Denis O’Brien – confusing Ireland with Haiti

Is Denis O’Brien foolishly applying the rules of Haiti to the parliament of Ireland?

Parallel universes have become quite the topic du jour lately, with Denis O’Brien threatening to sue Waterford Whispers for a satirical article.   Deducing solely from a letter written by Meagher Solicitors on behalf of Denis O’Brien, the article seems to have lampooned the mega-billionaire, describing how, in a parallel universe, a different parallel Denis O’Brien receives a 20-year prison sentence for improper payments to parallel politicians.

They assert that this satirical article is defamation which of course requires that a person’s reputation be lowered in the eyes of a right-thinking member of society.

Did the Waterford Whispers post lower Denis O’Brien in my estimation as a right-thinking member of society?


I already held him in extremely low esteem after the things said about him by the Moriarty Tribunal which, found that he had paid a government minister large amounts of money and that the same minister subsequently helped him to secure the second mobile phone licence on which his fortune is based. Denis O’Brien did not sue the Moriarty Tribunal for these findings, even though they are, on the face of it, grossly defamatory if they are untrue.

He did, however, choose to issue legal threats to a bloke with a laptop on his kitchen table, which is essentially what Waterford Whispers amounts to.

He also chose to issue legal proceedings against our national parliament, for failing to discipline elected members who spoke disrespectfully about him.

Now, the fundamental law in Ireland is the Constitution.  It’s the document on which everything else is based, and it’s written in reasonably plain language, as all laws should be.

Anyone can understand this.

The members of each House of the Oireachtas shall, except in case of treason as defined in this Constitution, felony or breach of the peace, be privileged from arrest in going to and returning from, and while within the precincts of, either House, and shall not, in respect of any utterance in either House, be amenable to any court or any authority other than the House itself.

Let’s leave out the bit about being stopped on the way to the House and focus on the part that annoys Denis.

The members of each House of the Oireachtas  … shall not, in respect of any utterance in either House, be amenable to any court or any authority other than the House itself.

Got that?  It’s so simple, even a billionaire could get it. Even a billionaire’s lawyer, for that matter.

Translated into even simpler language, it says that no court in the land can tell elected members what not to say in the national parliament. It says that the parliament can make its own mind up about its own rules. And by implication, it says that if angry billionaires don’t like it, they can go and get stuffed.

Ireland, despite all its flaws, is a constitutional democracy, not a country where some random oligarch can dictate the shape of the law, but Denis doesn’t seem to understand that.  Perhaps Denis has been spending too long in the land of Papa Doc and Baby Doc where no such concerns have ever applied.

6 thoughts on “Denis O’Brien – confusing Ireland with Haiti

  1. Well said Bock.
    Have you seen the amount of people he’s been threatening and suing? Here’s some of it –

    In relation to the Waterford Whispers bit… when you look at the context of the findings from Moriarity he really doesn’t have a leg to stand on. Defamed me arsed. He defamed the Irish people. How credible do we look as a nation, when politicians have been bribed and there is no seizing of the ill gotten gains from those bribes?
    No punishment whatsoever…

    Instead, you have him going around trying to put a muzzle on everyone.

  2. Threatening and bullying his way from one deal to the next.

    Here you have it in black and white of him getting extended repayment terms, no capital repayments (interest only), preferential rates.. all based on threats that a verbal agreement with your man before, should be upheld.

    “How did the verbal agreements between certain managers prior to liquidation outweigh the decision of the Group Credit Committee?”

    Because his bullying has worked for him so far.. that’s how.

    I hope his debt fueled stack of cards comes crumbling around him.

  3. Denis O’Brien is a menace to society.
    If everyone who cares about democracy was to post this letter
    on the web then what could he do. Sue half of Ireland?

  4. If the Moriarty tribunal was to have carried its findings to a firm and just conclusion, O’ Brien would most likely be standing at one of the many Blackrock street corners picking his nose and earthing the product. But Moriarty obfuscated and stalled his conclusions in favour of the Blackrock boy. And not for the first time, nor the last will our Judaical system find in favour of a Fine Gail buck who might have boxed his way through the final period in secondary at Zion.
    O’ Brien feels he’s a breed apart from the rest of us. This is because the cabal who control right wing politics in Ireland, ear marked him to do the bidding of the less than one% in Ireland. Thus his take over of Independents news group from the O’ Reilly’s was game set and match. This affair was a set up from the word go. A shift of one of Ireland’s main financial power basis in the USA from O’ Reilly to O’ Brien would not alter DCs control in Ireland and would play into the hands of Americas pox ridden policies in Haiti. So we have O’ Brien and former President Bill Clinton posturing like a pair of white turtle doves for the black as the devil Haiti community.
    Denis has opened a right can of worms for himself and you know he won’t be able to close it that easy.

  5. a random oligarch may not be able to dictate the shape of the law, but i bet a high ranking cleric did. mcquaid perhaps?

  6. Whole bunches of ‘random oligarchs’ have been shaping the state since it formation. It’s a deep-seated Irish tradition. Our politicians ‘oath of allegiance’ is to themselves.

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