French Fashion Police overruled as Burkini ban lifted

State telling women what to wear

Did we ever think the Fashion Police would become a real thing, with a gun on its hip and a sneer on its lip as it instructs sartorial offenders to take their clothes off in public?

Even though a French court has ordered suspension of the burkini ban, the utter stupidity continues.

This week the world endured the degrading spectacle of French police forcing a female French citizen to undress in public, on the grounds that her clothing covered too much of her body.

Four armed men forcing a woman to undress.


Think about that for a minute. You’re not naked enough. Take off more clothes or we’ll arrest you.

Was the woman wearing a niqab, that vile dehumanising mask, that symbol of female oppression rejected by the majority of Muslim women?

No. The lady was simply overdressed, in the opinion of the police, and her clothing was of an unapproved style.

Of course, when the image of a policeman standing over the woman hit social media, the French authorities issued threats of prosecution for anyone reposting the image which is one sure way to get yourself right up there where you don’t want to be, as Barbra Streisand discovered when she tried to prevent publication of a photo of her house.

The Streisand Effect is now a recognised phenomenon and the French cops are its latest victims.

I think it’s safe to say that there would have been a huge public outcry in France if the police had ordered a nun to undress in public, and yet the argument they put forward against the burkini applies equally to the nun’s habit. If anything, the nun’s habit is more religiously-based than the burkini, so why exactly is one illegal while the other is not?

burkini nun swimming

Unwittingly or otherwise, these policemen have removed the veil (so to speak), exposing the naked (so to speak) xenophobia behind these laws.

A woman can cover up as much as she wishes, provided the woman is a Christian, an atheist or a Jew. But if a woman is Muslim, she must bare more flesh than she feels comfortable with or risk being called a terrorist, arrested and fined.

That, in anyone’s words, is Islamophobia.

But it’s worse. This is hatred and oppression of women. Of all women. This is a state telling women what they may wear and what they may not wear.

Masks are another matter. No civilised society should tolerate the niqab and I agree with the French ban on it. We need a similiar ban here in order to begin the emancipation of those women who are oppressed in such a manner, but the burkini has nothing to do with this. The burkini is simply a woman’s choice of how to dress, and no civilised society has any business interfering in that choice.

Today, I heard a magnificent lunatic on Liveline trying to justify the ban on security grounds. Explaining that a woman on a beach might be able to hide a bomb under her burkini, this individual proved that ISIS have truly captured the hearts and minds of idiots.


12 thoughts on “French Fashion Police overruled as Burkini ban lifted

  1. I find this pic very scary indeed in more ways than one. Is it just me or
    should those people sitting around have got up to aid that woman?

  2. There is/was this little kebob(Kebab?) stand that sits across the lane way from The Baggot Inn. I opened that stand with this jovial Turkish fellow who went by the name of Ismael. He had a compatriot of his work there also, who I’ll call Ishkibibble. One Sunday, a day off for me, I passed the stand and noticed Ishkibibble up front picking his nose, as usual, while also noticing the back half of the stand partitioned with rubbish bags.Upon further investigation I discovered one of the most beautiful women I’d ever laid eyes on, who also happened to be the wife of Ishkibibble. He insisted that I leave immediately when I suggested to him that it should be her sitting up front and him behind the rubbish bags. That was my first introduction to people who practiced the Muslim faith. Why display dignity to people who have none.

  3. Good post Bock. Let these women wear what they want. The French authorities are overreacting.
    I agree about the niqab though. It’s not just oppressive. Not being able to read a person’s facial expressions is difficult for our brains. We evolved them as part of our social communication. Can’t switch it off overnight for religious sensibilities.

  4. @GOK. And that was the thing that convinced you all Muslims are like this? The fact that you met one asshole?

    You know, I’ve met more than one asshole who was American, but I haven’t characterised all of them on the basis of my narrow experience.

  5. @Bock. …….And that was the thing that made me pay attention. However, I didn’t judge all future Muslims who crossed my path based on that experience, though I’ve learned there are some similarities within the Sunni brand of Islam. I once met an Iranian chap in France who was the most pleasant person initially, who smiled a lot at me and made an effort to communicate with me, until he saw the American flag on my ruck sack. I was saddened by how his attitude changed once he found out I was American. I felt he was a good guy

    Culturally, there isn’t much difference between our countries, so if if I run into an Irishman who irks me, I write him off as an asshole. I have many Irish friends who I love dearly, so an occasional gobshite won’t change that. Only you can deal with your anti Americanisms as they have no effect on me.

  6. Bock, listening to Liveline can render a man completely insane within minutes.

    For God’s sake, man, don’t do it.

  7. Sorry. Couldn’t care less about her. Less concessions made the better. Very well done to the French authorities for finally showing some guts.

  8. Hey, great aria, however, wouldn’t chant it at the great opera house if I
    were you, ignoramuses get short shrift there.

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