Shit music on the radio

It took about ten minutes to work out something was wrong and another twenty to find the cause, but it was all my own fault.

The vague sense of unease. The feelings of impending doom. Patrick Bateman’s nameless dread all assaulting me without my knowledge, as I drove along, wondering what was wrong. Why this horrible unreachable itch as if cockroaches were playing badminton beneath my blood vessels? Why this awful scratching terror in my amygdala?

Oh, wait. Of course. I forgot to turn over from Today FM when the Matt Cooper Show finished.

radioI like Matt Cooper. He provides a useful counterbalance between the clownish buffoon George Hook and Blessed Mary Wilson of the Cross, or at least of the Mildly Annoyed. So I tend to turn over to Today FM at that time of the evening.

But of course, I also forget to turn back and so I find myself subjected to utter shite until reason kicks in and I switch it off.

Now, when that happened to me this evening, I spent a little while beating myself up for being an old bastard out of touch with popular culture until it dawned on me that radio stations have always pumped out this kind of shit. And I have always hated this kind of garbage. And every discerning music lover would join me in hating such pap.

I began to feel a little better. I began to remember that high-quality radio music shows are rare and that they have always been rare. I began to realise that it was a good thing to feel nameless dread and a scratching of the amygdala.

And so, as I pulled up outside my house, I was calm again, reminding myself that I love good music, that I will always love good music whether it happens to be old or recorded yesterday and that the shit pumped out at us by every radio station is for the most part just that.


As I locked the car and entered my home, I felt gratitude towards Today FM  for reminding me that we must always be enraged by crap music on the radio.

How else could we continue to embrace the good stuff?


18 thoughts on “Shit music on the radio

  1. Did you ever listen to Gerry Godley on Lyric of a Tuesday night? Easily the best genuine world music show on the radio. The show finished about a year ago, after a life span of about 15 I believe. His archive is still available on the Lyric website though. You won’t be disappointed.

  2. Tom Dunne on Newstalk plays good music, he’s on late though so I don’t get a chance to listen every night

  3. After Matt Cooper I switch to to newstalk for off the ball, often it’s like listening to a group of lads at the bar.

  4. Leftwinger is right, BBC Radio 6 is worth a listen, though the presenters do sometimes sound like DJs from undergraduate days in the 1970s.

    Or drive home later and listen to John Creedon

  5. RMF 50 a Polish internet station which plays non stop 50s and 60s music 24 hours a day.I’m an old un as you can guess.

  6. Nothing wrong with 50s and 60s music, even though it isn’t a genre. After all, bands from the 60s like the Stones and Floyd are still going strong. And wasn’t Elvis the King?

  7. That’s why, as far as radio goes, I generally prefer spoken word. Saying that BBC Radio 6 do do pump out some good music and even Radio 2 has some good individual shows, ditto Radio 3. I guess with digital radio and internet radio there are a lot of music radio stations specialising in a paritcular era or genre. John Peel’s show was fantastic – I’d gladly listen to repeats of it. In fact, his son, Tom Ravenscroft, has a show on BBC Radio 6. Some of the preseneters on that station are successful musicians in their own right.

  8. Elvis was indeed the King.You also had bands like Billy Vaughan and Bill Haley,complete opposites.Good times even though it was the arse end of north Mayo

  9. Cerys Matthews,formerly of Catatonia, does a cracker of a show Sunday radio6,..plays bangers right back to the 30’s even…and she’s so informed and a high music fan…some of the stuff she pulls from the bag..never miss it…recently interviewed Noel Gallagher, who said his Holy Trinity are The Kinks. Smiths and Stone Roses… Cerys says”not The Beatles?”… Noel ” nah. that’ll be the gimp”… almost choked on me cornflakes.
    ..classic Noel..

  10. Ah….. you can’t bate…Len Dineen…. on Limericks (whisper) Live 95fm
    (I’m being sarcastic… he makes my ears bleed listening to anything he say’s)
    It’s the only radio station that I refuse to listen to….

  11. Marty ‘in the morning’ Whelan cracking corny jokes before playing classical music on Lyric FM is the pits. He should stick to the lottery game shows. His choice of music can be refreshing, however. This morning he played a few Edith Piaf numbers and interviewed an Irish woman who sings some of her songs.

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