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I couldn’t go myself, because I had some business to take care of. You know? I’m a businessman. I’m in construction and refuse. Business, ok?

Here’s the boys. I said to them, you go to this Blog Award thing, and you behave yourself now. Don’t go gettin’ into no trouble. Don’t start no fight. Don’t bring no heat down on me, cos I’m a legitimate businessman now and I don’t need no heat. OK.

They’re good guys. I got them from the Ukrainian mob my business associates in the former Soviet Bloc. They don’t speak English so good but they’re stand-up guys.

Here they are gettin’ into the spirit of things.

They met these people cos I told ’em, you meet the Swearing Couple, I wanna know. You tell ’em from me, they got any trouble? With anybody? They just call Bock, cos they’re good people. But get this. The Swearing Couple don’t swear. How do ya like that? They don’t swear! They just spend the whole time in the free bar, swallowin’ huge quantities of free liquor. Free! Can you imagine that? Free liquor. Tell ya this – it wouldn’t happen on my patch, that’s one thing sure and certain. Anyhows, they pass on the message to the Non-swearing Couple and somehow it seems the goons got it right, cos they get real friendly with the nice no-cursing people. That’s good. Here’s a couple shots of Swearing People.

Then they meet this broad. Real cute stuff from down our way. This chick is into the rag trade or somethin’. I don’t know. What the hell would I know? Jeez!

So anyway, in the end we don’t win nothin’, ya know, an’ I don’t mind too much now, ya know, but these Ukrainians? Jeez, they gonna embarrass me, cos they get picked out for havin’ these real sharp threads and you’ll never guess what these gorillas did. Yeah, that’s right. They went and made a speech, and they say how, like, they hafta go back to Bock wid no prize, and Bock’s gonna whack ’em an’ all. Me? I’m a businessman, fa cryin out loud! A businessman.

They meet this other guy at the bar later, guy calls himself Twenty. Or at least, they think they’re meetin’ him, until he leans a bit too far into the bar counter and – get this – his elbow disappears right into the wall. Jeez! Turns out the guy’s one of them hollow grahams.

Hey. Don’t ask me. It’s scientific stuff that means he ain’t real.

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Irish blog awards

Voting is now open, and here’s the list.

It’s all on Richard Hearne’s fine blog, over HERE

Plenty of familiar names on the list:

Kav, Fustar, Swearing Lady, Manuel, Pygment, Purplehead, IrishKC, Devin, Squid

Also, Newswire , Style Treaty and Alive Not to mention the fact that some fool nominated Bock for a few categories here and there. They even let in that old bigot Knudsen.

Of course, I have to mention JC Skinner, the forgotten one.

Best of luck to all these bullshitters.