Donald Trump’s behaviour is that of a closet alcoholic.

Much has been made of President Donald Trump’s aversion to alcohol and yet his behaviour is that of a man who drinks heavily at night, alone.

His tweets speak of it. His rages speak of it. His tantrums speak of it.

Trump behaves exactly like a man with a serious alcohol dependency, despite his very public claim to be a life-long teetotaller.

What are we to make of this?

Anyone who drinks, anyone who has been drunk, knows what it is to go on social media and say something utterly stupid, something so cringe-inducing you want to jump around like Basil Fawlty with your head tucked between your knees. Aaarrrggghhh!!!

But what if you don’t possess the ability to be embarrassed?

What if you have the sort of character that is incapable of shame?

And what if you happen to be a pathological liar?

In addition, what if, much to your surprise, you happen to have become President of the USA?

You find yourself in the chocolate factory and you can do whatever you want, or at least, that’s what you think.

What would you do if you were a pathological liar with no sense of shame, no sense of dignity and with a serious reliance on alcohol?

What would you do if your chief strategist and personal Svengali also happened to be a heavy drinker?

I suppose you’d claim to be a teetotaler.

I suppose you’d sit up all night surfing the internet and tweeting insane accusations at imaginary enemies.

I suppose you’d be Donald Trump.

13 thoughts on “Donald Trump’s behaviour is that of a closet alcoholic.

  1. That’s one of the most pathetic & ignorant loads of bollocks I’ve ever read. 30 seconds I’ll never get back. Idiot.

  2. He always sniffs loudly before a lie. tonight when he spoke of his brother he sniffed loudly before professing he never had a drink.

  3. Funny but I would have thought more people would have come to this conclusion. I see it clear as day. He starts work around 11 and finishes around 5. I am sure someone could corroborate that they smell it on his breath. I read he put a lock on his door. Definitely alcoholic. Just look st his face.

  4. Yes he is an alcoholic from the looks of it. Fat belly, swollen eyes, boisterous, binging onTwitter, grandiose, never reflective, blames everyone else for anything, no discipline, and a big crashing bore at the end of it all. He has an awful lot in common with Kavanaugh.

  5. I have many alcoholic males in my family; father, father-in-law and uncles. They all share with Trump his nasty, mocking, repetitive, belligerent, grandiose way of talking when they are drunk. They self-aggrandize, have an exaggerated sense of their accomplishments and enjoy belittling others. They ignore reality, deny their mistakes, blame others for everything that goes wrong and take undeserved credit for other’s achievements. I will NEVER be convinced that Trump is a tee-totaler. He’s a classic example of a marginally functional chronic drunk.

  6. I have to agree with you, Adele. I see the same thing in my family members. Grandiose, thinking he is superior because of his race, infantile, selfish, cheating on wives, chronic lying, and all the other things you have said. He sure acts like an alcoholic.

  7. All the signs have always been there: the slurred speech, the belligerence, his walk, the bursted capillaries in his face (Google pictures of him up close WITHOUT makeup . . . ugh). He’s lied about EVERYTHING else in his life and we all know it, but we’ve been willing to suspend our disbelief on the claim that he’s actually a teetotaller because he’s told us so???

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