Danny Healy (Rae) and climate change denial

Political gobshitery at its finest

As I sat on top of the chicken house yesterday in the pouring rain with my neighbour Adolf O’Goonassa, we watched an old man who could hardly walk or talk staggering through the fields with a creel of fish.

‘Tis true what Danny Healy (Rae) says, he shouted against the downpour. Only the Man above is in charge of the weather.

Adolf reached into the póca of his weskit, withdrawing a pouch of tobacco and a small bottle of whiskey.

Do you know phwhat Bock? he muttered in the softest, most melodious Irish anyone ever heard.

Phwat? I replied.

‘Tis a bad sign that the ducks are in the nettles.

And so it was. A bad sign indeed, because even though a Kerry village pines for its missing idiot, our national parliament gains one more ignoramus. Kilgarvan’s loss is Ireland’s loss.

Danny Healy Rae Michael Healy Rae

On the other hand, you might say that Danny Healy’s (Rae) contribution to the climate change debate was a master-class in the power of buffoonery (if by contribution you mean bluster and if by debate you mean denial). You could almost hear them tuning up those banjos back in Kerry as Danny rounded on Eamon Ryan and told him that one year the sun didn’t shine in Ireland at all at all, and another year we were drowned out of it. And in 1740, three million of us died from famine at a time when there were only 2.5 million in the country and there were no combustible engines then either as Danny reminded us.

Twice, Danny pointed out that there were no combustible engines back in those days long ago.

Squeal like a pig? No. Eamon kept a straight face throughout Danny’s  lecture on a subject he plainly knew nothing about and in a way it was hard not to shed a nostalgic tear. There was a time when every bar in Ireland had some bombast ready to hold forth on any subject in return for a pint or a cigarette.

Of course Danny, no more than the rest of his political crew, isn’t that easily bought. It will take a lot more than the offer of a small whiskey to sway him, and that’s why, after displaying to the world the boundless unplumbed depths of his ignorance, he brought his rant around to local matters.

Danny made it plain that he sees no difference between weather and climate and besides, there’s nothing we can do about it down here on Planet Earth. God above, you see, controls the weather and when it rains, the best thing the government could do would be give maybe €200,000 to drain the river at Glenflesk, naturally enough using diggers supplied by Danny’s plant-hire firm which was specially set up by God to protect Kerry from his wrath.

It probably plays well enough around Kenmare and Kilgarvan, and what else would Danny care about? This, after all, is the same man who suggested that pub owners should be able to give their customers certificates allowing them to drive with excess alcohol in their blood, and just like the flooding and the diggers, this suggestion had nothing whatever to do with the fact that he owns a pub himself.

And still they elected him.

Let’s hope, when he arrives to save the poor drowned people of Glenflesk, his engines aren’t too combustible.

18 thoughts on “Danny Healy (Rae) and climate change denial

  1. Staggering stupidity. Embarrassing for Kerry, even more so for the rest of the country that other nations look at this, thing, an elected member of Parliament. He did however make one valid point. Where has the money from carbon tax gone to?

  2. Danny Healy-Ray TD has made the government-less Dail meaningful. His speech on climate change has stirred a national questioning – about the colourful deputy and about the causes of climate change. Now he should invite Eamon Ryan TD to have a debate with him at the next Puck Fair in Killorglin. Provided the Green TD gives a prior promise not to enquire too much into the living conditions of King Puck.

  3. Danny Healy (gombeen & digger driver) or Eamonn Ryan (gobshite and bicycle salesman), not much to choose between them when it comes to topics of science, engineering and economics.

  4. Surely climate change and environmental protection and the designated use of collected taxes are matters worthy of public scrutiny and debate, regardless of who talks about them?

  5. Tim – No much to choose between them except that Eamon is right and Danny is wrong.

    Benjamin – Are you saying denial is debate?

  6. Eamonn was the one who instigated and pushed the wind only solution to reducing our CO2 emissions despite empirical evidence showing wind does not reduce CO2 above certain penetration levels which Ireland has surpassed before he became minister. He has put a generation in energy poverty as a result of his policies. There’s less between eamonn and danny than you might think. I just hope danny is never in a position to do as much damage.

  7. The learned Danny Healy-Rea TD hasn’t denied climate change. He has said there has been climate change in previous historical times, long before the invention of the twice mentioned internal combustion engine. He has disputed the assertion that vehicle emissions constitute a sole explanation for climate change in our time. He has declared – and Atheist Ireland, climatologists etc will have noted this – that the Man Above rules climate change. Bychallenging a Green Party TD by name on the floor of the Dail while there was still no elected Taoiseach ten weeks after a general election, Danny was provoking nationwide discussion about the causes of climate change. Whether his ‘case’ wins or miserably loses, he has achieved some public focus on climate change.

  8. Its a pity that not one TD aside from Alan Kelly actually showed up to the Dail debate. They’re a disgrace.

  9. When minor backbenchers speak, they often speak to an empty Dail chamber. So it’s not real debate. Most Dail debates take place behind the closed doors of party committee rooms. We punters don’t get to hear who said what.

  10. He can shove his combustible engine up his hole cause its methane emissions where it’s at…remember? The national herd contributing ..is it 70% of the bad stuff…vaporising the ozone layer and giving kerry farmers big ruddy heads and sun burn..

    Danny and his brother and father. .it’s still where we’re at. Until we have a grown up parliament with joined up process and system..we’ll always have the likes of the Healy Raes, the Kennys, the meehal fucking martins. .the baldy fucking noonans. .oh and tge autistic Willie o deas. .

  11. I asked Dillie O’Wee, Minister of State for the Use of Similar Adjectives in the same Sentence and Advanced Masturbation Techniques, who was accompanied by leering hunchbacks, who will be T-Shock in a bar recently.

    “I will,” he lied.

    Back in the day, a Fianna Fail politician, invariably, shamelessly stood up in the UN and said he prayed that the Israeli/Palestinian conflict could be resolved on Christian principles.

    “Pssssst,” said his pointy-headed aide, “they’re Jews and Muslims.”

    “I know,” winked yer man,”but my constituents back in Ireland are Catholics.”

    The likes of the above and Rae are/were way ahead of liberal Ireland on these issues.

    Everything is a party political broadcast back to the faithful.

    They’re appealing to areas where they’re still inclined toward rushing out onto the street to point up at a plane passing overhead.


    If you want to get elected in those areas best go along with the notion that the world was created by God 5,000 years and four days ago. Going forward.

    The buffoonery,an existential manifesto, is a fuck you to liberalism. And it’s worth over a 100 grand a year plus expenses if you can keep a straight face.

    Am I making meself clear, boss?

  12. and a former stockbroker, Shane Ross with his trace of a plummy South Dublin accent, in deep talks about rural development with a ragged group of Independents. Now that he’s Minister for Transport & Sport perhaps he’ll take the radical step of building a motorway through Connemara and dispensing grants to County Councils for the construction of rural cricket grounds.

  13. Gobshites and gombeenmen, moaners and loafers….

    Just as well the world.isn’t relying on us for answers….

    ……and renewable energy can reduce carbon emissions…. as can vegetarianism do less cows and associated shite (although the effect of beans especially chickpeas can be very high in gaseous emissions of a pungent kind and high in methane)……

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