Arbeit Macht Frei, says Irish property developer Johnny Ronan

Johnny Ronan didn’t put a swastika at the end of his document but he might as well have done so.

arbeit macht frei johnny ronan

Johnny Ronan, an Irish property developer, made a submission in June to the Joint Committee of Inquiry into the Banking Crisis.

Johnny’s submission might, or might not have contained useful information. It might, or might not, have contained pertinent facts. For all we know, Johnny’s submission contained the secret to creating cold fusion, but none of that is relevant in light of the final line in his document.

“Arbeit macht frei” nó, i nGaeilge, “Tugann saothar saoirse”

(Arbeit macht frei, or in Irish, work brings freedom).

Where did this quintessentially genocidal catchphrase come from?  What on earth was Johnny thinking? He didn’t put a swastika at the end of his document but he might as well have done so. He might s well have ended his submission with Heil Hitler.

Johnny Ronan must have discovered the term Arbeit Macht Frei somewhere or he would not have included it in his submission, so did he just find it and decide it simply meant Work brings freedom? If that’s true, Johnny Ronan is a deeply ignorant and limited man with no understanding of recent European history.

Did he allow some PR adviser to include the phrase in his submission? If so, that PR adviser should be fired and Johnny should immediately buy a history book.

Finally, did he realise exactly what Arbeit Macht Frei means and did he decide to use that expression anyway?  If so, then Johnny Ronan has given our national parliament a direct insult by using the most appalling Nazi terminology possible.

I don’t think Johnny Ronan is a Nazi though. I think the first hypothesis is closer the mark. Johnny, despite being an efficient moneymaker, is essentially a limited, ignorant man incapable of understanding that Nazi catchphrases are not an appropriate way to end a submission to a national parliament.

Johnny Ronan, it seems, got all the money but none of the class.

A poor man indeed.

There is no way to back out from saying Arbeit Macht Frei.





4 thoughts on “Arbeit Macht Frei, says Irish property developer Johnny Ronan

  1. Indeed Bock Johnny is a very poor man.You could say that he is some sort of Del Boy using phrases he has no understanding of.What a plonker as Del Boy would say.

  2. Maybe he just reckoned it might cause this kind of fuss, thereby giving free publicity for his accusations against NAMA. If so it worked, at least in my case – I would never have heard of them without this fuss, and I’ve now read them and found them rather interesting.

  3. Johnny Ronan ist kein Berliner, aber JFK war einer. The Job Bridge scheme controversially operated by the Irish welfare services seems to assume a work-is-done-freely ethos, and companies are riding the bandwagon. I wish that the use of German words and phrases didn’t have to be associated with nazism. With his shoulder length hair and untrimmed beard Johnny Ronan reminds me less of a Gauleiter and more of Jesus H. C – or John Waters.

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