Love Letters from Limerick – an international festival of sign-writing and traditional hand lettering

Limerick leading the way as usual. The art of signwriting.

Have you heard about this?

Love Letters from Limerick, a festival of traditional hand lettering and sign writing, features the work of sign artists from Ireland, Britain, Spain and the USA.

Conceived and devised by our own Tom Collins, a  sign artist among sign artists, the festival runs from 10th September to 2nd October and there’s something in there for everyone.  If you want to see master sign-painters at work, go along to Fab Lab on the 11th, 12th or 13th September  and let the magic wash over you. Submit yourself to the  wonder of it, enjoy, learn and mingle with the best in the business.

Tom Collins gilding

You have live exhibitions by Peter McCullen, Sean & Kayleigh Starr of Starr Studios, Simon Robinson, Ashley Willerton, Vanessa Power, Tobias Newbigin and maybe a few friends.

You can expect contributions from Annie AtkinsGed PalmerJosh Luke, the exquisite Louise FiliRotulacion A Mano, Robert Gamache, Liam Dillon, Jack Hollands, Joe Lane, Gerry Fitzgibbon and Gary Godby.

There’s a movie screening on the 13th September in the Belltable, or whatever they’re calling the place these days. That’s at 7pm. Sign Painters, directed by Faythe Levine and Sam Macon.  Don’t miss it.

There’s a live display for Culture Night on the 18th, and a talk on the 24th at Mari’s magnificent cheese emporium  with wine and stuff.

Now, here’s an important bit, so pay attention. On the 1st October, there’s an auction of the pieces produced during the festival, all individually handcrafted by some of the top names in the business, and all the profits – ALL – are going to support the Corbett Suicide Prevention initiative, a great bunch of people. Let’s get that helicopter out of the air folks.

Here’s the website. Check it out and get to as many events as you can.

This is not the kind of thing you’ll see every day, and besides, they’re all really nice people, so go along and get to know them.

They don’t bite or anything. Much.





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