Trump: number of days without craziness, zero.

El Trumpo is behaving like some tequila-crazed pistolero on the El Paso borderline

We need a new name for the President of the United States of America, Donald Trump.

After all, we can’t keep calling him That Idiot, That Clown or the Tangerine Tosser, but luckily Donald has provided the answer with his threat to invade Mexico.

Yes. That’s correct.


El Trumpo Grande is going to invade Mexico unless they deal with their, wait for it, bad hombres.

Let’s pause for a moment to reflect on that.

All right then. Let’s not pause. Instead, let’s reflect on a world dominated by such a self-absorbed, inadequate man.

Anyone who has been a parent will understand the early years of a baby. Anyone who has raised children will tell you what a horror it is to look after a helpless creature with no understanding of anything apart from its own immature needs and demands.

Well guess what. We’re all Trump’s parents as this seventy-year-old toddler screams and kicks its feet in the air unless it gets what it wants.

Trumples attended the annual National Prayer Breakfast, an event attended by every American president for the last forty years. 

Let us set aside for a moment our views about the National Prayer Breakfast.

Hush, I say to you. Stay your hand just this once. Say nothing. In America there is a thing they call the National Prayer Breakfast and let it be so. Just let it be. That’s America.

All presidents until now have delivered a sober and worthy address at the National Prayer Breakfast. All presidents, that is, apart from the Trumplet, who used the opportunity to boast about his Celebrity Apprentice ratings and to mock Arnie Schwarzenneger.

That’s how classy the 45th President of the United States is.

El Trumpo has also threatened to attack Iran and has hung up the phone on the Australian prime minister.

In other words, el Trumpo is behaving like some tequila-crazed pistolero on the El Paso borderline.

Send for the Federales quick, before this hombre loco shoots somebody.

5 thoughts on “Trump: number of days without craziness, zero.

  1. Indeed and now he is threatening to do away with the notion of separating church and state. This comes at the National Prayer Breakfast, I assume because all the evangelicals there told him he is great.

    The National Prayer Breakfast is *not* ok. It’s a “prayer breakfast” mostly for the most extreme Christians, the ones like Tony Perkins and Mat Staver and Scott Lively who believe that all LGBT rights should be done away with, that abortion should be banned with no exceptions and (in the case of Lively and Kevin Swanson) that gay people should literally be put to death.

    The U.S. was a great country but that orange cunt is killing it quickly. Please god Canada will invade to save the majority decent people.

    Then there’s the move on making guns easier to get so “poor people can protect their families.” Yup, that’s just what American needs.

    Welcome back Bock…

  2. What to make of the headline he was engaging in lewd behaviour with a hooker in a Moscow hotel.

    What else are you supposed to do with Bolshevik on the game?

    Read her some Chekov?

    “A litter light Dostoevsky, Nikita Big Tits?”

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