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Jimmy Savile BBC report parallels with Catholic church scandals

Janet Smith’s report on Jimmy Savile has found no evidence that senior managers knew of his crimes.

Of course, this is not the same as saying they didn’t know, only that they left no trail leading back to themselves, but it’s still enough to give the BBC some comfort. Today’s senior managers must be chortling over their port and stilton at their decision to pay only £1 million to Saville’s victims while reserving £6.5 million for the lawyers who operated the inquiry. Money well spent.

By a simple process of reductio ad absurdum, we can reason as follows. If senior managers really didn’t know what Jimmy Savile was up to then the BBC was run by the most incompetent buffoons in the history of broadcasting. But of course the BBC is probably the best operation of its kind in the world. Ergo, it was not run by fools and therefore yes, of course they bloody-well knew, just as the Catholic bishops knew.

They all knew.

Everyone, inside the BBC and outside was well aware of Savile’s proclivities. Everyone from the janitor to the Director-General must have had at least an inkling that a violent sexual predator was at large on their many premises. A rapist with untrammelled access to vulnerable young people, facilitated by a culture of deference very similar indeed to the obsequious forelock-tugging once enjoyed by Catholic priests in Ireland.

The parallels with the Catholic church are astonishing both in the way the BBC allowed the abuser to continue for so long, and also in the way the establishment has prioritised its own survival over the rights of the victims and the demands of natural justice.

Imagine having an inquiry that is not allowed to compel senior managers to give evidence. What is the point of such an inquiry? What precisely is the difference between the aloof distance of these functionaries and the haughty disdain of the Roman Catholic bishops when first confronted with the reality of what their priests had been up to? Remember Cardinal Cathal Daly’s flaccid defence that he had no authority over Brendan Smyth and therefore no right to intervene.

Of course, Janet Smith’s report isn’t entirely without merit. One thing that comes out very clearly is the amount of fear that existed in the BBC. Fear of angering an abuser so well established he had the power to destroy people’s careers. Fear of disturbing the equilibrium of the princes of the BBC church. Fear of being disbelieved. Fear, perhaps, of physical assault by Savile who in his younger days was not only a rapist and a psychopath but also a violent thug. Fear of being charged by the very police Savile had in his pocket.

Calling the report a whitewash, a lawyer representing 168 of Savile’s victims pointed out that the BBC bishops only had to scratch at the surface to find out the truth. Savile attacked children from 10 years of age in every single BBC building he visited. Many well-known presenters including Terry Wogan and Esther Rantzen reported their concerns but BBC bosses did nothing because they had no hard evidence, thus violating one of the fundamental rules of child protection. They applied a legalistic standard of proof, just as the Catholic bishops did, instead of intervening to protect the children by severing all relations with Savile.

Just like the bishops, the BBC placed children in danger.

The obvious question is still unanswered. Was Jimmy Savile part of a paedophile ring in the BBC? Were other members of such a ring protecting him? Do members of any such ring still remain in senior BBC positions?

The BBC needs to learn from the experience of the Irish Catholic church, whose credibility has been utterly demolished by its evasions, its failures to confront the truth but most importantly its assumption that people are fools. If they had any sense, they would immediately appoint an independent person to examine all of their operations because if they don’t, this thing will continue to haunt them. All they need to is phone the Archbishop of Dublin if they want to know the dismal truth.




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HSE foster home scandal


It takes a lot to silence a parliament and frankly it takes a lot to silence me, but this story about the foster home in the South-East leaves us all speechless.

The Health Board, as it was in those days, knew that children were being abused in a foster home. They knew that somebody in that house was in the habit of violently assaulting children entrusted to the care of that house and therefore they stopped sending children there. They knew that people were being raped there. Raped! And yet, for another thirteen years, they knowingly continued to place “Grace” in the power of this rapist. Not only that, but they sent Grace’s money to this rapist.

They subsequently refused to acknowledge their negligence and failed even to recognise that the victim or the victim’s family might deserve an apology.

They even contrived to lie to a parliamentary investigation.

They consigned a vulnerable woman to years of rape by a violent pervert, even though they knew the house was a threat to her safety.

They allowed unspeakable things to happen. Things so violent that they will shorten the woman’s life.

They facilitated the vile career of a violent rapist by their supine attitude.

It’s the Irish equivalent of the Fred West story and yet, if news reports are to be believed, all of these functionaries still hold their jobs and still deal with vulnerable children.

As I said, it takes a lot to silence a parliament, but that’s what happened today when our national assembly took a day out of its calendar so that the Director general of the HSE could address the Public Accounts Committee. It was one of those days when we might take some pride in our democracy. A day when all of us, no matter of what political stripe, united in our horror at the things that took place in this foster home.

Tomorrow, our prime minister will announce the dissolution of the current parliament, but we can hope that his final act might be to announce an inquiry into the things that caused this horror. And then perhaps we might be able to study the official mindset that allows such things to happen. But for a change, perhaps we will also see an investigation and maybe even some civil servants going to jail.

Somebody needs to be jailed for this dreadful thing.

Is there any difference between the HSE abandoning Grace to the control of a rapist and the Magdalene scandal?




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Giving birth reduces trauma of rape, says farmer on Vincent Browne show

vincent browne rape abortion

I’m just going to leave this here without comment. A farmer on the Vincent Browne show, opposing abortion, explains to women that giving birth reduces trauma of rape. There really is no need to say anything more about this. I suppose it’s what a lifetime thinking of women as heifers reduces a man to.




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Former Cardinal Sean Brady still minimising role in Brendan Smyth sex abuse scandal

You have to hand it to these old bishops — they don’t give up easily.  Even when faced with facts of the most appalling starkness, they always keep a little in reserve against the awful day when they might be asked an even harder question.

And so it is with Seán Brady, formerly known as Cardinal Seán Brady and before that known as Father John Brady, a canon lawyer who interviewed (or in his own terminology, interrogated) a boy who had been raped by Brendan Smyth.

Previously, Brady claimed, and continues to claim, that he was only a minor actor in the process whereby a young boy was sexually abused yet again by Brady and his fellow clerics who asked the child a series of invasive questions that must have traumatised him beyond words.

Following the interrogation, as Brady described it, he swore the child to secrecy, while the child’s father was kept outside the room.  Demonstrating an unerring ability to avoid reality, Brady ventured that it was wrong to exclude the child’s father from the interrogation when in fact the truth is that it was wrong to hold such an interrogation in the first place instead of calling the police and telling them about the abuse.

This he did not do, and neither did his fellow clerics.  His bishop didn’t do it and Smyth’s superior in Kilnacrott Abbey didn’t do it.  In fact, his superior did nothing at all and neither did the bishop, apart from a temporary ban on Smyth hearing confessions.

Brady today admitted to the Historical Abuse Inquiry that the only purpose of the interrogation was to see how the priest could be rehabilitated, and that there was no awareness of the needs of the child, which of course is utter nonsense, since the entire country knew, and had always known, that child abuse is a crime.

Brady was 35 years old at the time and a canon lawyer, which was a rare enough thing.   He was no mere note-taker as he proved when he went on to interrogate other children on his own to verify the complaints against Smyth.

Brady also swore these children to secrecy.

As a result of Brady’s inaction, along with the indifference of his fellow clergy, Brendan Smyth went on to rape children for a further two decades.

Brady speaks the truth when he says that there was a shroud of secrecy with a view not to destroying the good name of the church, and yet he and his fellow clerics dictated to the Irish people since time out of mind what sort of sexual activity was acceptable and what was not.  As recently as last March, Brady’s successor as Archbishop of Armagh stated that that  gay people who have children are not necessarily parents.  Only last month, Eamon Martin attempted to tell the Irish people how to vote in the marriage equality referendum, and in return, received a gigantic two fingers from the electorate.

In general though, apart from one or two outbursts, the bishops remained circumspect, leaving a few fringe groups of fanatical religious ideologues like the Iona Institute and Mothers & Fathers Matter to make the futile political running.

Brendan Smyth didn’t cause this collapse in respect for the Catholic bishops.  They brought it on themselves by their inaction in dealing with sexual abuse and their arrogance in continuing to lecture grown adults about sexual morality in a country that had moved on and left them behind on their moral atoll, like the last Japanese soldiers in the Pacific.

As a result, the Catholic hierarchy in Ireland are now reduced to impotent bystanders, while their role as spokesmen for the orthodoxy has been reduced to half a dozen dysfunctional religious lunatics ranting on Twitter.

How are the mighty fallen, and the weapons of war perished!


Seán Brady and the Brendan Smyth Sexual Abuse Cover-Up

Cardinal Seán Brady’s Apology

Civil Partnership — Cardinal Brady Makes A Fool Of Himself Again




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Rape Crisis Network Ireland : Tusla funding cuts reinforce the culture of silence

Ingrid Wallace is a senior therapist at Rape Crisis Midwest.


It’s so easy to silence a child.

If you tell, I’ll kill your cat.  I’ll kill your dog.  I’ll kill your rabbit.

If you tell, no one will believe you.

If you tell, I’ll hurt you really badly.

If you tell, I’ll be taken away and everyone will blame you.

If you DON’T tell, I’ll give you sweets. Cigarettes. Money.

This is our special secret.

Survivors of child sexual abuse learn early to keep their mouths shut and Tusla’s decision to withdraw funding from the Rape Crisis Network Ireland (RCNI) reinforces that message of silence and secrecy.

rape crisis network ireland silence

As a therapist in a Rape Crisis Centre for over twenty five years I also know that for every single person who comes through our doors there are at least four others who will never engage with any service.

They are the invisible survivors. The men and women who are silent, and silenced, about their experiences of rape and sexual abuse.

The RCNI is the representative body for Rape Crisis Centres in Ireland. An organisation of thirty years’ standing, it has amassed priceless data and expertise in the area of sexual violence. It has brought the collective voice of sexual violence survivors to every possible forum and demanded accountability on their behalf. It has tirelessly campaigned for legislative change, social change, adequate funding for Rape Crisis Centres and it has influenced national policy.

In short, the RCNI is a strong, political voice for survivors.

Perhaps that’s why it too is being silenced.

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The Many Victims of Graham Dwyer

Graham Dwyer has been convicted of murder, confirming what everyone in Ireland, including the trial judge, knew.  The only doubt was this: would the circumstantial evidence be enough to prove beyond reasonable doubt that he had murdered Elaine O’Hara?

graham dwyer

As it turned out, the prosecution did more than enough to convince the jury, who wasted no time in finding Dwyer guilty of this filthy crime.  Given the appalling evidence presented to the jury, it was to their credit that they didn’t  immediately convict him solely on the grounds of his utter personal vileness.  They didn’t succumb to that temptation.  Instead, they retired and considered the evidence for almost a week, occasionally asking for clarification before finally returning to pronounce him a murderer.

The jury had no scope to convict him of being a pervert, a sadist, a deviant or a psychopath, and that’s just as well, since these labels tell us nothing about the urges that motivated Graham Dwyer.

They tell us nothing about a charming, talented young man who was sacked from at least one architectural practice for destroying the desk of a colleague he’d provoked a row with in the pub.

They tell us nothing about the man from a humble background in Bandon who was so obsessed with his status and his diminutive stature that he hacked the  computer system of an employer to find out how much his colleagues were being paid.

They tell us nothing about the popular, guitar-playing architectural student, liked by women but who preferred to target vulnerable girls with low self-esteem.

Graham Dwyer isn’t suffering from some syndrome.  He doesn’t have a psychiatric condition.   He has no mental illness.  Graham Dwyer is simply bad, all the way to the bone.  This is one evil man and that’s all there is to be said about him.

Sadly, Graham Dwyer has left a string of victims behind him, including, but not confined to, the mother of his first child, who provided the court with horrifying evidence of his desire to stab women during sex.

Including, but not confined to, his wife and his children, who have obviously decided that he’s already dead, ignoring him in court as they gave evidence against him.

Including, but not confined to the family that raised him in Bandon.

We don”t know who else Graham Dwyer has hurt in the course of his violence-obsessed life, but it’s safe to assume that his proclivities didn’t suddenly appear on his fortieth birthday, or his thirtieth or his twentieth.

This is an evil man.  There’s no other way to describe him.

He’s not disordered.  He doesn’t have a psychiatric condition.

He’s simply evil. This evil man enjoys violence against women and when the evil urge overtakes him, he has no control of himself.

It seems clear that the murder of Elaine O’Hara can’t be  Graham Dwyer’s first foray into that horrible world of sadism, so the question now arises, what other murders and disappearances should be re-examined to see if this pervert had some involvement.

Sadly, Dwyer compounded the hurt in the statement he issued after conviction, in which he appears to imply that his children are not his family.  His lawyers, who facilitated this statement, appear to have little difficulty with this.

I wish to take this opportunity to formally thank my legal team, my solicitor Jonathan Dunphy, senior counsel Remy Farrell, barristers Ronan Kennedy and Kate McCormack, for their work and dedication since 2013.
I also wish to thank my family, friends and colleagues for the continued unwavering support throughout this period.
To the members of the media, I am grateful for the privacy you have afforded both my family and people close to me during the trial.
I now respectfully ask that you continue to respect their privacy and I confirm that there will be no further comment by my family or myself concerning this case whatsoever.
Thank you,
Graham Dwyer.


By contrast, this statement released by his estranged wife, Gemma, shows concern and compassion for Dwyer’s victim.

Gemma Dwyer and her immediate family have noted the proceedings of the court and its guilty verdict today.Their thoughts and condolences are with the O’Hara family for the grief and pain they are suffering.
In the interests of maintaining privacy, and in particular to protect the interests of her children, Gemma Dwyer and members of her immediate family – parents, siblings and children – will not be making any further comment now, or in the future, on the case.
The family would request that the media and members of the public respect their privacy in any further reporting or commentary, particularly with regard to the need to protect their children from any intrusion into their lives.
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Graham Dwyer Murder Trial — Lessons to be Learned

The details emerging in the Graham Dwyer murder trial are some of the most disturbing I’ve ever come across, but that’s not because I find the gruesome details shocking.  I’ve encountered some terrible things in the course of my life, including violent death from many causes.

I find the details shocking because the case has exposed a whole sub-culture, a world of people obsessed with inflicting and suffering pain.  A world where some people think of themselves as gods, while others view themselves as worthless objects to be abused and disposed of.

Innocent or guilty of Elaine O’Hara’s murder, this is the world Graham Dwyer immersed himself in, to the extent that his corporeal existence as a partner in the architectural firm Wejcherts seems to have become the fantasy side of his life rather than the reality.  If the evidence is to be believed, Dwyer plunged into the darkness of a world where pain is the only reality, the only currency worth possessing.  The fictional stories found on his external drives detail fantasies of abduction, torture and murder, but what’s deeply disturbing is that these files were kept on the same drive as pictures of family occasions and even a scan of his child in utero, as if they were just another normal part of human existence.

No wonder Graham Dwyer kept his head in his hands as these details were read out to a court cleared of the public by Judge Tony Hunt, though in truth, the judge might as well not have bothered, since we’re already hardened to the brutality of modern life.

On the other side of this equation, Graham Dwyer seemed to find common cause with people who wished to be harmed, humiliated and ultimately murdered.  And he seemed to make contact with them easily enough on the internet where people exist who have such a low opinion of themselves that they consider themselves worthy of nothing better than torture followed by murder.

Out there are people who will gladly offer themselves up for such treatment, and not all of them are women.  In 2001, Armin Meiwes posted an advertisement on  Cannibal Cafe  for “a well-built 18- to 30-year-old to be killed and eaten.”   Bernd Brandes replied to the ad, and together they tried to eat Brandes before he died of his injuries.  There was no coercion involved.  Brandes wanted to be killed and eaten.  Some very strange people inhabit the world of pain and humiliation.

When I was growing up, I knew a young lad who took great enjoyment from inflicting pain on small animals.  I don’t know where that impulse came from, but the last I heard he was a school principal somewhere.

How can anyone understand such a thing?  I can’t and neither, in all likelihood, can you.

But the fact is that the world is full of sadistic people and most of them will never kill or even inflict a tiny cut on another human being.  For every gross murder that grabs the headlines, a dozen dysfunctional sadists in business inflict unnecessary pain on a vulnerable colleague, a dozen nasty-minded care professionals humiliate some old person, a dozen power-maddened policemen  force an innocent passer-by to the ground, a dozen direct-provision hostel owners bark instructions at a desperate refugee from torture in a foreign country and a dozen petty Social Welfare officials humiliate some unemployed dole-applicant queueing at a hatch.

Maybe we should ask ourselves if the Graham Dwyer case simply reveals the extreme end of deeply-ingrained human tendency.


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Rape Victim Force-Fed and Cut Open in Ireland

That’s right.  I’ll say it again.

Rape Victim Force-Fed and Cut Open in Ireland

A woman who had been raped looked for an abortion when she discovered at eight weeks that she was pregnant.

Under our new compassionate law, following the horrifying death of Savita Halappanavar, the woman was entitled to seek an abortion if she was pregnant and suicidal, but this is Ireland, the most moral country in Europe, and therefore it’s not that simple.

Instead of acting on the issue immediately, the medical experts who have legal jurisdiction over her body made the woman wait a further four months, until the foetus became viable.  An Irish solution to an Irish problem, as that vile old cynic, Charlie Haughey, once intoned.

When the pregnant rape-victim went on hunger strike, they force fed her.

They then anaesthetised her, cut her open and delivered the now-viable six-month-old baby.

None of this happened in Pakistan.   This happened in a country that claims to be a modern, secular, western European democracy.

Welcome to Ireland, the world’s most moral country.

If you happen to be a rape victim, here’s my advice.  Get out of this little Caliphate as fast as you can before the men in the white coats come for you and force you to bear your rapist’s child, whether you want to or not.


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Max Clifford Convicted of Sex Assaults

When my children were small, I always took the view that I’d do time if anyone laid a hand on them and I haven’t changed my attitude to that. I would kill anyone who hurt my children. However, that’s just my personal view, and such an emotional sense of retribution should never form the basis for the law of the land, even when it comes to people like Max Clifford, now exposed as an utter slimeball, convicted on eight counts of sexually assaulting young girls.

Max Clifford OJ Simpson

The man who ran the PR spin for OJ Simpson, David Mellor and Sven-Goran Eriksson turns out to be a horrible, manipulative, controlling creep who groomed young girls as young as 15 with promises of stardom. Imagine that. Who knew?

I don’t want to repeat the details of Clifford’s behaviour, because the more I read of it the more homicidal I feel, and that’s not good for the blood pressure of a man my age. At least 20% of my readers would be disappointed if Bock departed this life as a result due to a Clifford-induced raging fury so I’ll say no more, apart from this.

It’s true that we can’t be condemning people on the basis of simplistic, pre-digested insults, but Max Clifford is a despicable piece of shit. He used young kids for his sexual gratification and that’s something for which there is no excuse. He promised them stardom. Sometimes, he phoned them using fake accents pretending to be Stephen Spielberg, Cubby Broccoli and Michael Winner, promising them parts in movies.

What right-thinking father would not, at the very least, feel the urge to punch this man in the face? I know it’s the caveman in all of us, and I know it can’t be done because it’s illegal, but unfortunately, with our new, touchy-feely approach to sex offenders, they can’t even be put in a normal prison with what we used to call ordinary decent criminals who take a dim view of sex abusers. Instead, they’re housed with other abusers in low-security wings where they can remind each other how hard the world has been on them.

I’m probably old-fashioned on this one, and for that you’ll have to forgive me. That’s how I feel. Normal service will resume tomorrow with further attacks on the system but I’m afraid, when it comes to kiddy-fiddlers, I’m with General Franco, Mussolini, Thatcher, China and the Taliban.

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Lostprophets Ian Watkins Jailed for 35 Years for Abusing Children

I’m struggling to understand many things about the Ian Watkins case.

lostprophets ian watkins paedophile child abuser

First, I struggle to understand why there isn’t a law that provides for the instant castration of anyone who rapes anyone.

Second, I struggle to understand why there isn’t a law requiring the instant extermination of anyone who sexually molests a young child.

Thirdly, I fail to see why there’s not a law requiring horrible torture of any pervert who rapes a baby.

And yet, all that Ian Watkins got was a 35-year sentence.

This pervert has been raping babies all over Europe.  Babies.  This piece of shit has been violating babies.  Can you even begin to imagine that?  Babies.  What the fuck is that?  Babies?

There’s something even more disturbing about the case though. Two mothers were sentenced along with Watkins for facilitating his rape of their babies.


What is wrong with these people?  What exactly is missing from their DNA?  Two mothers agreed to let a sex offender abuse their babies.  Can you process that statement?  Can you make sense of it?  I can’t.

You know what?  Maybe there are circumstances in the background of Ian Watkins that predisposed him to abuse children, but I don’t really care.  As far as I’m concerned, the 35-year sentence he received is all very well, but really what he needs is a bullet in the back of the head to make sure no other child is ever in danger from him.

You think that’s extreme?  Well, maybe, but it’s in response to a fairly extreme crime.

Raping a baby?  For fucksake, just shoot the prick now and get it over with.