Reluctantly back

Could we ever have imagined in our most disturbed fantasies that a hubristic imbecile like Trump might now be occupying the Iron Throne?

I didn’t see it coming any more than his opponents did. I didn’t see it coming any more than Donald himself did.

For that matter, if Donald hadn’t made the mistake of hiring the poisonous Breitbart worm, Steve Bannon, he wouldn’t be trapped today in the appalling presidential bubble that requires him to behave like a man.

This won’t be easy for Donald, a man-child with no personal experience of acting like an adult. This will not be easy at all for a guy who is essentially a loser in the game of being a grown-up. This will not be easy for a guy who is the son and the grandson of opportunists and who derived his sense of decency from a grandfather who became rich by being a pimp.

That, my friends, is the new President of the USA.

That, my friends, is the unlettered fool who has never read a book, or written one, yet who now claims to be the leader of the free world, whatever that means.

I didn’t plan to reactivate this blog, but when our civilised society is assaulted by such a cretin in temporary control of such a powerful force, what else can one do?

Unfortunately, it seems you’ll have to put up with me a little longer than I planned.

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Good to have you back Bock.

word was you had packed it it……………. must have been an alternative fact.

Would the alternative have been safer or better? Who, do we think, may have caused the most harm? If the buffoon can be controlled, just maybe he might be the lesser of the two evils.

Glad to see you posting again Bock. Delighted in fact.

Clinton’s hard-line stance regarding Russia was/is a worry although I’m finding it hard to estimate how much of it is hyperbole. Certainly continued drone strikes, certainly Wall St pulling the strings. Trump may well do all of these things and more; though I had hoped he might have more passion for business than war. Of course these days war is business.

You have been seriously missed. It’s just tragic what is happening. Please stay. Get rid of the pissants from commenting. Get a book recommendation going. I am addicted to Robert Fisk because of you.
Let us contribute financially to this blog.

My original reply seems to have gone astray. However,……

I’d worry about her attitude, re Russia.
Certainly a continuation of drone strikes.
Certainly Wall St pulling the strings

I had hoped, in a fleeting kind of way, Trump would display a greater passion for business than for war. Although of course; war is business these days.

Welcome back Bock. I missed you. I’m sorry you’re posting due to this unfolding nightmare. Hope you are in good health.

great to see you back! so we could say trump has achieved something positive in his first 100 days

Welcome back Bock.

I am just returning from a work meeting in Charlotte with a very diverse group. German, Irish, Scottish, Mexican, American etc. During dinner one evening, myself and a Scottish lad were taking the piss out of the Germans for providing America with Drumph. When one of the Americans, who is an emigrant with a Brazilian wife, made the statement that at least ye (white Europeans) were good immigrants, was when I realized the country has no hope. If a middle class emigrant believes the nonsense spouted by Trump and co. what hope does a working class white male who has never left his home town have?

Meh. Trump bashing. Sick to death of it. Give him a chance. Obama was a disaster on every front imaginable. Killary thought he was wonderful. Predictable neo-fintan o’toolebox vitriol here. I’m out.

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