Burglar caught by his own footprints in flour from neighbour’s apartment

Anthony Rudkin Weston Super Mare burglar flourYou have to love idiot criminals, don’t you?

Here’s a thundering fool called Anthony Rudkin, who waited until his neighbour went out to work and then robbed his flat in Weston-Super-Mare.  Fully equipped for burglary, even bringing a pair of rubber gloves to make sure he wouldn’t leave fingerprints, Rudkin crept across the hallway, broke into his neighbour’s home, stealing jewellery and a Playstation and crept back to his own hovel.

The perfect crime, you might say, except that the fool didn’t notice one crucial fact.

Rudkin’s neighbour had dropped a bag of flour on the floor, for reasons yet to be explained, and the idiot robber left a perfect trail of footprints back to his own front door for the police to follow half an hour later when the victim alerted them.

Hmm. A half-baked crime, you’re probably saying. On interrogation, Rudkin’s answers were a trifle tart but in the end his defence crumbled and even though he was using his loaf by owning up quickly, his prompt confession still took the biscuit.

I did it, said Rudkin who’s now facing a jail term of two and a half years.

People say he’ll get out within weeks but there isn’t a grain of truth in that. This guy is toast.