Friends of the Earth

Friends of the Earth

I was sitting out the back with my neighbour Jimbo the other night, relaxing by the light from a pile of old tyres we were burning. Jesus, said Jimbo, this […]

The paedophobe has moved

You might remember the child-hating thing that called me a monster. It’s now posting its comments on Dickler’s blog. In fact, it has threatened him with legal action for inciting […]

Paedophile Speaks Out

Paedophile Speaks Out

Here’s a reply I received to this post: Paedophile is not a word. Anonymous said… I know you aren’t going to post this comment, but paedophilia is actually a word […]

Paedophile is not a word

Let’s get this nonsense out of the way right now. Paedophile is not a word. I remember when the perverts invented it about twenty-five years ago to cover up what […]

The Heart of Darkness

Dalkey is one of the most charming and salubrious of South Dublin suburbs, retaining most of the character it used to have when it was just a village, clinging to […]

Ryder Cup blues

Did you see the weather yesterday morning? It fucking pissed from the heavens. I’m talking about walls of rain, horizontal driven airborne tsunamis. And the forecast is for it to […]