Jonah Lomu has died

A sportsman beyond compare

jonah lomuI don’t know if Jonah Lomu was religious, but I hope so because it would be nice to think of Saint Peter tryig to stop that ridiculous athletic tank as he charged at the gates of Heaven.

What did Mike Catt say? Tackling him was like tackling a motorbike.

There was a report of an athletics tournament in New Zealand before Jonah Lomu joined the All Blacks  that went something like this.

100 metres. Jonah Lomu.

200 metres. Ditto.

Long jump. Ditto.

High jump. Ditto.

Triple jump. Ditto.

Shot putt. Ditto.

Javelin. Ditto.

Pole vault. Ditto.

All Jonah Lomu.

He has died at the age of 40 and nobody can believe it.  All of us are the poorer for the loss of this great sportsman.

What a man, what an athlete and what a hero.







2 thoughts on “Jonah Lomu has died

  1. The term ‘Sporting Legend’ is much over-used these days, but not in the case Jonah Lomu.
    A True Legend. R.I.P.

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