New private terminal for celebrities at Los Angeles airport

Los Angeles is planning a new terminal at the airport for celebrities, famous people and filthy-rich actors, along the lines of the Windsor Lounge at Heathrow, and truthfully, this seems like a great idea.

For as little as $1,800 each, the travelling public will be spared any contact with the Kardashians, Kanye West or Miley Cyrus, but  the best thing is this: you won’t have to pay a cent for the privilege.

In a stroke of genius, Los Angeles airport has somehow persuaded the Kardashians to pay the money themselves to spare the rest of us from having to meet them.

Isn’t that great?

Described as a win-win situation by almost everyone apart from the newspaper photographers, the new arrangement ensures that celebrities can leave their planes unhindered and they don’t have to look at us poor people. Meanwhile, the poor people don’t have to endure lectures about the benefits of organic, Vegan food-replacement crystals.

Why is anyone criticising this? If you can afford first-class treatment on the plane, why shouldn’t you buy first-class treatment when you arrive? And besides, if your extra money buys the rest of us a respite from your air-headed, vacuous inanities, what’s not to like?

Everyone’s a winner.


2 thoughts on “New private terminal for celebrities at Los Angeles airport

  1. My sentiments, exactly. Frankly, I have never understood the negative reactions of my fellows to gated neighborhoods, v.i.p. lounges, separate entrances and the like for these people. I lived in Los Angeles for many years and these arrangements abound. I think perhaps their objections come from some sense that they are being snubbed by the rich. I have always felt that it spared the rest of us having to snub them, which is most likely what you would want to do 30 seconds into any face-to-face encounter. Plus, you know where they are; neatly contained within their own prescribed areas, behind ropes and gates. And trust me, I managed a trendy nightclub in LA, that is where you want them. They are generally incompetent at managing the simplest transactions, are fussy, silly and very demanding and need patient, well paid attendants to guide them and clean up after them as they move through public areas.

    So, good show LAX, make them pay for their ‘border fence.’

  2. Only the true A+ celebs will like this. The likes of the Kardashians et all may claim they don’t like the paparazzi. But in truth all the clothes they wear for free is based on them being SEEN to be photographed in them. They get deals with the posh designer labels but photos of them wearing the gear must appear in media. Which is why their assistants and PR people tip off the paps ahead of time so they are there to photograph them when they arrive at whatever event. Or bus station…
    The real A+ crowd can afford their own clothes and don’t need deals. Which may explain why they are not the least bit bothered about appearing in print wearing a humble pair of Levis….

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