Pope Francis meets Kim Davis

Smile of Pope masks deep intolerance

Pope Francis



What is truth? said jesting Pilate, and would not stay for an answer.

Elegantly, and always to the point, Francis Bacon went right to the kernel of the matter in his essay Of Truth, showing up the shallowness and hypocrisy of a Roman prefect who should have known better.

More recently, good Pope Francis spoke in a similar tone to the reviled Pilate when he asked prettily, Who am I to judge?

That seems like a straightforward rhetorical question not requiring an answer until you remind yourself that this Pope is a Jesuit.

On the face of it, the pontiff has told us in his own words that he doesn’t consider himself fit to judge, but perhaps he didn’t. Perhaps he was employing that technique of clerical thinking we became so familiar with during the height of the Irish child-abuse scandal: mental reservation.

Perhaps he mentally reserved his reply to a question that appears plainly rhetorical, and perhaps he answered himself silently.

Who am I to judge?

The Pope. That’s who I am. The Pope!

The United States constitution imposes a very clear separation between church and state, but Kim Davis sought to impose her own Christian law over and above the law of the land by refusing to issue marriage licences to same-sex couples in defiance of a Supreme Court judgement.

Of course, in some countries public officials obey their clerics, imposing religious rules as the law of the land and when those countries are Muslim, we call it Sharia.  But when the majority population happens to be Christian, we call it following our conscience.

What to make of the four-times-married Kim Davis? Clearly, her Christian principles didn’t prevent her from divorcing three times, but they kick in good and strong when it comes to gays getting married. Call it what it is: plain old-fashioned homophobia.

When Pope Francis sought a secret meeting with the person who has become the face of modern bigotry in the USA, he offered comfort to a deeply intolerant strain of society, a tendency that spends every waking hour judging other people.

The non-judgemental Pope prayed with this woman who presumes to judge her fellow man and woman in direct violation of the constitution she swore (on a bible) to uphold. He gave her a set of rosary beads and urged her to be strong. Or, to put it more plainly, to keep denying gay people their constitutional rights.

He can’t have it every way, this affable, smiling Pope. By offering comfort to a bigot and a homophobe, the Pope was judging, and doing it harshly.

The smile, it seems, was only there to mask the dark intent behind it, just as other clerics have used an affable exterior to set a child’s fears at ease. It appears the Pope has been grooming us.

Bacon, as ever, put it best.

There is no vice, that doth so cover a man with shame, as to be found false and perfidious.

10 thoughts on “Pope Francis meets Kim Davis

  1. This piece sums up what I have been thinking for a good while now. This friendly, humble, media-savvy pope is(was) to good to be true.
    On one hand he’s answering journalists’ questions on homosexuality with glib statements like the aforementioned “who am I to judge?” Then when Ireland passes the same sex marriage referendum, he’s commenting on how it is a “backward step in human history.”
    All these noises about human rights, climate change and rampant neo-liberal capitalism are welcome, but this is still the leader of the catholic church. It’s still his job to fight women’s sexual rights and gay rights every step of the way. Even in a country who has national secularism enshrined in it’s constitution.
    At least Kim Davis comes out and calls homosexuality “evil and dangerous to our kids.” Frank can’t just come out and tell it like that, because his new BFFs, the MMS, will start comparing him to Benny16 and he doesn’t want to damage his celebrity status. Hypocrite!!!

  2. Two things are certain, regardless of what newspaper op-ed writers may think, the Pope is a Catholic and a Jesuit.

  3. If we are to receive the faith in its entirety it’s imperative that we return our beloved Benedict XVI to the throne of St Peter and purge the Eternal City of this pestilent Jesuit priest.

    A Mozart man, Benedict, the last true Bishop of Rome, frowns on renditions of Gloria Gaynor’s I Will Survive in the Vatican.

    He’s expressed optimism, in Latin, that Gays can be prayed away.


  4. Today’s headlines are interesting “Vatican fires gay priest”.

    I wonder if Frankie has any judgement on that ?

    How many gay priests are there ?
    How many priests are there in relationships with women (apparently the firing is for being in a relationship not for being gay)

    And, of course how many priests (or bishops) are still wearing collars, who are pedophiles or who have been involved in cover-ups.

    On another note – he keeps going on about helping the “migrants” coming into Europe. What is he doing about it and how much money or resources has the Vatican offered ?

    Recently he got a great reception in the USA. Not surprising. Its the “land of the gullible”.

    I agree with your sentiment Bock. I think he is a fraud and is doing a PR supershow to avoid tacking the real issues. Let’s hope he does not get invited to Ireland.

  5. Bock to be fair there is some more detail here on the “meeting”.

    Someone standing in a line to shake hands does not constitute a meeting or an endorsement of their actions.

    How about some coverage of Pope Francis embracing an old gay friend.

    “Curiously, the Vatican did add that the pope had just one private meeting at the nunciature. That mystery meeting turned out to be with Yayo Grassi, an old Argentine friend who just happens to be gay and who visited the pope in Washington with his partner, on the day before the meeting with Kim Davis. Furthermore, CNN had film footage of the encounter showing the pope and his old friend exchanging a hug.”

    Doesn’t fit in with the your narrative does it?

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