Irish scientist wins Nobel Prize

What do we value these days?

william campbell nobel prize

An Irish scientist has won the Nobel Prize for Medicine but you might not be aware of it if you depended on the Irish media, who chose to report this fact fifth or sixth in their list of headlines, for reasons one can only speculate on.

Let me repeat.

Today, an Irishman has won the Nobel Prize.




What does this tell us about Irish journalism, or indeed about Irish society as a whole?

I don’t know. It’s too dispiriting.

It means we have journalists who aren’t inclined or equipped to cover stuff they found too hard in school and we have a society in general that doesn’t value real erudition.

Our Nobel laureate, Prof William Campbell, would have got more news coverage if he won X-Factor.

It seems our society has now been dumbed to its deepest.



9 thoughts on “Irish scientist wins Nobel Prize

  1. I think Silicon Republic has something on it this morning, but maybe Barry Egan might have a colour feature article tomorrow in the indo…

  2. RTE Radio 1 and Lyric FM have highlighted the Irish medical scientist who shared the Nobel for medicine, and mentioned that he studied initially at Trinity. In general Irish journalists are not dynamic at reporting scientific, philosophical and other knowledge related achievements by the Irish abroad. Literary and artistic achievements might be picked up on more quickly. Maybe we have a stereotype image of Irish people excelling at imaginative artistic things but having less input into the technical and cogitational aspects of world innovation.

  3. They reported it, but they didn’t exactly celebrate it as they would if he won a golf tournament or a literary prize.

  4. Born in Ramelton Donegal. As was Dave Gallagher, captain of “The Originals” the firs All Blacks team to tour Britain & Ireland in 1904.
    Congratulations to Prof. Campbell and to Ramelton Two famous sons to be proud of.

  5. He became an American citizen in 1962. See

    He is described as a “biologist and parasitologist known for his discoveries concerning a novel therapy against infections caused by roundworms”.

    Ramelton will celebrate and Ireland should celebrate his achievement. Some Irish doctors like Dr. Robert Collis (who treated paraphlegic artist and writer Christy Browne) and Dr. Jack Kyle (a great international rugby player) and missionary doctors in the MMM worked in tropical medicine in Africa for long years. Now an Irish-born and educated researcher has been internationally recognized for discovering drugs that can treat tropical ailments. So are Irish journalists going to break out of the literary-arts cultural preoccupation and highlight the nature of Professor William Campbell’s important work?

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