Trump and Pegida visit. Making Ireland’s Mid-West fascist friendly.

Let’s make money from the Nazis

donald trumpTwo major fascists are visiting our region this month: Donald Trump and Lutz Bachmann, founder of Pegida.

Mr Trump is the son of a billionaire while Mr Bachmann has rather more modest origins. While Mr Trump is simply a rich frat-boy misogynist and a bully, Mr Bachmann struggles with a past that includes convictions for burglary, drug dealing and assault.

However, Mister Trump and Mr Bachmann, despite appearances to the contrary, share a good deal in common. Both are committed anti-foreigners. Both demonise Muslims, even though Muslims are one quarter of the world’s population. Both are prepared to pander to the basest and most ignorant people in society. Both seek power by mobilising the utter stupidity of a small but vocal power base, composed of aggressive thugs and disaffected ultra-nationalists.

In a way, you could say they practise conviction politics and in the case of Mr Bachmann, you’d be literally correct since, in addition to his assorted convictions for being a thief, a coke-dealer and  and a violent thug, he was recently convicted for inciting racial hatred. Mr Trump on the other hand has yet to see a day behind bars, though hope springs eternal.

Of course, the public statements of Mr Trump and Mr Bachmann bear disturbing comparison with those of a certain Mr Hitler — in Mr Bachmann’s case, quite literally, given where he grew up: Dresden. The city bombed to oblivion by the Allies in a despicable war crime, and subsequently trapped behind the Iron Curtain. A place where fascism had the space and the time to fester.

Mr Trump’s connections with Mr Hitler are far more tenuous, since his German grandfather didn’t become an immigrant to the USA until about 1900. How fortunate for Mr Trump that his grandfather wasn’t Mexican and that nobody had yet thought of building a wall, but leaving that aside, what a wonderful coincidence that Mr Trump’s public statements carry such a strong echo of Mr Hitler’s, provided you substitute the word Muslim for Jew.

Anyway, that’s not really what I was thinking. When I find myself talking about fascists and Nazis there’s no shutting me up. Sorry.

What I was really thinking is this.

Those fine people in Identity Ireland are bringing Mr Bachmann to Limerick later this month, and I sincerely hope there’s no trouble at that event, even though many people will be outraged by his presence.

Likewise, Mr Trump will be visiting his sado-golfism resort at Doonbeg around the same time, so maybe we could set up a fascistourism industry in these parts. The last time Mr Trump came to our shores, our finance minister Michael Noonan joined a little tableau of harp-players, Irish dancers and lovely girls to welcome him off his plane, as all government ministers everywhere do when a foreign businessman arrives. You can imagine the Swedish finance minister doing exactly the same thing, standing at the end of a red carpet, beaming at an American rich guy. Because that’s what government ministers do, isn’t it? That’s their job.

Let nobody tell you that a government minister is supposed to be overseeing the vital strategic interests of the country. At least not when a mega-mortgaged proto-Nazi is arriving and needs a photo opportunity. We’re good like that.

So anyway, I was thinking, why don’t we make the Mid-West Nazi-friendly?

If Kerry could do it with Star Wars, why don’t we do it with the Fourth Reich?

Why don’t we turn this little corner of Ireland into a place where Nazis like Trump and Bachmann feel right at home?

It wouldn’t cost much to turn the country into a place that Trump and Bachmann would feel comfortable with. No Mexicans, no Muslims, no Mexican Muslims, no Jews, no blacks, no black Jewish Mexican Muslims. Nothing but wall-to-wall rednecks. We could set up a corner of County Clare for these folks and we could relax our gun laws.

Let them all come here with their guns and let them do to each other what rednecks do best.

Except it won’t involve their sisters.



12 thoughts on “Trump and Pegida visit. Making Ireland’s Mid-West fascist friendly.

  1. But Bock, we’re already a country of rednecks (some.of us are ok ??) and our politicians are fascists (for the most part or self centred me feiners if not) and sure aren’t they bringing jobs and money so all will be grand.

    ….and wait until the minister for the environment or whoever will let Donald build his wall at Doonbeg………or whatever he wants. Money talks in this place…….

    Lovely little country to do business …..

  2. Sure didn’t we make a start years ago by driving out the Jews from Wolfe Tone street.

  3. I wonder will Baldy be scurrying out to Shannon to do a bit of brown nosing again, making a show of himself? Did you ever see the likes of it?

  4. I think that would have been a single Redemptorist priest, though admittedly he had support from some of the local ignorati.

  5. I hope anarchists and other leftists who want a punch up at Mr. (Herr?) Bachmann’s South-West rally will accept a challenge to box him with standard gloves for three minutes under Lord Queensberry’s estimable rules. I think enraged Irish politicos should give Pegida spokespersons a sporting chance. Play up, play up and play the game chaps.

  6. This article is nothing more than SJW, crybaby, hysterical propoganda. It is this far left fascist ideology that is way more dangerous than Donald Trump.

  7. I usually insist on civility in the comments, but I make a special exception for fools who accuse me of being “far left”.

    Fuck off.

  8. “Fuck off”, adding intelligence to the debate?….the best tradition of Orwell?, when the argument is lost the low life language of Leftist ignorance prevails

  9. It’s the only language idiots understand.

    Can’t you come up with a better insult than Leftist? Or are you so programmed you’re no longer able to think for yourself?

  10. I would add:

    1. Quite a few Irish people I meet these days are “anti-foreigners” and very concerned about Muslims
    2. Trump has a more than reasonable chance of being elected president. Ireland needs to be careful in how they handle him. In the coming years the “bottom may fall out” of the whole multi-national goldmine in Ireland as taxation loopholes are closed and the 1.5 Trillion in cash held my US companies abroad is “moved back to the US”, i

  11. @ Rainman Regardless of who is President of the USA, multinational companies will move cash back to the mother country if current fiscal circumstances favour such a move. Multinationals from various countries have moved into and out of Ireland according to perceived advantage ever since our Industrial Development Authority encouraged FDI in the early 1960s as part of Ireland’s industrialisation strategy for economic growth. The ten-year tax holiday incentives for FDI have been abused many times by companies which have dismantled plant and skedaddled when the ten years were up. This had nothing to do with Republican or Democrat presidencies.

    Indeed, one hears anti-foreigner sentiment among Irish people in everyday conversations. Doubts have arisen in many people’s minds about the long term goals of Irish muslims, notwithstanding publicised media appeals by Imams in Clonskeagh and elsewhere for tolerance and cultural integration. What has this got to do with Trump?

  12. Well, to quote an article in our national newspapers in relation to his visit to Doonbeg….”I think Mr.Trump is going to get a great welcome. He is putting great money into the area’ and understandable given the lack of any infrastructure in the area. However, this is unfortunate that the ‘color of the money’ doesn’t seem to matter. This is a form of our gombeenism but excusable (to a point) given the dearth if investment in oublic services and attention by the local and national givernme t to the needs of rural communities. While I understand the need for rural areas to receive investment, I think this needs to be provided by local and regional government including policies such as ensuring good public transport, a local post office, local and regional employment and industry ……and as someone who is socially minded or socialist (in the real sense), I am OK being on the left of centre……but not far left…..and nice retort to our ‘far right’ (?) ‘Colleagues’…….

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