Hitler wasn’t such a bad guy, says Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu

Palestinians caused the Holocaust, says Bibi

Hitler came in for a bit of support during the week, from an unlikely source: Bibi Netanyahu.  Israel’s prime minister told the World Zionist Congress that the Führer originally intended only to expel European Jews, not murder them. According to Bibi, it wasn’t until Adolf met the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem that he changed his mind and decided to kill them all.

That’s Hitler, you see. Very easily led, especially by friends like the Grand Mufti. Even as children, the mini-Mufti was getting young Adolf into trouble, robbing orchards and climbing walls.  Knocking on doors and running away.

Hitler’s mother wouldn’t let him play with young Amin al-Husayni.  He’s nothing but trouble, Maria used to say. You stay away from him.

And so it came to be that when Adolf Hitler grew into a Führer  and Amin grew into a Mufti (a grand one), poor Adolf was still getting into trouble.

According to Bibi Netanyahu, the conversation went like this.

All I really want to do is expel the Jews from Europe. I don’t want to kill them.

No, replies the Grand Mufti. If you expel them, they’ll all come here.

What should I do with them? asks a tearful Führer .

Burn them, says the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, with an evil laugh.

And so it came about that Adolf went from stealing apples at the Mufti’s instruction to murdering six million Jews. He was only following orders.

That’s what bad companions will do to you, as all our mothers warned us.

Mufti Hitler netanyahu

Of course, there are certain problems with Bibi’s narrative, not least of which is the fact that no such conversation is recorded. On top of that, we seem to have the Prime Minister of Israel engaging in a perverse form of Holocaust denial by shifting the blame from the Nazis to a single individual who in turn becomes the embodiment of all those who lived in Palestine before the Zionists kicked them out of their homes.

And yet, in a truly disturbing way, Netanyahu has acknowledged two facts about the origins of the modern Israeli state.

The first fact is that the Zionists and the Nazis had a shared interest in getting as many Jews as possible into Palestine.  Zionism, after all, was a movement that believed Jews could legitimately live only in a Jewish homeland and this was a position not very far removed from that of the National Socialists.  Indeed, within six months of Hitler’s accession to power, the Zionist Federation of Germany approached him with a proposal to solve the “Jewish question”.  In the years before WW2, SS officers and Zionist Federation officials jointly travelled through Palestine to assess its suitability as a new Jewish homeland.

The second fact is that there was no Israel at that time, only a Palestine that would later be obliterated by force of arms in an operation that carries on to this day as the mopping-up continues. The remnants of the indigenous Palestinian people huddle behind the Gaza fence in stone-age conditions of misery or cower in fear as West-bank Israeli settlers beat them, burn them and destroy their homes in the name of a spurious biblical claim to the land they have occupied since the time they were all Jews.

For this we should be grateful to Bibi Netanyahu whose honesty is refreshing.

At least he doesn’t engage in mealy-mouthed evasions.

At least he calls it for what it is.

A true Zionist cares nothing about the Holocaust and a true Zionist knows full well that the state of Israel can only be created by dispossessing those who have lived on the land since before recorded history.

And if Bibi needs to invoke absurd biblical justifications for his war of ethnic cleansing, at least he’s honest about it. At least he declares Israel to be a Jewish state unlike those who would have us believe that it’s actually some Middle-Eastern secular paradise in a sea of religious fanatics.

Of course, the uncomfortable side of this is that people in Europe have been jailed for uttering milder statements absolving Hitler of blame. How ironic to see the prime minister of Israel on the same side as Jean-Marie le Pen or David Irving.

7 thoughts on “Hitler wasn’t such a bad guy, says Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu

  1. Will we now see Irish and British Universities banning him from their campuses for what is basically, err, Antisemitic speech? By the way, I can just imagine our favourite Zionist apologetic, Ian O’ Doherty, writing a piece defending Bibi right now!

  2. I believe the ‘holohaux’ is going into overdrive now, not a day passes without some reference is made to it on TV. This is in desperation as the ‘six million gas chamber myth’ is gradually becoming known to more people. The Jews must be becoming aware of the repercussions when this fraud becomes common knowledge. Maybe some Jews are starting to look at the revisionist research on the subject and taking it more seriously and are now realising the situation they have made for themselves.

  3. Idiots like allcock are always going to pop up from under rocks when presented with such opportunities, but Netanyahu has potentially opened a can of worms. In deflecting some of the responsibility away from Hitler it is now ok to revisit any of the events leading up to the holocaust, and to apportion blame.


    What percentage blame do we now lay on Hitler, the Mufti, and the countries who refused to accept jews from Germany. 70%, 15%, 15%? All up for discussion following Netanyahu’s decision to make it debatable.

  4. I agree with Tom, yep, if your name ends in yahu, you can utter any auld shite you like and as for that Nazi saying the shoah didn’t happen is beyond disgust. The Nazi, The Zionists, the right wingJuntas, the dogmatists, shopkeepers who cheat small kids out of chewing gum when the currency changed from imperial (I’m of an age to remember…… make me mad and sad. Onwards….and Bock, can you make a mobile friendly app…….

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