Table quiz in aid of Medecins Sans Frontieres at Dolans Warehouse, Limerick

Limerick doing a small bit for the refugee crisis

We’re all shocked and horrified by the dreadful refugee crisis that has recently begun to affect our comfortable European lives, but behind the paltry number of people who have managed to make it to our shores there are millions living in inhuman conditions in the refugee camps of Lebanon and Jordan.

There are children drinking sewer-water.

There are women without privacy or dignity.

There are men debasing themselves so that their families can somehow cling to life, men paying smugglers to get them across the sea so that they might have the possibility to save their families from misery and squalor.

These are people driven out of a normal life by war, people who never dreamed that they would somehow end up living like beasts. These are ordinary people, just like you and me, flung from their homes by tyrants and by fanatics, condemned to live in filth and degradation through no fault of their own

Medecins Sans Frontieres, doctors without borders, help such wounded people everywhere. They reach out and touch those afflicted by war, famine and disease. They help, in the most practical way imaginable, not through prayer, not only through solidarity but by making people better when they can.

These people are healers and they ask nothing for themselves, but they need resources and resources cost money.

Come along to Dolans Warehouse next Wednesday, the 30th September for a table quiz fundraiser. Throw in your tenner and pit yourself against all the other familiar faces you’re so used to meeting.

refugee quiz

Go on, you can afford ten euros. You know you can, and you might even win a spot prize.

You might even win. Who knows?

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