Is Donald Trump mentally fit to be President?

Is he nuts? You decide.


Is he insane?Donald Trump

I don’t know. I don’t even know what the word insane means, if it means anything but I once received a useful working definition of insanity from a mental health professional. An insane person, he  told me, is somebody who holds false, fixed ideas and who is impervious to logic.

By that standard anyway, you’d have to conclude that Donald Trump is barking mad and yes, I know that’s not a medical term but I once knew a highly-qualified doctor who used it to describe his own psychiatric condition so I feel safe using it.

Donald Trump is barking mad, which of course is not his fault. Too much blame is attached to mental illness and I don’t want to demonise him, but we have to remember that this is the man who will have control of the Big Red Button, and this is also the man who asked why the USA doesn’t use its nuclear weapons.

This is the man who seems to say the first thing that comes into his head and who then goes on to believe what he just said, like a child playing fantasy games with an invisible friend.

This is the man who attacked the parents of a soldier killed in Iraq although of course, not being American, we might reasonably ask what this soldier was doing in another country. Still, that isn’t the point. The point is that Trump was unable to be courteous or dignified, unable to simply keep his mouth shut instead of attacking the Khan family,  mourning the loss of their son.

This is the man who incited gun nuts to assassinate his political opponent and then tried, like all schoolyard bullies, to pretend he didn’t say it.

Trump’s latest lunacy is to claim that Obama and Clinton founded ISIS, a  statement so deeply uninformed, so ignorant and so dishonest that it can lead to only one conclusion: this man is bonkers. Leave aside the actual foundations of ISIS as covered in this site some time ago. The fact that Trump might actually believe Obama founded ISIS suggests that he’s an illiterate, uneducated clown. On the other hand, if he understands the reality then he’s a cynical liar, but both options indicate a pandering to the stupidest, most incompetent slice of American society.

I’ve heard it suggested that Trump is experiencing dementia, which again, if true,  is not something he should be criticised for, but at the same time we have to be realistic. A demented person is not somebody who should be holding the BRB. A demented president is not somebody who should be forming friendships with Vladimir Putin. A demented commander-in-chief is not what the world needs at the head of the most powerful military machine in history.

Looking at Trump’s statements in the lead-in to the election, it’s clear that he has only a passing relationship with reality. Whatever Trump says is what Trump believes. It’s also clear that he has no understanding at all of world politics and that he might well get all his information from comics and Fox News.  Again, this is not something one would hope for in the president of the USA but we live in an upside-down world where words mean whatever we want them to mean.

We live in a world where an artificial bubble inhabited by fragile narcissists is called Reality TV, and Trump of course has dominated that genre through his arrogance, his stupidity and his ignorance, all fuelled by the one underlying force that holds such a universe together: money.

The Donald, all his life, has bought everything he ever wanted. He has no experience of relating to his fellow human beings as an ordinary, vulnerable person like the rest of us and therefore no knowledge of how people relate to each other and yet he tries to fake it, fooling many people in the process.

Psychopaths tend to be expert mimics. They watch other people’s emotions. They study how people respond, and they reflect it back in a highly-convincing way, but I’m not saying Trump is a psychopath. I’m just saying that if I looked for a parallel, the best one I could find would be Patrick Bateman in Brett Easton Ellis’s novel, American Psycho — but without the murders, obviously. I’m not saying Trump has murdered anyone, though I wouldn’t feel so confident if he ever got his fingers on the Big Red Button.

Truthfully, if this man becomes President of the USA, we all need to worry.




29 thoughts on “Is Donald Trump mentally fit to be President?

  1. Actually Bock the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result, we Irish should know this, after all we did return Fine Gael to power, compared to some of the clowns in Leinster House Mr. Trump looks positively lucid.

  2. Donald Trump seems to me to be one the Worlds most dangerous weapons.
    The fact that he would ask why the worlds most destructive arms are not
    used is the stuff of nightmares. Anyone who would vote for this person would have to be tired of living, even if their only love is money.

  3. How much money has Trump spent to get this blog to comment about him? Trump is playing all of you for the fools you are. There is no such thing as bad press. He makes a comment and a many react, with the effect of keeping his name on the front pages without spending a penny. i call that shrewd. Having been the star of his own top rated television show for 14 years, it appears he has learned much about the wicked ways of a biased media and as a result has them frothing at the mouth over hilarious sound bites he knows full well will keep them preoccupied. Meanwhile those of us, with our heads screwed, on are being offered a buffet of double standards that any clear thinking person couldn’t avoid seeing. You’re all being played. Wake the Fuck Up.

  4. I don’t think Trump is mentally a loose nut. I think he is a verbal loose nut. You may have heard of the Idi Amin school of diplomacy. I suspect Trump may have a diploma by correspondence from that school.

    * Idi Amin, who styled himself Field Marshal Amin, a dictatorial maniac who murdered thousands of ethnic enemies in Uganda during the 1970s and early 80s. He famously sent President Richard Nixon a telegram ‘wishing him a speedy recovery from the Watergate scandal’.

  5. Write about Trump certainly, but his strange utterances about the Russians and US supporters of the 2nd Amendement about the right to bear arms are not the only thing about Trump. US voters will have to consider choosing between the general economic policies of Trump and the general policies of Clinton. What differences, if significant, are found in the outlook of the two candidates? Trump speaks like an oddball whose speeches are not tightly vetted by his team of handlers – the same could have been said in recent years about London mayor, Boris ‘Bojo’ Johnson, whose socal and Brexit policies won support from British voters. Behind his clowny image Trump stands for some things, which can be scrutinised.

  6. Of course you can write about Trump but you must do it with an open mind. Greg knows that the racial rhetoric, the very funny statements about nuclear weapons, ethnicity, solutions to Clintons campaign these will all stop when Don is elected. He will become the statesman that hides behind his hilarious facade. Greg knows best, wake the fuck up!

  7. I said Wake the Fuck Up, not Shut the Fuck Up. What did Trump actually say that was offensive to the Khan’s? What’s more offensive? The Democrats exploiting a tragedy using the willing parents of a dead soldier to score political points, or DT responding that the dead soldier would be alive today if he’d been president? BTW, guess what Khan senior does for a living?

    I’d put it to you that he in fact incites anti gun nuts to violence, because that is what they’ve proven themselves to do. The very same day as Trump made his remarks, the father of the man who murdered 50 in Orlando, is seen sitting behind HRC at one of her rally’s, and not a peep is said about it, including from you. Imagine the uproar if he’d been seen at a Trump rally.

    Reagan made similar comments regarding nuclear weapons, that forced the Soviets to the negotation table. N. Korea and Iran, to name just a couple, have been served notice that the game changes in a Trump presidency.

    Obama is feckless, idealistic, without wisdom or foresight. HRC is a greedy self centered gobshite. She is a known and documented bully, not a perceived one, who has dead bodies appearing whenever scandal rears its head near her.

  8. What did Trump say that was offensive to the Khans?

    Well, for a start, suggesting that Ghazala Khan wasn’t allowed to speak. And comparing his property development work to the loss of their son. And claiming that Khizr Khan had “viciously attacked him” when in fact all he had done was criticise his policies. And threatening to block Muslims from entering America.

    As for the man sitting behind Hillary Clinton, that’s simply a red herring. It has nothing to do with Trump’s state of mind. Is he a murderer? I have no reason to write about him since this is the first I heard of it. This is not a news site.

  9. My point being is that there is a double standard that even you engage in when commenting on Trump. You accuse Trump of insanity based on an opinion you have as well as a standard you feel justified in holding him too, while ignoring HRC’s many actual and very sinister transgressions.

    Pat Smith, whose son was killed at Benghazi, spoke at the RNC, to highlight HRC’s incompetance and the lies the she told regarding the incident. The Khan’s were willingly exploited by the DNC to enflame racial hatred. BTW, Mr. Khan is an immigration lawyer who assists Muslims from Pakistan and elsewhere in the middle east to come to the US. So it brings into question his motives for speaking. I feel an unwarranted attack from them makes them fair game for criticism from Trump.

    I understand you are not a news site, but somehow I have an expectation that you are well informed and unbiased. Why that is, I have no clue. My bad.

  10. I would be afraid for the state of the world if this man became president. He is a mad eejit.

  11. I know a man from my home town who works as an immigration lawyer in the USA. What exactly is wrong with that?

  12. Nothing is wrong with it. But if DT threatens Mr. Khan’s way of making a living by introducing tougher vetting measures for allowing his customer base to enter the US, I could see how Mr. Khan’s motives could be called into question. Which they have, BTW.

  13. I believe old Trump is financing a wall to be built around a golf course
    some where in Ireland, I don’t play golf, I have no interest in the game, but
    if I did, I’d rather play golf on the dark side of the moon. I’m not sure what’s wrong with immigration lawyers in the USA, but if it’s anything to do
    with what I think it is, he should go off and play golf with Trump.

  14. Quite frankly, I could care less about the quirks, mannerisms or idiosyncrasies of Trump. The polished, coiffed politicians you prefer have destroyed the life, liberity and pursuit of happiness all humans should be guaranteed, in order to placate the monied elites who paid to put them in power in order to do their bidding. I have full faith that Donald Trump will make all the right decisions that serves America first.

  15. I believe that every child born has a right to pursue happiness and benefit
    from whatever talents their born with. But the Trumps of this world tend to
    think everything in the world belongs to them, therefore they prop each other
    up. They always have and that gives them power.

  16. @greg if Don is the principled man you say he is who won’t bow to the monied cronies why then did he seek the GOP nomination, why not run as an independent? Surely he has the money (cronied or not)?

  17. An immigration lawyer speaking out against draconian and unconstitutional immigration measures. Who could imagine such a thing? It almost makes Mr Khan a terrorist.

  18. Bock glad to hear the immigration lawyer speaks out against such unjust
    measures, I was not sure of their position.

  19. Entities such as the John Birch Society, The Carlisle Group, The Skull and Bones, the Bilderberg Group and many other groups that are the puppet masters of our political class are the monied elites that I refer to. DT does not belong to these classes, nor is he elite. He may be a Mason, though I doubt it.

  20. I believe that by running as a republican? Number1, he’s taking over a party weak, deeply divided and will possibly split if he becomes president. Number2, by winning the nomination of an established party, he is entitled to a support mechanisms that an independent would have to foot the bill for himself, it would take many years to develop the ground game required to compete. It was a smart decision. The Republican Party has become a shadow of its former self and had really lost its way. BTW, the Democrat party is the elitist party, not the Republicans. Most of the Republican names you may be familiar with are wishy washy, middle the road establishment types. They stand for nothing but bullshit and keeping their jobs. Like John McCain and the Bushes.

  21. Don’t blame me. I didn’t vote for him in the Republican primary here in California. Besides our asylums are full. Sorry!

  22. Don’t blame me. I didn’t vote for him in the Republican primary here in California. Besides our asylums are full. Sorry!

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