RTE announces €2.8 million deficit

RTE, apparently, is in hock to the tune of €2.8 million, on the face of it, a huge amount of money but not in the broader scheme. This sum might not, for instance, come anywhere close to the budget of the average county council roads area of which there might be four of five to a council.

But more to the point, it comes nowhere close to the earnings of the top ten RTE earners who are as follows:

Ryan Tubridy. €495 k

Joe Duffy, €417 k

Marian Finucane, €295 k

Sean O Rourke, €290 k

Miriam O Callaghan €280 k

Brian Dobson, €196 k

George Lee, €179 k

Richard Crowley, €174 k

Colm Hayes, €170 k

Derek Mooney, €169 k.

This comes to a total of €2,665k.

Now, I’m sure all of these are fine people who do a fine job, and of course nobody is going to work for nothing but at the same time, is Ryan Tubridy worth half a million a year to talk nonsense on the radio for an hour in the morning and more nonsense on the television once a week?

I’d take that gig and I wouldn’t be looking for €500 thousand.

Is Joe Duffy worth four hundred thousand euros a year to shout people down? Could RTE find nobody to work for let’s say a hundred grand, who might be able to present an afternoon show for an hour and a quarter a day? Is that beyond the wit of man? Is there nobody out there with the talent of Joe bleedin’ Duffy?

Are we such a talentless country that we can’t find two people to do the job of Joe Duffy and Ryan Tubridy for €200 thousand combined instead of just under a  million? Are we really that useless?

Coud we not find a replacement for Marian Finucane who might actually be able to keep the listener informed as to who she’s talking to? Does Sean O Rourke really need to be paid €300 thousand to present a morning news show? Is there nobody capable of doing the same job for a ton?

Perhaps instead of complaining about lack of funding, RTE might look instead at the cossetted inner circle it has supported since its foundation, but of course it won’t unless it’s forced to do so.

What RTE really needs is an external commission to examine it in the most intimate way imaginable, to tear it apart and to rid it of the comfortable cliques who have had control of it since its inception.

It’s high time we had a new RTE, free of the cosy circles that have fed off it since the start.




13 thoughts on “RTE announces €2.8 million deficit

  1. Spot on Bock.Woy Woy Duffy certainly isnt worth his pay.Ryan Tubridy is part of a powerful dynasty that RTE seems anxious to enrich and protect.

  2. If they did away with the Eurovision and the Rose of Tralee they would cover the shortfall

    2 Ridiculous events that shouldnt get the budgets they currently get

  3. Also get rid of the Angelous – that 30 second slot at 6:00 pm would generate an awful lot of advertising revenue

  4. Get rid of the Angelus? Are you serious?

    We couldn’t have the national broadcaster not broadcast some religious bonging nonsense to the masses at primetime to remind them to contemplate the lord or something, or they’ll all turn into immoral heathens surely?

  5. Besides, it doesn’t cost RTE anything to broadcast a bell tolling. Whereas people like Ryan Tubridy cost their weight in gold.

  6. @aon You think positively. So let’s draw up a cumulative list of Reasons for keeping the Angelus bell on RTE television and radio:-

    1. It will get aon’s son out of bed at last. (but what about his girlfriend?)
    2. It will presage solemn things announced on the 6 pm News.
    3. It will remind us of a poem, Send not for whom the bell tolls, written by John Donne and immortalised by Ernest Hemingway.
    4. It marks the passing of time. Better get ready for the pubs and disco raves.
    5. It beats Marty Whelan’s corny morning jokes on Lyric FM.
    6. It’s cheaper to produce than the Late Late Show.
    7. It helps to fill up the Irish Times letters page sometimes.

    157. That’s it folks.

  7. One of the lads starred in the last of the “pre vacant and pensive looks” angeluses ( angelusi?) The plot had him feeding the swans with kids below on O’Callaghan strand – climaxing on the 12th bong with a smile ( not the swans kids, his own grandchilder – all of whom were paid handsomely for time )

    am currently on 20 daily grains of valium to cope with absurdity of, one public servant interviewing another public servant about the public purse .

    Big Mir and Tubs might actually be worth it… genuinely , if they were not utterly compromised in each and every “interview” carried out with a failed political class and senior civil service – these interviews are akin to the fish slapping scene in Monty python

    Well said bock

  8. Could it just be that everyone else is paid based on a percentage of the top earners?

  9. David Harte,captain of the Irish hockey team heading to Rio 2016, was on RTE Six One d’other night talkin’ bout winning boxing gold at next month’s Olympics in Rio.

    But others are outrageously claiming it really was Paddy Barnes, a two-time Olympic medallist, talkin’.

    An innocent man began to fret at the prospect of the polite hockey man going toe-to-toe with the fearless Cuban and Asian southpaws at the 31st Olympiad.

    But I reassured him that it was not the great David Harte speaking.

    “But the caption says fucking David Harte and they’re the national broadcaster, with top journalists,” said the man.

    “Look, some cunt put the wrong name in the caption, didn’t he”

    Barnes, in Rio, tweeted that Ken Egan should be brought into the RTE studio to concentrate minds.

    That would be Ken, the Dublin southpaw, who won hockey silver in the light-heavyweight class at Beijing 2008.


    The above, er, incident, arrived just a few weeks after a talk over was telling us that Zlatan Ibrahimovic was on his way to United.

    But the footage featured a depraved muck savage langering a ball over the bar in a GAA match in the arsehole of Ireland.

    Going forward.

  10. “The plot had him feeding the swans with kids

    Jesus. Flesh-eating swans. What next…Oh well. “Dat’s Limerick City”, as they say.

  11. Get rid of “fair city” , it’s rubbish and costs a fortune.

    The broadcaster said 198 episodes of Fair City were filmed last year at a cost per episode of €54,883. This amounted to €10.86m.

  12. I refuse to contribute to the license scam, so can’t really complain about something I don’t watch. It is fairly comical having these utterly talentless “stars” with notions on such staggering salaries, while the only people with actual talent are the camera and sound crew.

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