When is cyber-bullying not cyber-bullying?

When is cyber-bullying not cyber-bullying?

Simple: when it’s an excuse to avoid answering a question.

Here’s an interesting Twitter exchange I had yesterday with a reasonably-well-known artist, best remembered for modifying a photograph to produce an iconic revolutionary image that adorned many a bedsit wall.  I won’t name him.

Reasonably-well-known artist: #FineGael absolutely no clue about #WebSummit or importance to Ireland. Donohoe defends Govt engagement with Summit

Me: What reasonable requests did the government refuse?

Reasonably-well-known artist: Eh….the ‘Wiffy’ did not work last year at all. I could not contact anyone once there. That might be a good place to start.

Me: Why is the government responsible for WiFi in a private trade show?

Reasonably-well-known artist: There was no water the previous year. It just got silly.

Me: Could you answer the previous question please?

Reasonably-well-known artist: GFY

Me:  I don’t know what GFY means. Can you explain that please?

Reasonably-well-known artist: My way of letting you know I won’t be bullied.

Me: How are you being bullied?

So far, the reasonably-well-known artist hasn’t explained how being asked a relevant question constituted bullying, though I might hazard one or two guesses.

It could be that people surrounded by uncritical sycophants are simply unable to cope with being asked hard questions.

It could be a certain fragility of ego.

It could be thundering arrogance.

Who knows?

In an interesting Freudian slip, the reasonably-well-known artist used the word Wiffy, perhaps without realising that it has become a term of derision for the unelected Senator Fidelma Healy-Eames who has ridden the cyber-bullying bandwagon into the ground, much like her unelected senatorial colleague, Lorraine Higgins.

Bullying, it seems, is the new Wolf. Sooner or later, when enough unelected senators cry Bullying at the mere sight of an Irish Rail ticket inspector, we will have lost yet another useful word, reduced to meaninglessness by people who simply can’t stand being challenged.

I still haven’t worked out what the reasonably-well-known artist intended by GFY, but I think he probably meant Good for you.



Unfortunately, Jim threw his toys out of the pram.  What a shame.  I suppose that’s ego for you.

jimfitz blocked

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You seem to have elicited quite a strong reaction there, which doesn’t seem to correspond to your summary there Bock. Bock the bully.

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