sort of Nazis to be following the English soccer team.

Oh, wait.

england supporters lansdowne road riots 1995

6 thoughts on “Ireland – England game passes off peacefully

  1. A dull game. It didn’t enhance English-Irish relations. What will? Jack Charlton as honorary president of the FAI? Prince Charles attending the first Irish gay wedding? Putting Parnell’s statue on the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square?

  2. Things have changed and that is news worthy to some.
    There used to be a national front element to England away travel but it is more or less gone.

    If you are looking at the crossed hammers in the background as some kind of nazi insignia…..its not…..its the west ham utd crossed hammers.
    The hail hitler salutes in the front are numbty’s that deserve the revulsion.

  3. Air travel from England to Ireland is almost impossible without a passport – I make the journey regularly – and even sea travel can lead to requests by Garda immigration for one’s passport.

    Handing in one’s passport would have made the journey for the match very difficult.

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