Priests to hear confessions in shopping mall

Father Ted meets Christmas

No. You didn’t imagine it and no it isn’t Father Ted.

Priests are going to set up a grotto at Skycourt Shopping Centre in Shannon offering absolution to repentant sinners.

Sit up here on my knee, you grand little middle-aged man, and tell me all your sins.

Seriously. What on earth do these lads think they’re doing?

Father Santa Grotto

Here are these clerics, setting up a stall in a shopping mall, offering absolution from sin, as if they have any credibility. As if they shouldn’t be lying on the floor, face down, begging forgiveness of every shopper who passes instead of offering absolution.

Who do they think they are to be forgiving anyone for anything?

Have they even the slightest clue about the symbolism of what they’re doing? Do they not realise it was barely yesterday the country realised what their pals were getting up to, what their bishops were hiding?  And now here they are, as oblivious to reality as any Ted or Dougal, behaving like religious chuggers  in a shopping centre at Christmas.

What were they thinking?

Did it ever dawn on them how sinister that might appear to many of the people whose faith in their bona fides has been so rattled that they will probably never trust a priest again? Any priest.

What on earth were these guys thinking when they decided to set up a parallel Santa’s grotto?

Do they not realise how creepy that looks? We can only hope they don’t get lost in the lingerie department.






8 thoughts on “Priests to hear confessions in shopping mall

  1. I hear that the Catholic Church is already a long time tenant at the Skycourt with a small chapel of adoration which has been there for years now. Nothing new.

  2. Desperate times I suppose.. just another one those marketers set up at a stall at the shops you say no thanks to. “interested in faster broadband?”, “eh, no thanks”. “Can I tempt you with cheaper electricity perhaps?”, “thanks, but no thanks”
    “How about 3 Hail Mary’s and an Our Father?”.. “Ah go on shur.. sold. ” Yeah right.

  3. Would this be tolerated if other religious faiths decided to do that in that shopping centre…
    Are they so out of touch with their believers that they have to lower themselves to that type of marketing…
    Have they no consideration for people of other faiths and none… on assuming that all the people in that shopping centre are Catholic…
    I’d love to see them try that shit in the Crescent…

    “Confessions anyone !!!… Sure g’wan so fadder… I’ll take 3… as I’m here now to do a bit of shoplifting before the Xmas rush.. so I might as well be forgiven for what I’m about to do anyway…”
    (Insert Fr. Tedism above)

  4. Next thing you know there will be free absolution with every £50 pounds spent in Tescos.I think I feel a prayer coming on.

  5. In America they have places in the malls where you can have your teeth cleaned, so why not get d’oul soul done as well, and have a haircut on the way out? All set for Xmas then.

  6. Bock, did the priests get the bishop’s permission to do this or are they acting against that. I remember some years ago that in El Salvidor a priest insisted on distributing the eucharist at a carnival disobeying the bishop’s directive not to do so. Priests can disobey their bishop I notice. (The bishop was Oscar Ramero).

    I have been told that there is a small enclosed chapel in the skycourt which seems ok to be there, Maybe the confessionals are within the chapel? Outside at a stall does look very profane.

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