ISIS claims responsibility for Russian plane crash in Egypt

ISIS attacks the wrong psychos

PutinIf I were ISIS (and I’m not — are you listening CIA?), I wouldn’t be telling the Russians I brought that plane down even if I did it. There is no way I’d be telling those cold-blooded motherfuckers anything of the sort. Does ISIS seriously think it’s a good idea to be waving their dicks at a country run by a former KGB torturer? Are they that stupid?

Whatever you might think about the Americans, and Jesus knows they have enough to answer for, from Korea all the way through Viet-Nam, Chile, El Salvador and  Nicaragua, right on up to the current age with their ludicrous invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, they have some vestigeal respect for the rule of law, however tenuous. Every now and then, one of their spooks goes to jail for torture, or they throw some inbred redneck cracker to the dogs for abusing an Arab.

Pathetic, we all agree, but yet far ahead of anything the Russians do.

You see, Russians never admit anything. Russians will fucking kill you and there will be no congressional investigations, no inquiries and no Supreme Court oversight, however weak. There will be no journalists annoying the government, however ineffectually. They’ll just kill you and if you don’t die they’ll kill you again.

You might think this is a major withdrawal from my normal demonisation of the USA but nothing could be less true, largely because I have never demonised the USA, unless you happen to be the sort who regards legitimate questioning as a personal attack. If that’s the case, you have my sympathy.

No indeed. We must keep questioning the USA as long as it seeks to appropriate all western culture and claims to act on our behalf. Russia, on the other hand, cares nothing for my culture or yours. They won’t wring hands or agonise if they kill the wrong people.

Putin doesn’t care.

And that’s why I’m saying to ISIS that it probably isn’t a great idea to be claiming they brought down that Airbus. Unlike the effete Westerners, the Russians aren’t shocked by those Youtube videos of beheadings and burnings. All they’re thinking is, Do that to us and you are fucked.

ISIS, you’ve done that to them. You are fucked.


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10 thoughts on “ISIS claims responsibility for Russian plane crash in Egypt

  1. Egypt buying those tow warships off the French. Allegedly the Russians were supposed to build them ships until NATO got involved..

  2. But you see, ISIS has that hubris, they think they are invincible and don’t even fear the Russians. They are even that stupid that they would claim to be the cause of an atrocity they probably didn’t commit. Just because.

    They are so completely ignorant that they put all Western or non-Muslim (or even some Muslim) countries into one hot pot. Or anyone else. And wouldn’t know their Putin from their Obama – or Merkel since we are at it (I think they never heard of Kenny).

    They are unlike you and hopefully the rest of the thinking population not aware that making an enemy of Putin is deadly. And if they are they don’t care (just as the Russian establishment). They just think they can beat him. Did I mention hybris?

    In a slightly twisted way I hope that if (!) it was a bomb that brought that airplane down, that it was ISIS behind it. Putin’s revenge might be truly final for that bunch of killers. Or not.
    Did I just say that? Oops. Not a very sophisticated remark and a cynical and dangerous one in many regards.
    Beating evil with evil never worked out in history. But neither did being outraged while sitting in front of a laptop screen and consider if you go to the freezer for some icecream or open a bottle of white.

    And no, I neither like the Russian establishment nor the American one. They are both power hungry nations who brought more misery to the world than freedom or whatever they claim they do. The only thing they care for is freedom for themselves to rule the world and fill their pockets.
    The world is a box full of fools. No matter which one you pick.

    I for one go for that icecream after all.

  3. An interesting people to say the least. I’ve had a lot to do with them since moving to a new abroad a few years ago , and to be honest I find something quite detached about their collective demeanour which I find hard to get my head around. One creative I worked with, literally world class in his field. An emotional, intelligent artist on one hand. On the other he was a racist dickhead homophobe who was up in arms about Ireland’s marriage referendum and posting things on social media about Ireland selling out his children.(He’s a century late). I,and many others I might add , for these very reasons will never work with him again.
    If ISIS are to be defeated, they’re the right lads to get on with it, for the very reasons outlined above.

  4. Would the U.S have anything to do with this ?? Blow up a plane full of Russians, blame ISIS , call putin a pig etc . Get the Russians all wound up and hope they react as Russians often do.

  5. What sort of group or person would do something like that, apart from being mentally disturbed?

  6. Will be interesting to see the consequences if this turns out to be true.

    Also, interesting to see how Egypt attaches more importance to its tourist industry than to the safety of its holiday makers given their reaction today to multiple countries advising people not to go there.

  7. When the Russians were in Afghanistan in the 1980’s it helped to bring down the old Soviet Union. I don’t think ISIS will care what the Russians think or do, they are playing the long game.

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