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Andreas Varady at the Speakeasy

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Tonight: Andreas Varady and Slovakian drummer, David Hodek.

Happy New Year one and all! Onwards and Upwards is our New Years motto anyway, so with that in mind, straight into it….We are kicking off the New Years entertainment in style with a visit from our own Andreas Varady and this time he is bringing a special guest!

Andreas is now 13 and has established himself as very welcome addition to the Irish jazz scene. Co-leading with Irish drumming force David Lyttle, he released his debut album ‘Questions’, appeared on BBC and RTE radio and television, and guested with guitar heroes Louis Stewart, Andreas Oberg, Martin Taylor and Tommy Emmanuel!!

Andreas made waves over in New York when he attended a course at Skidmore College of Music, helped along the way by the fine people of Limerick of course!, you can have a look at the day we held for him on Bock’s page here:

He has since also featured in All About Jazz (USA), Jazz Journal (GB) and Jazzwise (GB), and at home was listed by the Irish Times as one of the best musical moments of the year! This year is looking even more exciting, with confirmed headlining spots at London’s Ronnie Scott’s, various festival performances, and special appearances on tour with David Lyttle alongside German guitar star Torsten Goods, US trumpet ace Jason Palmer (Dave Holland, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Common) and saxophone legend Jean Toussaint.

Andreas starts off the year by featuring young Slovakian drum star David Hodek, who in turn featured Andreas in Slovakia, Czech Republic and Hungary in 2010.
Also born in 1997 (yes believe it!) , David has performed at festivals and clubs through Europe, including Warsaw Summer Days, Jazzy Colours (Paris), Jazz Prerov Festival (Czech Republic) and Porgy and Bess (Vienna), where he received the 2009 ‘Talent of the Year’ award. His animal beats have to be witness to be believed, his playing is fluid and finely tuned!
Completing the trio on the night will be Bandi Varady, Andreas’ teacher and father who will be taking a break from rhythm guitar for the night and returning to his roots with the Bass.

SpeakeasyJazz would like to thank the lovely people at The Mill Foodstore Corbally for their help and support!

So, Folks, There ye have it.
A one off night off seriously cool Jazz offered up by the next generation of talent!
Spread the good word folks, Twill Be Great!!!***

Andreas Varady FT David Hodek

The Shannon Rowing club
Thur Jan 20th

Doors 9.30pm-Late

Speakeasy Jazz

The Boudoir Sessions

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SpeakeasyJazz has the very excited pleasure of inviting you to come and enjoy the Boudoir Session this coming Thursday.

For One Night only the Boudoir Sessions will be swingin into town with a full crew of retro themed entertainment. There will be some very high quality live entertainment on display on the night with ‘Chill’~ a very fine tuned and impressively matured Barbershop Qt and ‘Aranos’~an inexplicably cool and inpirational renegade Gypsy Jazz rythmic lyricist and fiddle player from the wiiiilds of Bohemia.

To top it all off in unbelievably well grafted style, are the Boudoir Boys, two gentlemen who have perfected the art of vintage appreciation and recreation.

Thats the music folks, upstairs there will be some goodies on sale for to taste and mess with, a place for you to sit and have your portrait taken in true Boudoir stylee and if per chance you arrive by chance, a stall for you to rent out an auld hat for the night, so as to get in the Swing of things!!
Dress code is antiquated please, if you can! The fabulous Rowing club is the set….Get yer glad rags on, get yer dancin shoes ready and get ready to boogie uncontrollably !
Spread the good word folks, Twill be great!!**

The Boudoir Sessions
The Shannon Rowing club
Thur Dec 16th
Doors 9.30

Speakeasy Jazz

Speakeasy Jazz — Oxysonoric

Just in from Speakeasy Central:


Here’s hoping you had a great weekend, despite the freezing temperatures! Those of you who are game enough to brave the weather this week are in for a treat, because next Thursday, Nov 18th, SpeakeasyJazz would like to invite you to shake down with some Experimental Easy-listening on Planet Groove.

With inventive re-workings of tunes you know, in forms you may not instantly recognise, the Oxysonoric Lounge Lizards deconstruct, dismember,
reconfigure, rejuvenate and radically rework jazz standards, gospel, soul, soundtracks, classic mainstream and underground sub-pop anthems.

Think of a trip-hop, be-bop mash up for the ears, the mind, the soul, and the feet, and you’re starting to get the right idea. It’s impossible to contain this outfit by genre. The dynamic between the instruments and vocals make them more than the sum of their parts.

The Oxysonoric Lounge Lizards treat all music as one, something to be played, played with, enjoyed, twisted and explored – something both expressive and entertaining, treated with respect, and humour.

If the Cottonclub was still around this may well be the kind of stuff they would be playing.

A retro-future, genre blender bringing swing to the new and funk to the old.

So much to do and so little time!…. As a treat a group from The Limerick Jazz Workshops will be coming along to play a half hour set before The Oxysonorics, and DJ A2DF will be along afterwards to keep ya bumpin’ and jumpin’ on the floor until all hours!

Don’t be scared, its good for you!

The Oxysonoric Lounge Lizards
Support band from Limerick Jazz Workshops
Followed by DJ Til late

The Shannon Rowing Club
Thur Nov 18th

Doors 9.00

Speakeasy Jazz

Black Coffee Quartet at Speakeasy, Limerick

I caught a little of this set the other night at the Speakeasy.  The Black Coffee Quartet fronted by Dorota Konczewska, with Pete Hanagan on bass,. Joe O Callaghan on guitar and John Daly on drums.


Speakeasy Jazz

Speakeasy Jazz

This just in from Speakeasy Central:


The Black Coffee Quartet are made up of vocalist Dorota Konczewska, guitarist Joe O Callaghan, bassist Peter Hanagan and drummer John Daly.

These savvy musical cats come from diverse backgrounds but ultimately came together through their love and appreciation of good music.
Their style is to blend Jazz with electronics, pop and funk, binding the sound with sensual grooves.

…Their music combines spirituality, love and “urban alienation” with a pervading hint of melancholy. The grooves are tight enough to wrap you up without being suffocating and the pieces are arranged in vivid, imaginative and poetic language.

The band originally arranged many of good old standards including the infectious ,’Round Midnight’ the exotic and bubbly ‘Girl from Ipanema’ and the hauntingly bittersweet ‘Yesterdays’.

The evening will also feature Konczewska’s own compositions. Dorota is a Polish composer, singer and multimedia artist living in Ireland since 2003.
Born to a family of classical musicians, from an early age she was an active jazz singer and became interested in singing using extended techniques, and electronic manipulations.

She holds a degree in Visual Communication and Computer Design and MA in Music Technology from University of Limerick.

Dorota is a composer, performer of voice and live electronics scene. Other recent work engages video art, mixed media installations and cross-audiovisual genre projects.

Authentic expression is at the heart of her work. She has been collaborating with numerous international performers, sound artists, dancers, and film directors and her work has been performed on various stages including King’s Place Concert Hall, London in 2009.

Limerick Speakeasy Jazz

Niwel Tsumbu at Speakeasy

Just in from Speakeasy Central:

Absolutely cannot wait for this gig…

This brilliant man, Niwel Tsumbu, is coming to Limerick on March 25th to play his music for us. A native of Africa and a local in Cork, he is one of those who bleed beautiful melody, rhythm and soul. Moving through the musical tapestry of African music and incorporating Jazz tactics, he plays music to appease, awaken and massage the mind and soul…and keep you boppin while he’s doin it.

Here’s a clip of Niwel Tsumbu playing last year in St.Mary’s Cathedral.

Following the live music will be Brigadier JC on the decks.

Limerick Speakeasy Jazz

Blue Noise at Speakeasy

This just in from Speakeasy Central:-

Hey there!
Next Thursday, March 11th, SpeakeasyJazz Limerick would like to invite you to enjoy the sounds of  Blue Noise~Steve Hanks, Joe O Callaghan, Fiach O Brien and Barry O Donoghue.
Steve Hanks fronted ‘InsErt NAme hErE’, with Bart Kiely, Joe O’Callaghan, Dave Irwin and Bandi Varady last April -SpeakeasyJazz’s opening night at The Rowing club- and ’tis about time he revisited!
Having graduated from Leeds College of Music he picked up sticks (Flute, Sax and any other pipe he could get his hands on!) and settled in Ireland bringing his music with him where ere he ventured. He has been teaching music over at The Limerick Jazz Workshops for around two years now and when he’s not flying around the country playing music, he can be seen Jamming with his students in Bentleys on a Tuesday night after workshops, you may have seen him hold the floor up there last Sunday at the Love Haiti fundraiser with young Andreas Varady.
Returning on the night will be Joe O Callaghan. Joe trained guitar with Ronan Guilfoyle and is a member of the Limerick Jazz house trio and is also a teacher at The Limerick Jazz Workshops, his nimble talent is well known to Jazzer’s in Limerick!
Fiach O Brien~Drums and Barry O Donoghue~Bass, both hail from the Newpark music center in Dublin and can be seen introducing original music devised by the next generation of Irish Jazz muso’s at Newpark nights, Tuesdays at The Twisted Pepper in Dublin until March 20th.
This fearless bunch of Jazz cats will be performing original and improvised compositions and will be joined later in the evening by DJ Leon, a master of scratch who will add an interesting element to the Hard Bop Fision rendered by the band.
This one promises to be a hard-boppin, swingin and funky show!
SpeakeasyJazz Limerick

Blue Noise

Thurs March 11th
The Shannon Rowing Club
Limerick Speakeasy Jazz

Speakeasy Jazz Two-Hander

This week, the folks at Speakeasy are bringing two great gigs to Limerick.

On Thursday, we have the charming, talented and enigmatic Sí.

According to a report from Speakeasy Central, the club will prove the perfect venue for this bewitching songstress. Sí is a singer, songwriter, harpist and pianist originally from Dublin but now living in Limerick. Her songs are sad little things about life, love, heartbreak and all those kinds of things. Sí has been gigging around the place for a while now and is currently recording her debut album with Fergal Lawlor from The Cranberries, due to be released in early summer.

Sí’s guests on the night will be Laura Sheehan and Vertigo Smyth..
Laura Sheeran is a 22 year old solo artist based in Dublin. Her musical path began at the age of 15 when asked by friend Clodagh Simonds (Mellow Candle, current 93) to do some singing for a then embryonic project later to be known as Fovea Hex. Since then she has continued to sing with Fovea Hex in the studio and also for live performances (where she plays accordion and bowed saw also) along-side Cora Venus lunny (ICC ensemble, Yurodny) Kate Ellis (Crash ensemble) and Michael Begg (Human Greed).
Other contributors to this project include the likes of Roger Doyle, Brian Eno, Roger Eno, Robert Fripp, Percy Jones, Donal Lunny, Andrew Mckenzie, Matmos and Steven Wilson.

Laura’s solo music is highly atmospheric, lending itself well for use in theater and other visual media like film.  Over the past few months Laura has been putting the finishing touches to her debut record which has developed into a double album. in making this record Laura explored various musical places, deciding early on that she would abandon the idea of writing with piano or guitar she has been experimenting with many instruments she would never before have written for, for example the harp, flute and accordion. She also had a lot of fun writing for strings and of course did a lot of vocal experimentation.  Entitled ‘lust of pig and the fresh blood’ the album is due for release this year.

Straight out of Ennis, comes Vertigo Smyth.  This is normally a paragraph where you find out about Vertigo Smyth. However, it has proven quite difficult to get any useful biographical data out of the man.  We know for certain he is from Co. Clare and is an Aries. There is strong anecdotal evidence to suggest that he now resides in Limerick, or perhaps Clare, or even Galway.

Not much is known about his musical background but it is understood that he came quite late to music and music making. In the past few years he has supported such acts as Mick Flannery, Cathy Davey, Gemma Hayes and Juana Molina. On his recorded material he is credited with guitar, banjo, ukulele and keys but has been keen to stress that; “There is a difference between owning a multitude of instruments and being a multi-instrumentalist”. He writes all his own material but finds ironing his own shirts quite a struggle.

The following night, Friday 26th, the club sees the return of 12-year-old prodigy, Andreas Varady accompanied by internationally-known jazz drummer, David Lyttle, who travels all the way from Belfast to play with Andreas.

Andreas’s dad, Bandi, put a guitar in his hand first when he was two years of age and he hasn’t looked back since. Andreas has a talent that has to be seen and heard to be believed. It’s out of the ordinary to see such a young man play with this great musicianship, tone and technique, and still have a strong sense of his own artistic expression.  And he loves it!

Taking influence from such greats as Charlie Parker and George Benson, Andreas plays regularly with The Limerick Jazz Workshops and continues to amaze as he plays to a standard that takes most people years to achieve.

David Lyttle is a Jazz drummer based in Ireland. Self-taught on the drum kit since the age of eight, Lyttle also received classical training on cello but began to focus his efforts towards the drums in his late teens after taking a serious interest in jazz.

Lyttle has worked professionally in the US, Canada, Britain and Europe, with a wide variety of internationally-respected artists. In the Jazz world, these include Greg Osby, David Liebman, Jean Toussaint, Soweto Kinch, Matt Penman, Dave Allen, Jamie Baum, Jonathan Kreisberg, Louis Stewart, Robert Mitchell, Jacqui Dankworth, Ronan Guilfoyle and Michael Buckley, who features on ‘True Story’, Lyttle’s acclaimed debut album on his ‘Lyte Records’ label.

We’ll soon be able to add Andreas Varady to that list.

Playing with them on the night will be Martin Bencat~Double Bass and Bandi Varady~Bass.

It promises to be a stunning evening of stimulating and first class Jazz, you won’t want to miss this one!

Limerick Speakeasy Jazz

Limerick Music — Sunshine Cab Co at the Speakeasy

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The Sunshine Cab Co. is a four-piece instrumental group, focusing on groovy interpretations of classic Funk and Jazz themes. The name is a connection to Bob James’s theme from the TV series ‘Taxi’, a prime example of the kind of 70’s New York downtown feel this band recreates. Other influences include Steely Dan, Art Blakey, Stevie Wonder, Miles Davis, and Jamiriquoi. While their complex melodies and chord structures will appeal to the savvy listener, this band is still all about the beat: a sublime groove is paramount.


Limerick Speakeasy Jazz

Jazzypsy, Featuring Andreas Varady, at Speakeasy

If you think Andreas Varady plays guitar like he’s been doing it all his life, you’d be correct.  Andreas has been playing jazz guitar for nearly all of of his 12 years.

That’s right.  The kid is twelve, and here he is, at Speakeasy Jazz, playing with some of Limerick’s finest.

Have a listen to this and see what you think.


Videos removed by request.


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