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Happy Christmas

It might surprise some people to see an atheist like me wishing them happy Christmas, but why wouldn’t I?

Isn’t it Christmas.after all?

Happy Christmas to the  readers, the lurkers, the commenters, the almost-commenters and the used-to-be commenters. To the aggressive clowns who have threatened me over the years and to the decent, kind people who understood what I was trying, and often failing to achieve, I say Happy Christmas.

Happy Christmas to the one or two trolls who must know they  will never be published, yet  who still insist on sending comments. These little ones I love most of all because of their loyalty. Imagine hating a website with all your soul and still reading it every day. To these, the most obscure of my followers, I say, thanks. I am honoured by your constant attention, but please release yourself from this anger. It isn’t good for you. Move on and stop being a sad bastard.

Happy Christmas to you, the random reader, and to you the regular one.

I don’t know if there will be another.

It’s coming up on ten years now since I started this nonsense and ten years seems like a nice round number to start something new, so don’t be surprised if there’s no Bock valediction in 2016.

Instead, I might devote the site to challenging and exposing crooks, chancers, frauds and con-men. Time will tell.

Ten years seems like a good round number, wouldn’t you think?

What direction do you reckon the site should take  after a decade of this stuff?

I’m genuinely interested to have your views, but it is Christmas after all, so I’ll take a few days off and maybe come back to you with more nonsense coming up to the new year.

Thanks again for reading and following.


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I said this to you once before and I still mean it. If you write, I’ll read! You’ve stood with me during tough times and for that, and you, I will always be grateful. Happy Christmas, friend, and a very Happy New Year! xoxo

“Ten years seems like a good round number, wouldn’t you think?”
20 is a good round number too.

Wouldn’t it be nice to say you’re the longest one going in another 10 years.. or another 10 after that. I bet you’d be celebrated for being around a while.

In 2025 we could see that there’s no more crooks and chancers and frauds and con-men running the country into the ground. The country will be run for the people, not big business. We’ll look back on 2015, like a Back to the Future part 2, and see how backwards we were back then. It’ll be all about cooking and the flowers in the garden and walks in the countryside in 2025 as they’ll be no more con men to write about.
Chancers – None of um to be found anywhere in 2025. We’ll have chancer detectors invented by then. We can name it in honour of Bertie. The Bertietron Detector.

Ok, enough of the fairytale.. You’ll just have to continue.

Happy Christmas.

As an old witch doctor who reads your stuff every day (on the days there is no post I simply re-read an old one), I would say “keep going”. A campaigning Bock is always good, but so are the odd, quirky serendipitous posts.

Happy Christmas Bock, I sincerely hope I am still reading your take on whatever shenanigans is happening in 2025 :)

I came home earlier from my most stress free (but not without other people having a psychotic Christmas breakdown) Christmas, coincidentally it felt like the least religious-tinged episode I can remember, I don’t know why. The point of my story is that there is no point, I came home, threw my shite in the washing machine, and panned out, peace at last, praise Jesus, there is peace at last. I plugged myself back into the Skynet mainframe after a 48 hour detox and caught up with my online news, sport, film and most importantly music, and then I came to the bookmark folder at the top of my favourites simply titled, ‘Good Blogs’, which currently holds 25 sites of varying excellence (due a review perhaps), sitting at the top is, a place I like and need to go when everything is falling apart (socially and politically that is!, for everything else there’s MasterCard). I completely understand the sometimes sense of futility of writing a blog, doubts….’What is the relevance?’ ‘Am I an ego-manic / insecure / only getting plaudits from regulars / who do I care either way?!’ From a selfish perspective, I want to continue until I’m old and infirm (I’m in my mid-thirties) but understand your desire to make a change, and respect that. I don’t really mind what you call it, I just want to read it! Happy New Year Bock, and thank you.

Belated xmas greetings n all the best for the nxt 10 yrs…….still drop in for a squiz now and then , keep up the good work..cheers ‘B’s

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