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The Limerick Post and anti-immigrant scaremongering

For those who never heard of the Limerick Post (and that would include everyone who doesn’t live in Limerick), let me explain what it is.

The Post is a free sheet, pushed through every letterbox. It earns its crust by advertising, and to that extent it performs a useful service, especially for the dwindling number of readers who can’t use a computer. You can find out where to buy garden furniture, how to sign up for a course and what’s on in those music venues that paid for an ad.

Limerick Post

You can look up who died and when they’ll be buried.  You can read quasi-articles about anti-wrinkle injectables and fashion-show extravaganza fundraisers.

All par for the course in a small organ aimed at a smallish city. It’s good. That’s the service free ad sheets offer.

But sometimes, such publications start to get ideas about themselves. Sometimes a free advertising sheet can start to think of itself as a real newspaper and before you know where you are, it starts to take itself seriously.

That’s where the trouble starts.

This week the Limerick Post ran an editorial defending an article it published in the previous issue, and it seems logical to start there, since anyone reading it might easily form the impression that the Limerick Post was under attack.

The article is titled

[dropshadowbox]Limerick Post defends immigrant worker against attack by human rights group.[/dropshadowbox]

Now, it’s rare that we can’t get beyond the headline before starting the analysis, but the Limerick Post has given us this opportunity.

Nobody was attacked.

The human rights group Doras Luimní took issue with statements attributed to an anonymous individual quoted in the earlier Post article. That’s all. Since the Post was unwilling to identify the source of the inflammatory statements they published, Doras Luimní, even if they wished to do so, were not in a position to attack anyone.

Clearly, somebody with influence in the free sheet doesn’t like being contradicted, and in an extraordinarily Trump-like hissy fit, chose to present criticism as an attack. I think we can see where this is going. The opening sentence of the editorial sets out the sheet’s position on the matter:

[dropshadowbox]The Limerick Post newspaper has accused a local human rights group of trying to silence the dissenting voice of a vulnerable immigrant worker and stifle the right to free editorial expression.[/dropshadowbox]

There you have it. Free editorial expression. Translate that into English and you see an outraged, red-faced bully kicking toys out of the pram. And again, if the bully behind those words understood what they were talking about, of course they would understand that free editorial expression does not include the freedom to promote vile inaccuracies and generalisations. Perhaps it would be better to report births, deaths and marriages and leave it at that.

Of course, the hubris doesn’t end there.

[dropshadowbox]… as the biggest circulating newspaper in the Mid West, it had an unparalleled reputation for promoting racial equality and integration in the region.[/dropshadowbox]

Translated into English, this means …

Well, actually this means absolutely nothing. This is simply huffing and puffing. A capable sub-editor would have been able to point this out, but of course, in the times we live in, professionals are expensive.

The real meat of the editorial comes in the following shifty paragraph:

[dropshadowbox]We stand by our report in last week’s edition in which we gave voice to an immigrant worker in a Limerick direct provision centre who expressed his concerns about increased radicalisation among young men in the centre. He claimed that staff were subjected to physical attacks and mental abuse by gangs of radical young Muslim men.[/dropshadowbox]

Of course, this isn’t what was complained about at all, as we’ll see shortly.

What the Post actually reported had little to do with conditions in the asylum centre. What they actually reported was this anonymous character’s uncorroborated opinions about immigrants in general. What the Limerick Post printed was, in reality, a shabby ill-researched pastiche of a standard Daily Mail article, recast to suit consumers of a free advertising sheet.

The current editorial is a classic example of the techniques used by schoolyard bullies for generations when confronted with their own actions.

Deny. Deny. Deny.

I have no idea who the person is behind that editorial, but the attitude is certainly that of the overbearing schoolyard bully who can’t cope with being confronted. And of course, the classic behaviour of confronted bullies is to present themselves as the victims:

[dropshadowbox]We abhor efforts by Doras Luimni to try to silence the dissenting voice of a vulnerable immigrant worker and their attempts to stifle editorial expression by the Limerick Post. We will spare no effort to defend our commercial and reputational interests in the face of an orchestrated social media campaign that is designed to stifle the very concept of freedom of the press.[/dropshadowbox]

There you have it.  An organisation that defends immigrants is oppressing them, and the Limerick Post is the victim of an orchestrated social media campaign. What grade of self-pity is that? What level of paranoia, or perhaps arrogance, could prompt such a pathetic statement?

Moving on, let’s take a look at the original Limerick Post article that caused such distress.

It opens as follows:

[dropshadowbox]A man working in a Limerick refugee centre claims that staff have been subjected to physical attacks and mental abuse by individuals and gangs of radical Muslim men living in the centre.[/dropshadowbox]

Well and good. So far, the article is all about the asylum centre, even though the individual is not identified. Naturally, nobody would expect him to be identified, given the sensitivity of the subject, but the article also fails to provide a corroborating source for any of the quotes that follow. We are invited to accept that a series of statements by an anonymous individual, without supporting evidence, is true.

The man, described as of Middle Eastern origin, yet oddly assigned the pseudonym Ivan, has much to say. He has lived in Ireland for ten years and apparently approached the Limerick Post which no doubt he saw as a far more powerful organ than the Indo, the Irish Times, the Mirror or even the Leader.

In typical Middle-Eastern language, Ivan described what he saw as a worsening situation.

[dropshadowbox]I have dealt with these people personally and have had a lot of conversations with them in relation to their personal life, social life and religious beliefs. In some of them I have found a worrying level of extremism, bordering on hatred, which could potentially manifest in some sort of devastating way, as their numbers will continue to rise.[/dropshadowbox]

A Middle-Eastern man who sounds exactly like Nigel Farage is a remarkable thing.

I don’t have a problem with their religion or the background they come from, but we need to face facts, Ivan adds, which hardly comes as a shock since Ivan presumably has the same religion and background. On the other hand, of course, maybe it isn’t so surprising for a man whose language patterns have morphed so drastically from Arabic to tabloid-speak.

Moving on. It’s at this point that the Limerick Post segues from the particular to the general. Now we’re reading about things that Ivan the Arab can’t possibly know.

[dropshadowbox]There are cheaters in the direct provisional system getting protection and privileges that they don’t deserve and that should be a big concern. Obviously not everyone who has immigrated to Ireland can be painted with the same brush, but we must be careful of the wolves among the sheep.[/dropshadowbox]

This is a statement so crass that it hardly counts as journalism. Of course there are cheaters. Where there are human beings there is cheating. No Pulitzer Prize for the person who wrote this article.

This is where the Limerick Post goes into full Identity Ireland mode.

[dropshadowbox]‘Ivan’ claims all direct provisional centres in Limerick are full, and in some cases beyond capacity, as a result of the EU migrant crisis and the new immigration policy in the UK.[/dropshadowbox]


This is simply untrue.

Ireland has taken almost nobody in as a result of the migrant crisis. This is plain, old-fashioned scaremongering and the Limerick Post knows it, which is why they are now engaged in such pompous, self-pitying huff and puff. Bullies hate it when they’re caught out.

[dropshadowbox]I have come to understand that the goings on in direct provisional centres are quite different from what mass media and the non-governmental organisations (NGOs) are reporting. Radical minded economic migrants, who are mostly students and workers, have filled up a large number of vacancies within the direct provisional system”.

‘Ivan’ says that many have breached their UK visa conditions and taken advantage of the open border from Northern Ireland.[/dropshadowbox]

Ivan knows no such thing.

Ivan, if he exists at all, is a worker in a single centre in Limerick.

This is guff printed by the Limerick Post because it sounds good, and sadly, it’s dangerous guff. Dangerous, ignorant nonsense that gives comfort to the racist extremists among us.

Ivan, apparently, has access to people’s medical records: I have come across people who visit GP’s for silly things such as blisters around their nails, and take advantage of what I believe is a system with many flaws.

Ivan, who of course doesn’t speak anything like a Daily Mail reporter said:

[dropshadowbox]… the Department of Justice is aware that many migrants who cheat the system in Ireland have arrived from the UK.

Why haven’t they taken any measures to deport them back to the country where they first came from? A ‘no nonsense’ stance from the Irish government will see the people who need asylum the most afforded the opportunity.[/dropshadowbox]

A no-nonsense stance. Isn’t that exactly what you’d expect an Arab asylum worker to demand? Of course it is.

Not to mention a right-wing rabble-rousing free rag with a bullying mentality and an inability to deal with criticism.

Ivan the imaginary Arab.

We await with interest the outcome of Doras Luimní’s complaint to an Garda Síochána.



Limerick  Leader: “Far-right resonance”

Irish Refugee Council


Corruption Politics

County councillors expose absence of civic solidarity

Go on. Admit it. You thought county councillors couldn’t be bigger gobshites, didn’t you? Of course you did. With all the tribunals and all the inquiries, did you really think we were finally cleaning up our act? Did you think we finally had civic solidarity? Fool. I don’t know who’s the bigger gobshite, you or those councillors with their noses so deep in the trough they didn’t even notice there was a financial crisis in the country.

civic solidarity monaghan councillor Hugh McElvaney

And yet, it should come as no surprise that gobshite councillors exist like the ones recorded in the RTE Investigates programme. Isn’t it part of what we are? Aren’t we the great ones for the nod and the wink? Don’t we just love the stroke, the fast one, the clever little deal?

Doesn’t it run right through our society from fixing a drink-driving summons to selling out a gas field for a suitcase of cash? Didn’t we have Haughey? Didn’t we have a finance minister with no bank account? Didn’t we have Saint Dev, who conned his loyal supporters in the States and ending up owning a newspaper, leaving the investors with worthless shares? Didn’t we have one of the biggest crooks in history, Joe McGrath, with his Sweepstakes fraud?

The fact is, we don’t mean what we say. We’re very quick to make the grand statement and usually the bluster works, but that’s all it is: bluster. We are nation of bullshitters.

Our inner gobshite is strong.

Perhaps the most monumental example of bullshit in recent times was Brian Lenihan’s absurd pledge to back all Irish banks to the tune of four hundred billion euros, a claim that was instantly dismissed as nonsense by the hard-nosed market traders. But this sort of bluster isn’t a million miles removed from the huff and puff of gobshite Monaghan Fine Gael councillor Hughie McElvaney who claimed he was luring RTE into his trap by demanding bribes. And what is the point in common? Simple: they think people are fools. Never underestimate the arrogance of the mediocre man and never forget that we elect these clowns.

We get what we deserve and it seems the Irish don’t want incorruptible politicians. What we want is public representatives who will be incorruptible until we need them to bend the rules at the expense of our fellow citizens. It might have become a truism that all politics is local, but in Ireland the truism finds its finest incarnation. Despite all our nationalist rhetoric, we’re not even a collection of cantons but a loose accretion of parishes masquerading as a modern democratic state. Civic solidarity? Bah!

We used to congratulate ourselves on punching above our weight, when in fact all we ever did was talk more nonsense than the next guy, and eventually that rebounded as we drained down our reserves of credibility in Europe and further afield. They never met bullshitters like us before, but eventually they saw through us and next time around, credibility will be hard-won.

If you want to know the reality of Ireland, here it is. We’re very happy to pass laws. Passing laws is cheap. If you paid us enough we’d pass new laws of physics. What we don’t do is enforce them, because when it all comes down to dust, we don’t want to.

That would cost money.

Better to just maintain the illusion of honesty and hope for the best.




Rosanna Davison blocks everyone who disagrees with fake-science gluten-free health claims

Anyone who’s been following this site for the last ten years (almost) will know that ad hominem attacks are not entertained.  If I disagree with you, I’ll argue on the basis of what you said, not who you are, and the same standard is expected of anyone who comments on the site, which has led to some fairly ugly break-ups over the years.

That’s why, when Rosanna Davison promotes a dietary regime that’s at best ineffective and at worst downright dangerous, I’m not going to say Well what would you expect from a self-obsessed airhead whose only achievement is becoming Miss World?

Certainly not.

The Miss World competition is designed for strong, confident women who just happen to possess the bodily measurements demanded by the contestant entrance forms: bust, waist, hips, height, and weight.

Of course it was none of these things that won Rosanna Davison the title, and another thing that didn’t win Rosanna the Miss World title was being the daughter of Chris de Burgh, because the Miss World contest has nothing whatever to do with celebrity or hype, as everyone knows.

What clinched that deal was the powerful intellect and formidable personality that a decade later would flower and turn Rosanna into the world’s leading medical scientist, curing autism, arthritis and schizophrenia, but Rosanna’s achievements didn’t end with Miss World.

For a start, she went on to complete a degree in Sociology and Art History, both of which are essential elements of the solid scientific training she would need later in life when advising clients.

I’m trained in every disease, ailment you can think of, so clients would come to me with heart disease – I had one person who had HIV – people who wanted to lose weight, acne, psoriasis.

pseudoscience rosanna davison


Obviously, art history and sociology on their own are not enough to equip a scientist with the power to cure autism, arthritis and schizophrenia, so Rosanna went on to pose nude for Playboy, followed by a nude photo shoot on behalf of PETA and then took a course with the College of Naturopathic Medicine. Unfortunately, at the time of writing, this college’s accreditation has still not been established, but Naturopathy has been described, perhaps unkindly, as pseudoscientific nonsense.  Obviously, if Rosanna wants to provide details of her degree’s accreditation, it will immediately be included in this article.

Rosanna reacted strongly on Twitter to criticism of claims attributed to her in a recent article in the Irish Independent, that she blamed gluten for causing autism, arthritis and schizophrenia, but her reaction wasn’t what most scientists of her age would do – and here I must add that since Rosanna is 31, she’s rather old for a ground-breaking scientist since most high achievers have done their best work by their late twenties, but that’s a different matter.  Instead of engaging with her critics, Rosanna systematically blocked every single person who questioned the claims that gluten causes autism, arthritis and schizophrenia, including the CEO of the Health Research Board.

Rosanna even blocked me, when all I said was that a gluten-free diet can cure disease in celebrity-land.

It can! We all know that. What’s the problem, Rosanna?

This is not necessarily the normal scientific approach to debate but perhaps it was not unconnected to the impending launch of her book, Eat Yourself Beautiful. It might also have some connection to being brought up as a pampered child of a multi-millionaire, accustomed to being taken seriously by every toady and arse-licker her Dad’s money could buy.

Before I go, let’s return to the ad hominem point.

I said I’d never dream of using such a thing against anyone, but I omitted a tiny caveat. If somebody uses their celebrity status to persuade vulnerable people to adopt fad diets and unscientific, potentially dangerous fake medical treatments, all bets are off.

Bullshitters deserve to be called out for what they are, even if they happen to be the children of multi-millionaires who can’t cope with people disagreeing with them.





Who ya gonna call? Ghost crusties!

Sometimes, when things get a little slack, maybe on a slow day, I turn to my favourite alternative news source, the Limerick Leader, and to its credit, it never lets me down. No matter how quiet things might be, the Limerick Leader will report with a straight face some ludicrous story about a talking badger or one of our twin mayors demanding a crucifix on the Empire State building.  Such is the nature of the provincial newspaper business, and I won’t laugh at them (much) for their parochialism.

But every now and then, the Limerick Leader comes up with a real gem of indifference to hard fact.

This article, titled Is Limerick’s Frank McCourt museum ‘haunted’? recounts how a self-styled team of paranormal investigators, or to you and me a bunch of crusties, investigated a building in Limerick for signs of ghostly activity. In fairness to these crusties, they’re fairly good at promoting the pseudoscientific bollocks that the Limerick Leader unquestioningly swallowed and reproduced, but we’ll return to that in a minute. It’s not the first time the Leader gave this bunch a free plug, as of course any paper is entitled to do provided journalistic standards are not a major concern.

The group in question call themselves Ghosteire and they have a website that must rank as one of the worst in creation. Clearly none of the ghosts they contacted was in the mood to provide tips on literacy, scientific exactitude or graphic design, and who could blame them when this crowd arrive at all manner of unsocial hours with annoyingly-irrelevant gadgets, reciting silly poems and acting like the annoying bunch of crusties they are?

Let’s have a look at the Ghosteire website which, appropriately enough, is registered to an incorporeal entity called Perfect Privacy LLC, with an address in Jacksonville, Florida.

The first thing you notice is this warning.

ghosteire 001

Any Photographs, Video Footage and Audio Recordings taken on a Ghosteire Investigation are the property of Ghosteire and are copyrighted for only Ghosteire’s use. Any new experiments created by Ghosteire are also copyrighted and are only for Ghosteire’s Scientific and Spiritual research only.

Remember that. Only for Ghosteire’s Scientific and Spiritual research only. If only we knew what Ghosteire is only, since it’s not listed as the owner of the website and not listed as a company in Ireland.

I think it’s safe enough to reproduce some of the bollocks on this website without fear of haunting.

Apart from being the crappiest-looking website in history, it also appears to have been written by an illiterate spirit on work experience. Ghostbridge.

They’re available for private conseltations for a suggestive fee, apparently, and they’re big into the word energies.

Here they are.

On the face of it, there seems to be no harm in them. Just a bunch of West-Cork and Kerry crusties who talk pseudoscientific bollocks and pretend to contact the dead?  Is that a bad thing?

Well, yes actually, it is, because this crowd are promoting bollocks, and that’s never a good thing, if we want our society to be based on rational, critical thought, instead of superstition. We know where superstition got us. Do we want to stay in that place?

Let’s return to the Ghosteire website to see if we can find anything substantial in their bollocks-talk. Their Equipment section seems like a good place to start. No doubt, as a responsible journal of record, the Limerick Leader studied it in detail before publishing its article promoting Ghosteire.

The first on the list is something they call the EMF Metre and immediately we run into a problem. Are they talking about the unit of measurement, the metre, or are they simply mis-spelling the word meter? I’m guessing the latter.  Then we look at EMF, which is the old term for Voltage.

It’s a volt-meter. Bingo.

What do they think their volt-meter can measure?

Electromagnetic fields, apparently, also known as radio waves, X-rays, visible light and heat.

In a major scientific breakthrough, Ghosteire have found a way to measure the voltage of things that don’t have a voltage, such is the power of the paranormal.

Neutrons? Uncharged particles? Ghosteire have developed an instrument that can measure the voltage of neutrons?  Give that crusty a Nobel Prize.  Apparently these neutrons can create electrical pulses.  Not only that, but the Ghosteire volt-meter can detect frequencies, which has never before been achieved in the history of science.

The EMF Metre provides guidence, apparently.

Already my brain is reeling with the technology these investigators use and we haven’t even started.

They also use motion detectors, known as passive infra-red to anyone with a burglar alarm in their house. Ghosteire explains that they may alert you by flashing sensory lights, as opposed to ordinary flashing lights.

They have a thing called a therometre, which I can only assume is that groundbreaking scientific marvel, the thermometer. Digital therometres are a good tool, apparently. Some will give readings in both centigrade,farenheight and RH (Humidity).  So there you have it.  A digital therometre will measure the humidity, and that’s the same thing as temperature in the world of crusty paranormal science.  Don’t forget this advice:

A mercury based therometre might not give you fast results but are still found households and are fairly cheap. 

Walkie talkies are great for speeding up to save wondering around and to negociate bigger spaces. They can be brought fairly cheap price of 15 – 85 euro.

Good to know.

Environmental metres / gauges are really handy. You may experience cold spots or hot draughts that the metre can scientificly detect.

Eletronic Voice Phenonomen. Some say Digital Recordors can pick up disembodied voices.

Let’s not forget cameras. After all, what self-respecting ghost can resist the temptation to leave a spectral image on a film or, eh, a sensor array? As the Ghosteire site points out, Some Camera’s can take an arange of differing angled photos due to its technical capabilitys.

You can’t argue with that, but let’s not forget that the best ghost-hunting equipment is in our heads. Again, all we have to do is look at the Ghosteire advice. From early mankind the Human race has been using there senses to detect paranormal life for centuries.

Deeply impressive, all of it.

The team consists of the following.

Anthony Kerrigan, described as a scientific resercher.

Jennifer Kerrigan. Favourite historical figure, Anne Boylyn.

Role in group, particapating in group, experiments, video camering.

Sinead Houlihan, interests include documentries.

Favourite historical figure, Father Murphy (sic).

Xak Aroo.

Favourite historical figure, Grainne O’Mally, Nicolas Tesla, Emily Pankhurst, Alistar Crowly. (Sic).

Dominic Mugridge

Dislikes include Ignarence.

Favourite historical figure Leonardo da Vingi.

Role: Saftely co-ordinator.

What accessories does this fearless team of scientific investigators employ when carrying out its studies?

Well, crystals obviously. You couldn’t go anywhere without small pieces of stone for healing and protection, but you’d also need tools for divination and protection, especially since you’re a scientist who understands all about vibrations and stuff, but don’t forget tools for communication and triggering. You’ll need communication enablers like decks of cards, because dead people can’t resist small printed pieces of paper and you’ll need to make noises too, because incorporeal entities have ears, but finally, don’t forget paper and a pen for documenting.

Don’t forget, protection spells are usefull and important.

The more I think about this, the more grateful I feel towards the Limerick Leader for pointing me towards these wonderful people. Let us return to what they said about the Frank McCourt museum, which is where we came in. Jen, Xak and Tony turned up in Limerick to investigate, hyper-scientifically, reports that the building was haunted.   Naturally, none of this has anything to do with the fact that the building is to be sold by the banks.

Anto, Xak and Jen will, according to the leader, be studying the building’s fields of electromagnetic energy, with particular interest in paranormal spikes coming through. Seems legit.

One thing that would worry me is Xak Aroo’s heart palpitations when walking up the stairs in the museum. I’d advise seeking immediate medical attention, in accordance with their Health and Saftey policy. Safe comfortable clothing is essential – waterproof boots with good souls and warm weatherproof coats and pants are a bonus.


As they say themselves, any constructive ideas or critisism are more than welcome.








Corruption Politics

Malcolm Rifkind and Jack Straw. Lessons For Irish Politicans

I always liked the name Jack Straw.  It’s a pirate’s name.

Aaarrrr, Cap’n Jack Straw be the man wot decoides these things.

A proper pirate name, Jack Straw, and a proper gunslinger name too.

Rodrigues felt the salty sweat run into his eye as the noonday sun beat down on Tombstone. His eyes were squinty and his fingers twitched, but he knew he couldn’t blink as he faced the meanest hombre this side of the Pecos.  Faster than snakes or the blink of an eye, Deadshot Jack Straw fixed him with a basilisk gaze and a crooked sneer cut an ugly gash across his stubbled face.  It was time for all good men to die.

What a great name, Jack Straw, the all-purpose villain moniker.

Not such a great handle, Malcolm Rifkind.  It’s the name a Victorian novelist would give to the undersized, non-sporting boy who always got buggered in public school by some swaggering bully who went on to become a Brigadier General in the Boer War and gain a knighthood for extreme brutality against the natives.

However, be all that as it may, the Brits have once again given us Paddies a lesson in how inferior we are compared to them.

Here are two former Foreign Secretaries whose greed had them panting like starving dogs at the suggestion that an unnamed Chinese company might pay them large amounts of money for unspecified services.  Cap’n Jack claimed he had EU rules changed for a company that paid him £60,000 a year, and that he charges £5,000 a pop for a speech in parliament.  (A role for which he’s already handsomely paid by the taxpayer).   Apparently, Cap’n Jack’s principles are for sale to the highest bidder.

Malcolm, meanwhile, is offering access to every British ambassador in the world, for a healthy recompense, justifying his actions by saying that he’s self-employed and that nobody pays him a salary, conveniently overlooking the enormous salary he gets — I almost said “earns” — from the exchequer.

Now, you might be wondering why I write about the indiscretions of British parliamentarians, and the answer is simple.  They show up what a narrow, unambitious type of loser we elect to government.

It’s true that the occasional crook will sell off our natural resources for a well-stuffed pillow-case of hard cash, but for the most part, our crooks are of the petty variety rather than the grand larceny type.

We need a broader vision.   We need more men of Jack Straw’s stature.

In short, we need more Haugheys.







The Paleo-Vegan Wars

The year was 2024.

It was hot in the command bunker.  Hot, sweaty and loud.

General Grok, supreme leader of the Paleo Army, shifted uncomfortably in his hyena-skin battle fatigues and cursed as yet another Vegan moral onslaught exploded above his dugout.

Damn! said Grok,  How the hell am I supposed to fight this shit?  How long can my men hold out against all this condescension?

Chewing distractedly on a hunk of raw buffalo-meat, Grok paced back and forth, muttering under his breath.  There has to be a way.  There has to be a way.

Suddenly, a young messenger appeared at the door, filthy, exhausted and close to collapse.  Quick, barked Grok, catch that lad.  Bring him over here to my bunk.  Lie him down!

The young man was badly wounded.  His ego was in tatters.  His self-esteem was torn to shreds and his hopes for the future were totally destroyed.

Grok had seen this sort of thing before.  As a qualified homeopathic healer, he knew there was no hope for the boy.

You! he shouted to a junior officer hiding his face in his hands.  What do you think you’re doing?

I’m sorry Sir, replied the officer.  It’s just that I’ve never seen wounds so … so, oh I don’t know.  So raw.   It’s awful.

Grok softened.   How long have you been at the Front, lad? he asked gently, placing his gnarled old hand on the young man’s shoulder.

Only a week, General.  I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.   The young man began to weep helplessly.

Let me tell you something, Son, said Grok.  The first time I saw a sarcasm-augmented patronising ego-wound, I was just like you.   I puked my guts up.   But then I got on with it because there was a war to be won.  I’m asking you to do the same.  Man to man.  Can you do it for me?

The young man wiped his mouth and his eyes shifted uncertainly.  Then he squared his shoulders and saluted.  I can, General, and I will.

Good, said Grok.  Now go and look after that wounded messenger.  Bring him a mug of melted lard and a fistful of crushed insects.  Grunt at him, beat your chest and remind him that he’s a Paleo hunter gatherer, not a snivelling Vegan.


Meanwhile, in a tastefully-converted former-industrial penthouse docklands apartment, the Vegan holistic council was gathered for a briefing from Julian Flinch, lead holistic designer of the Synergistic Pacifist Non-Army.

After a month in the field, his hand-woven kaftan of organically-grown traditional Sarawak fabric was grubby and torn and he walked with a slight limp.  His grey hair and drawn face belied his 42 years — this man had seen things no eye should behold.

The mood was grim as Flinch approached the podium carved from a fallen tree using only tools made from naturally-occurring materials.

My friends, said Flinch with a tight frown, we have arrived at an impasse.  We are strong but so is the enemy.  For every morally-superior barb we fling at him, he responds with a salvo of crushing sarcasm.  If we call him a barbarian for using animal-derived products, he responds with ridicule-weapons of mass contempt.  That is why I now walk with a limp.

Then what is to be done? asked an intense woman with a crystal.  If they win, what is to become of our way of life?  Our Steiner schools.  Our dreamcatchers. Our organic kaftans.  What will become of our campaign to eradicate canine teeth?

They are barbarians, agreed Flinch, and that is why I bring to you a proposal that I had hoped would never be required.

Aromatherapy? asked one council member, appalled.

Tougher, said Flinch.

Are you suggesting chiropractic?

Stronger, said Flinch.  We must be ruthless.  Or else, our way of life is finished.

What then?

Homeopathy, said Flinch.  I propose to use homeopathic weapons against the Paleo.

Dear merciful Gaia, whispered an elder of the council.  Has it really come to that?  The Final Dilution?


This lad is still alive, barked Grok.  Feed him a recently-killed chicken.

The young messenger choked back a lump of roasted flesh and sat up on the bunk.  He reached for Grok’s collar.

Talk, he gasped.  Must talk.

What is it, lad? said Grok gently.

Weapons, the boy gasped.  Extreme.  Weapons.

What sort of weapons?

Home …


Home …

Oh no, say it isn’t so.

Path … path … path …

Damn them, said Grok.  I hoped it would never come to this but now we have no choice.  Prepare the conventional weapons.


The year was 2124.

It was hot in the command bunker.  Hot, sweaty and loud.


The Difference Between Traditional Medicine and Big Pharma

Take a healing plant.  Let’s say Cinchona for the sake of argument.

cinchona barkYou learn that people with malaria who chew cinchona bark seem to experience a reduction in their symptoms.  You then discover that indigenous people in Peru and Bolivia knew this many centuries ago.

You decide to sell extract of Cinchona.

Congratulations.  You are an alternative healer.

You then decide to find out more about this marvellous plant.

You discover that the active ingredient in Cinchona bark is Quinine,  a crystalline alkaloid which, if taken in excessive amounts, can cause death.

You find out precisely how much of the crystalline alkaloid is appropriate to each patient in order to ensure that it doesn’t kill them.

You refine the Cinchona bark to make sure that the only thing your patients get is Quinine, the crystalline alkaloid that alleviates the symptoms of malaria and not any other toxin that might happen to exist in the bark at the same time.

You have achieved this by finding out precisely how Cinchona bark helps people with malaria.

Unfortunately, this means you are now no longer an alternative healer.

You are now a tool of Big Pharma.  You have no ethics, no principles and your only motive is profit.

You should have stuck to selling bark.



Pseudoscience Quasi-medicine

Criminally Irresponsible Advice — Treating Ebola With Homeopathy

Normally, I tend to treat homeopathy with the contempt it deserves, an anti-knowledge scam  dressed in the clothes of science but based on ignorance and greed.  However, occasionally, it’s necessary to step beyond that and point a finger at people who will most certainly cause deaths if people follow their advice.

There are two problems with pseudo-treatment, one trivial and the other lethal.

The trivial problem is that pseudo-treatment does not make you better, but it’s not a great difficulty unless you also decide to forego effective medicine, and that’s when pseudo-treatment becomes deadly.

Here’s a website called Natural News, which offers advice on treating Ebola.

That’s right.   Ebola.   Not vague feelings of a disturbance in the Earth’s aura, or anxiety that somebody might accidentally move your dreamcatcher.


Ebola, the deadly virus that is sweeping Africa, killing people by dissolving their inner organs.

The utter fools who run Natural News advised  people that they could treat Ebola by using a diluted sample of bodily fluid from an Ebola victim.   Can you imagine that?  Take some water, infect it with  a sample of bodily fluid from an Ebola victim and give it to other people.  That is how utterly moronic homeopathy is.

The post has since been taken down, presumably, or at least I hope, because they have been visited by police and threatened with immediate arrest for endangering lives.

However, on the internet, nothing is really gone, so even though they removed the post, here’s what they said.  This is homeopathy at its most crass.

I sincerely hope that these people are prosecuted and jailed for endangering human life due to their utter criminal stupidity.


1. Fill the bottle with water, leaving about 20% space at the top.
2. Place the Ebola sample in the water in the bottle.
3. Close the top of the bottle with the cap.
4. Hold the bottle and strike it hard against a solid surface, such as a large book, 40 times.
5. Pour out the contents of the bottle.
6. Refill the bottle with water (the fluid remaining on the inside surface of the bottle will serve as the nextEbola sample).
7. Repeat steps 3 to 6 a total of 30 times.

1. Pour the bottle solution into another bottle—your stock bottle.
2. Add 10% by volume of the alcoholic liquid (whisky, brandy, etc.) as a preservative.
3. Store in a place away from sunlight and electronic equipment.

Using this stock bottle, you can supply the Ebola remedy to as many people you want. With one drop from the stock bottle as an Ebola sample you can produce another stock bottle to give to someone else. Instead of the original Ebola sample you used above to make the original stock bottle, you use a drop from the first stock bottle. This process can be carried out ad infinitum, supplying a whole city, etc., if needed.



Ebola homeopathy

NEWS FLASH: Ebola vaccine to be manufactured by company with criminal record of committing felony crimes and bribing doctors. See breaking story here


During its more than 200 year history, homeopathy has proven highly effective in epidemics, both as regards cure and prevention, with well-documented success rates in, among others, scarlet fever, polio, cholera and flu epidemics, and offers a viable alternative to standard vaccination calledhomeoprophylaxis.

With the current threat of an Ebola epidemic, this technology and experience can be put to good use. In this article you will find the means to help you survive an Ebola virus infection, in particular, if no medical support is available to you.

In the Spanish flu epidemic of 1918, statistics ran as follows: 28% mortality in patients treated with traditional medicine, 1% mortality of patients treated with homeopathic remedies—and there were large numbers involved in these statistics. One wonders why medical authorities have not acted on this and numerous similar successes of homeopathy to improve their treatment procedures in epidemics.

The link to the pdf file Homeopathy in Epidemics and Pandemics, by Jayney Goddard at the end of this article reveals many examples of successful homeopathic treatment in various kinds of epidemics.

Symptoms of Ebola

After being infected with the Ebola virus, symptoms may appear as soon as after two days and as late as 21 days, the average period being 8–10 days.

Symptoms of Ebola can be similar to those of malaria, cholera, dengue fever, viral hemorrhaging fevers and tropical fevers.

Start Phase
Ebola usually starts with flu-like symptoms such as fever, sore throat, fatigue, muscle pain, abdominal pain and headache. There may also be chest pain, hiccups, shortness of breath, difficulty in swallowing and a red rash.

Middle Phase
In this phase of Ebola, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, liver and kidney problems appear, as well as problems with blood clotting, leading to bleeding.

Final Stage
The final stage of Ebola is the bloody one: red, bleeding eyes, bloody vomit, bloody stools, red or purple spots on the skin, localized collections of blood in the skin (hematoma), bleeding from body orifices.

The symptoms described above for Ebola resemble symptoms produced in healthy persons who took one of the following homeopathic remedies— including symptoms of people who were bitten by the snake concerned:

• Crotalus Horridus (made from rattlesnake venom— fits the Ebola symptoms picture 95%)
• Lachesis (made from venom of the bushmaster snake)
• Bothrops (made from the venom of the yellow viper found on the island of Martinique)
• Phosphorus (made from the element of the same name—relates to internal bleeding)

Thus, the symptom pictures of these remedies (check the Internet) should be examined for a match for the Ebola symptoms seen in a patient. Use the remedy with the closest match to treat the patient.

Example Case of Crotalus Horridus Symptoms
Just to give you an idea of the similarities of Ebola symptoms with those from rattle snake bite poisoning, here you have a case reported by a homeopathic doctor more than a century ago.

The patient, aged 54, had been bitten by a rattlesnake in the middle finger. He had received conventional treatment for four days, after which the medical personnel gave up, stating that no further treatment would do any good.

The homeopathic doctor, Dr. J. S. M. Chaffee, found the patient in a state of delirium, bleeding from the bitten finger, from the eyes, nose, ears, mouth, rectum and urethra; the entire body was wet with hot perspiration, the pulse weak at 110, respiration 40, temperature 105 degrees F.

The patient was prescribed Crotalus Horridus 30C in the form of a few pills of this remedy dissolved in four ounces of water, to take a teaspoonful every hour.

The doctor returned twenty-four hours later to observe that the patient had improved markedly. The temperature was normal, pulse regular, the delirium gone and the appetite returning. The patient’s saliva and urine were slightly tinged with blood.

The remedy was continued for two days, after which recovery was practically complete.

This case has an interesting parallel, as at that time, 1892, there was no anti-venom available for this case, just as there is no cure nor vaccine for Ebola at present—and, lo and behold, a homeopathic remedy cured the case in short order.

Treating Ebola
Your best bet is to find a homeopath to treat yourself or your patient. With Ebola this might not be so feasible, and if you find there is no other assistance available, continue as described below.

Add a pill or two of the homeopathic remedy found to have the most similar symptoms to a plastic cup filled with water (tap or mineral water). Starting with Crotalus Horridus 30C is probably the best idea. Stir the cup with a plastic spoon until the pills dissolve. With the spoon, place some drops of the remedy on the patient’s tongue.

How often the remedy is taken depends on the severity of symptoms. If they are very severe, give the remedy every half hour until improvement is observed, then repeat it every hour. This can be reduced to once or twice a day, depending on improvement.

If no improvement is observed after 24 hours, go to the next homeopathic remedy on the list above.

What to Do In Case Homeopathic Remedies are Unavailable
At present, about 50% to 90% of patients die, even with intensive hospital care. The death rate during the Spanish flu in 1918 was only 5%, but killed from 50 to 100 million people—and in an era with much less international travel to spread infection. Imagine the devastation the 50% – 90% mortality rate of Ebola could produce now. You guessed it: you would be quarantined in your home, on your own.

With any epidemic, such as Ebola, bird and swine flu, if you have no other recourse for treatment—no medical assistance available— there is a procedure for making a remedy at home that will keep you alive, although you may have a rough time of it. Vitamins, especially C, will be helpful.

You may think the following procedure—developed by the English homeopath Peter Chappell—is a crazy thing to do. But, if you or a loved one is sick with Ebola with the prospect of having one week to live, and no other help is available, you might consider it. Besides, Einstein said that if an idea didn’t seem crazy, it wasn’t worth anything.

This procedure is based on a form of therapy related to homeopathy called isopathy (curing a disease with the virulent agent of the same disease), which has proven successful for many ailments. You could check this out.

A curious and interesting use of isopathy is that, in some regions of Brazil, if a child is bitten by a snake, the mother will immediately hunt the snake down, cut its head off and apply the stump to the bite wound to cure the child.

How to Make Your Own Ebola Remedy

What you need:
1. A face mask and gloves
2. Two bottles (50 ml up to 500 ml glass or plastic bottles) with caps
3. Clean water (mineral or tap water)
4. An Ebola sample: some spit or other disease product, such as blood, from a person infected with Ebola, or who is suspected sick with it. Any small quantity will do, even a pinhead.
5. An alcoholic liquid, such as whisky, brandy, rum, etc.
6. Half an hour of your time.

1. Fill the bottle with water, leaving about 20% space at the top.
2. Place the Ebola sample in the water in the bottle.
3. Close the top of the bottle with the cap.
4. Hold the bottle and strike it hard against a solid surface, such as a large book, 40 times.
5. Pour out the contents of the bottle.
6. Refill the bottle with water (the fluid remaining on the inside surface of the bottle will serve as the nextEbola sample).
7. Repeat steps 3 to 6 a total of 30 times.

1. Pour the bottle solution into another bottle—your stock bottle.
2. Add 10% by volume of the alcoholic liquid (whisky, brandy, etc.) as a preservative.
3. Store in a place away from sunlight and electronic equipment.

Using this stock bottle, you can supply the Ebola remedy to as many people you want. With one drop from the stock bottle as an Ebola sample you can produce another stock bottle to give to someone else. Instead of the original Ebola sample you used above to make the original stock bottle, you use a drop from the first stock bottle. This process can be carried out ad infinitum, supplying a whole city, etc., if needed.

Taking Your Home-Made Ebola Remedy

For prevention:
1. Place a teaspoonful of your Ebola remedy from the stock bottle into a cup filled with water.
2. Stir the water five times with a disposable spoon or stick.
3. Take a sip from the cup.
4. During the epidemic, take a sip once or twice a day, stirring five times before taking the sip.
5. Refill the cup as needed after striking the stock bottle against a hard surface five times.

If you are sick with Ebola:
1. Place a teaspoonful of the Ebola remedy from your stock bottle into a cup filled with water.
2. Stir the water five times with a disposable spoon or stick.
3. Take a sip every 15 minutes, stirring five times each time until you notice improvement, then stop.
4. On improving, you can ease off and take the remedy every hour or so, again stirring five times before taking the remedy each time.
5. Refill the cup as needed after striking the stock bottle against a hard surface five times.

Post treatment
Other problems may appear some time after being afflicted with Ebola. Among these are: testicle inflammation, joint pains, muscle pains, skin peeling, hair loss, light sensitivity, eye inflammation, even blindness.

Again, the best thing to do is find a homeopathic professional to treat you. Otherwise, the homeopathic remedy Mercurius Solubilis 200C can be useful for inflammations. You could take one pill a day for a few days and then stop.

For exhaustion you could take the remedy Carbo Vegetabilis 200C once. Arnica 200C once a day for some days will also be useful. Leave some hours between taking different homeopathic remedies.

Phosphorus 200C taken once a day for a few days can be useful for eye problems.

How to Ingest Homeopathic Remedies
There should be no taste in your mouth on taking a homeopathic remedy. Thus, you should not eat or drink anything (besides water) at least fifteen minutes before and after taking it.

This also applies to smoking. Nor should there be any strong odor, such as from perfume, incense, etc. present in the room. You can take a homeopathic remedy any time of the day or night, keeping these points in mind.

Avoid touching a pill with your fingers as your energy field can neutralize the information carried. Use the remedy container cap instead, or some other means, to throw a pill onto your tongue. Allow the remedy to dissolve on your tongue as if it were a piece of candy (actually it is in a way, since it consists of milk sugar, i.e., lactose, plus a trace of alcohol, and curative information). Liquid remedies are dripped onto the tongue.

Wait at least ten minutes before eating or drinking anything besides water. Afterwards you can eat and drink as you normally do.

Many people have asked me: ”How is it possible that such a tiny pill can bring about such a great improvement in such a short time?” And it is true. Homeopathic pills are usually quite small—about 1 mm or 1/32 inch in diameter, which makes it hard to believe they could do anything, especially when people are told that they contain no chemicals—only energy or information that stimulates the body to cure itself.

The size of a pill and its lack of chemical drugs constitute a GREAT leap of faith for some and an object of sneering ridicule for others, who consider the effects to be of a placebo nature. However, these pills have worked for more than two centuries on babies, pets, livestock and wild animals—even plants—so where the placebo idea might fit into this picture would be hard to explain, except for someone with ingrown fixed ideas.

Therefore, please remember that you only need to take one single pill, just one, not all the pills in the container, as some patients have done. Taking all the pills would have the same effect as taking one pill, so you might as well save the rest for another occasion.

Homeopathic remedies do not expire, even though an expiry date is printed on the container. This is due to the general ignorance regarding homeopathy of the medical authorities who regulate expiry dates. Two hundred year old pills found stowed away in a forgotten drawer have worked perfectly well.

The price of a homeopathic pill is quite affordable, usually much less than 5 cents. Since you will only need one or two pills to effect a cure, you can understand that such remedies are not economically attractive to Big Pharma. Expensive and toxic drugs that you have to take every day are the preferred medicines of Big Pharma.

I hope you will not need to apply the information presented in this article, but if you do, it could save your life and that of a loved one. With dangerous large-scale epidemics, such as Ebola could turn out to be, the medical establishment is more often than not caught unprepared, as vaccines and/or successful treatment take time to develop and the logistics involved in distribution can be insurmountable. Therefore, you may be left to your own devices, in which case alternative self-treatment, in particular, homeopathy, would be your only hope of survival.


I did not make this up.

This is exactly as posted on the Natural News website.

This is how moronic homeopathy is.

Corruption Politics

Ivor Callely Pleads Guilty to Fraud

What about Ivor Callely?

Remember him?  The small but perfectly-formed perma-tanned politician who has weathered more storms than the Irish Rover, the  schooner Hesperus and the good ship Venus.

Now, before we go any further, let’s get one detail out of the way.  Ivor Callely is not a public representative.  After the electorate ejected him from office in 2007, Bertie Ahern gave him a seat in the Senate, representing nobody except himself, and what energy he put into that work.  Hurt beyond words by the rejection of the Dublin voters, he moved his home to West Cork which, of course meant that he had to drive thousands of miles to attend the Senate, and of course, with the thousands of miles driving comes thousands-of-miles-worth of travelling expenses.

Clearly in denial, Ivor continued to have a constituency office in Dublin, even though he had no constituency, since he was just a Fianna Fáil senator, but here’s the really interesting bit.  When the Oireachtas tried to take back his €80,000 in travelling expenses, on the fairly understandable basis that he lives in Clontarf, he took them on and he won in the courts.

Ivor, it seems, is entitled to maintain his principal residence at Kilcrohane, so that he can be closer to his yacht.

Ivor’s next brush with the law hasn’t worked out so well for him, though.

Cast your mind back to 2010, when it first emerged that Ivor had bought (apparently) four mobile phones at the rate of one a year, and all at public expense.  This happened between 2002 and 2005 when Ivor was a detested mini-minister.  The phones cost about €450 each, and on top of that he paid €250 insurance, or so he claimed.  Not only four phones, but four new car-kits as well.  A new one every year!

This is a story with a supernatural twist, because, you see, the company that provided the invoices for the four phones had gone out of business in 1994, long before Ivor allegedly bought the first one.

Not only that, but it turned out that the department in which he was a mini-minister had paid, on top of the phones he claimed for, €1,000 for another phone and €900 for yet another.  €1,000 for a phone in 2002.  Think about that.

On top of that, Ivor’s department paid €33,000 in phone bills which were unconnected with his mini-ministerial duties.

Guess what?

Ivor has confessed to fraud in the courts.  He’s caught.  He’s a crook and he’ll be sentenced soon.  Ivor Callely is a fraud, and all the bluster amounted to nothing at all.

Amazing.  What was all that about staying silent?    What was all that about the media not reporting what a crook Ivor Callely is?

But at the same time, fair play to Bertie for looking after him.  Right?


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Favourites Pseudoscience

Integrated Energy Therapy — Bring Back Balderdash

Sometimes, you come across something so utterly stupid, or dishonest or just plain wrong that you just want to attack it there and then, but modern language lets you down.  It seems so insipid, so ineffectual, so formulaic to call it horse-shit or bollocks when what you really want to do is call it balderdash, piffle, tosh, stuff and nonsense.  You want to say these things, but you can’t because you’re not wearing mutton-chop sideburns or a claw-hammer coat.

What a pity.

Maybe we need the services of a professional Victorian to deride charlatans and chancers properly.  There’s an idea now, for an enterprising lad with good mutton-chops and a stove-pipe hat.  Hire yourself out to people who can’t say piffle or balderdash convincingly.

I think it would work.  So much tosh, piffle and balderdash is uttered every day, by politicians, journalists and professional chancers that there would probably be enough work for a whole platoon of Victorians, simultaneously denouncing, deriding and harrumphing.

Integrated Energy Therapy

A candidate crossed our path yesterday in the shape of an utter charlatan called Stevan Thayer.

No.  I didn’t make it up.  That’s his real name.

Stevan has this schtick going on called IET which stands for Integrated Energy Therapy and already the alarm bells are going off.  The second you hear the words Energy and Therapy in the same breath, you know you’re dealing with Big Woo and Stevan sure knows how to lay it on thick.  You see, he’s not only the creator of Integrated Energy Therapy® but he’s also a channel for Angel Ariel.

No shit now.  This is the real deal.  Stevan Thayer is a channel for an angel and he wants to share his gift with everyone.   That’s why he founded — not set up now, take careful note, not started, not thought of.  No no no no no — he founded the Center of Being Inc and over the years, as he worked at facilitating Integrated Energy Therapy sessions, many angels have joined him and offered their healing gifts, according to the website.  Sadly, none of the angels has offered the gift of web design, because Stevan’s site is probably the worst I’ve ever seen.  Who knows, though — maybe all the angels live in Geocities.

Not unlike L Ron Hubbard, Stevan changed his life when he discovered his other side.  A former engineer at Bell Labs, he became a Reiki Master after a series of profound spiritual experiences, and now sells his insights across the world in various courses, turning people into Master Instructors over a single weekend, thanks to the help of all his angels, who never stray from his side.

It’s very reasonable.  For only €685, you too can become a Master Instructor in no time at all.   Of course, needless to mention, you’d have to already have completed the basic, intermediate and advanced courses before you’d be allowed to take the weekend Master course.  So that would be $625, please.  No price in euros is supplied, an unfortunate oversight by the angel who manages it.  Let’s call it €465, bringing the cost to a total of  €1150.

What do you get for the money?

As a former Bell engineer, Stevan will be well aware that the following is not just tosh, piffle and nonsense, but also utter balderdash.  Nevertheless, according to Stevan, this IET Master-Instructor class will greatly empower your ability to Envision, Embrace, and Enact the Energetic Potential of your vision and dreams and bring them alive in the world. By focusing on optimizing your 12-Strand DNA, this class will open your energetic pathways to manifestation and support you in living the life that you are destined to live. This class offers you an opportunity to be in vibrational alignment with your dreams and desires.

Maybe you’d like to know what leads up to this heightened state of mastery?

integrated energy therapyWell, first of all, you’ll get a basic attunement that will permanently open your energy field to the power of Integrated Energy Therapy® Basic level ray.

Ray.  Did you see that?  Ray.  Very retro.  Very Fifties.  Are you getting a strong Ron L feel from this?

The basic Level attunement expands, realigns, and restructures the 1st pair (physical) and 2nd pair (emotional) of your 12-Strand DNA.

Do you know what 12-Strand DNA is?  No?  Join the party.  Neither does Stevan, since it’s more Woo bullshit.

Once attuned to the Basic Level IET Ray, you will have the ability to clear cellular memory of physical and emotional blockages.

Oops.  Clear and Blockage are words straight from Scientology Central.  This is pure L Ron Hubbard stuff.  Let’s move on to intermediate level and see what horse-shit Stevan is peddling there.

The Intermediate Attunement (which opens you to clear mental and karmic imprints) and through the special Integrated Energy Therapy® pullout-release technique that lets you clear imprints from the human energy field. Only IET Master-Instructors are authorized to teach this class.

Where have we seen this before?  Let me think now.  Isn’t there something very like this in Scientology, where you have to pass one course before you go on to the next level of awareness, only, instead of Master-Instructors, they have people who call themselves Auditors and who use a silly volt-meter which is really the old-fashioned How Sexy Are You machine?

You will receive a special Intermediate Level “energy attunement” that will further open your energy field to the power of Integrated Energy Therapy®Intermediate Level ray. Our Intermediate Level attunement expands, realigns, and restructures the 3rd pair (mental) and 4th pair (karmic) of your 12-Strand DNA. Once attuned to the Intermediate Level IET Ray, you will have the ability to pull physical, emotional, mental, and karmic energy imprints out of the human energy field.

If this is getting too annoying for you, feel free to switch off and walk around for a while, muttering under your breath, balderdash, tosh, piffle, stuff and nonsense.

You will learn the special Integrated Energy Therapy® pullout-release technique that will turn your hands into “energy magnets” that will allow you to easily attract and clear harmful energy imprints from the human energy field. This will allow you to clear even more difficult energy blockages. As part of this training, you will also be taught to feel and interpret energy blockages and identify the level (physical, emotional, mental, or karmic) that the energy blockages occur. You will also learn the special “pink bubble technique” that will further accelerate the clearing process.

Ah!  At last!  Why didn’t Stevan say this at the start?  This is a course for people with no education who’ll believe any old shit.

I suppose we might as well plough on through the Advanced Level although personally, I have to tell you I’m losing the will to live.  Is there any end to the horse-shit this fellow is trying to peddle?

Prerequisite.  Completion of the Integrated Energy Therapy® Intermediate Level class is required for attendance at this class.

Who knew?  Not a bit like Scientology, eh?

You will receive a special Advanced Level “energy attunement” that will further open your energy field to the power of Integrated Energy Therapy® Advanced Level ray. Our Advanced Level attunement expands, realigns, and restructures the 4th pair (soul profile) and 5th pair (soul cluster) of your 12-Strand DNA. Once attuned to the Advanced Level IET Ray, you will have the ability to discover your soul’s mission and attract members of your soul’s cluster to help you live your soul’s mission and bring your dreams alive.

Aaaarrrggghhhh !!!

Every soul incarnates with a special mission that is not only perfect for that soul but is an integral part of the higher divine plan. The Advanced Level energy attunement will open you to a deeper connection with your 8th chakra (called the soul star) where the complete plan for your soul’s mission is stored. You will learn how to tap into the soul star energy and better understand your soul’s mission through the creation of a vision board. You will also learn about the four E’s of living your soul’s mission and how energy blockages can prevent you from living your mission.

The deep energy blockages that can prevent you from living your soul’s mission can easily be released through the special Advanced Level Integrated Energy Therapy® muscle tension – relaxation techniques. These techniques applied to the arms and legs will accelerate you in the living of your soul’s mission.

This Advanced Level technique lets you work directly with the 8th chakra to activate the energy of the soul’s mission and focus angelic energy to bring your dreams alive.

As an Advanced Level practitioner, you will be able to give back to Mother Earth by establishing columns of Integrated Energy Therapy® energy into the Earth called Heartbeams. Once established, these columns provide a permanent anchor of angelic healing energy into the Earth. These can be used to heal areas of the Earth that have suffered from human or natural devastation. Not only will Heartbeams offer healing to the Earth, but they will also offer healing to anyone who passes through them. As an Advanced Level Integrated Energy Therapy® practitioner, you can place Heartbeams in your home and office. You can also place them at the entrances to schools, hospitals, train stations, airports, and anywhere lots of people will pass through.

That short passage is a sort of clown’s car of nonsense.  Open it and see how many idiots fall out.   For this alone, Stevan Thayer deserves some sort of prize as a master of nonsense.

I’d love to have written this stuff.  In fact, I have written this sort of stuff for a joke.  Stevan must have a pain in his face from laughing because, as an experienced engineer, he sure as hell can’t believe this rubbish.

What does that make him?

If he did it for nothing, it would make him a prankster, but since he wants money for it, this makes him a charlatan.

Did I mention poppycock and twaddle?