Damien Dempsey defends Love/Hate actor Stephen Clinch

Robber-turned-actor becomes actor-turned-robber

Stephen Clinch put a loaded gun to a man’s head.

Imagine having a loaded gun put to your head. What would that do to you?  I know that I personally would probably be all right, because I’ve been in many dangerous situations during the course of my life, but I also know that other people would be far more vulnerable. Some people would be scarred for life by such an experience and anyway it doesn’t matter. Nobody should be threatened with death.

Nobody has the right to threaten another person with death as Stephen Clinch did when he put a loaded gun to the cheek of an honest worker transporting money for his employer.

Nobody has the right to punch another man in the face, as Stephen Clinch did when an astonishingly brave worker intervened and prevented him from making off with a bag of money.

Stephen Clinch is a violent robber and it doesn’t matter that he appeared in the successful RTE drama Love/Hate. It doesn’t matter that he spent nine years free of heroin. That’s his own business and his own personal failure. All that matters is that he terrified the life out of two innocent men going about their honest work by threatening them with death.

Why would anyone feel sorry for a man with 17 convictions for robbery and 13 for burglary who got a second chance in life and yet who decided to put a man in fear of his life by placing a loaded gun in his face?

So what if Damien Dempsey said he knew Clinch all his life? So what if Dempsey thinks Clinch was always a friendly face around Donaghmede? So what if Clinch had guided local people into music and acting and warned them about the horrors of addiction?

Stephen Clinch deliberately put a man in fear of his life. He terrorised at least 30 other people with his robberies and his burglaries.

No sympathy here.

He had his chance and he blew it.

6 thoughts on “Damien Dempsey defends Love/Hate actor Stephen Clinch

  1. There’s probably worse arseholes out there who never held a guns to anyone’s head for money.
    Addiction is a curse.

  2. Grand thing to stand on the moral high ground and report second hand news from the main stream media, did you actually interview any parties concerned? that is the duty of anyone who claims to be a journalist, comment is free of course,

  3. Totally agree bock – The Guy carried out this robbery when he was opium free and in control of all of his faculties.

    Shame he didn’t put his energy into working a proper job instead of terrorising underpaid security guards.

    Fuck him and his apologists

  4. Well said. I am sure Damien Dempsey is scared for his life and had to be an apologist.

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